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Boston Marathon Bombing: The timing question

Boston Marathon Bombing: The timing question

Terrorists make terror, and historically terrorists usually like to maximize the terror that they inflict unless of course their agenda has a different motivation. In the case of the Boston Marathon, a traditional terrorist would have wanted to detonate those two bombs much earlier in the day when many more people were present. If these bombers were of the suicide variety, they would have killed many more people in such large crowds, but this did not happen. With an earlier detonation, the terrorists also would have been much harder to identify in the bigger crowd, and there would have been more cellphone traffic for the authorities to have fished through. 'Never let a bomb go to waste' would have been their mantra. They would not have waited for nearly two hours after the winners crossed the finish line to explode these devices. For reference, here is the timeline of events for the April 15th Boston Marathon.
They would have planned these explosions for optimal carnage and exposure for whatever is was they were protesting. The actual reason for this attack would be clear, but in this case it remains an enigma and may never be known. Purposefully waiting for the international runners to finish made what would have been an international terrorist attack into just a domestic one. An additional advantage of waiting would be limited or no involvement by foreign governments as well as complete control over the flow of information disseminated to the public. In other words, our government would retain complete control over the situation. So the timing of these terrorist bombs seems to be selectively aimed at only Americans, that maximize domestic terror, and yet minimize foreign interference.

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What troubles me

Is Obama’s April 18th visit to Boston. Why would the US Secret Service,Big Sis, and other American intelligence agencies, allow the President to enter an established “combat-terror zone” where a known cell of terrorists were operating and had yet to be captured or killed. It was such a perceived threat the city was locked down.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

I don't understand your point

except for that I agree that a real terrorist would get as big a bang for his buck as he could.

This "home-made" bomb was contrived to make it "look" like it was a home-made bomb by small-time terrorists.

The TRUTH overcomes lies, in the end. These people who REALLY perpetrated these crimes will be punished someday, if not here, then, in h--ll, unless they confess and admit their sins, unless they admit that they killed that precious little boy Martin Richard.

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Good point, celeste.

The bombings could have been only bait for catching a bigger fish. In other words, a two-stage terror attack like a one-two punch. It's easy to come with these scenarios. Why isn't our government thinking like that also? They must know something that we don't.