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Richard Stallman Questions the Wisdom of Shutting Down Boston to Pursue Two People

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Yes. If we are trying to save lives..

..then look at the stats.

Terrorism is not a big problem.
The response to terrorism is.

We could have saved 100,000 lives helping other countries with early warning systems for tsunamis.
I used to compare that number to the 3,000 lives of 911.

If 'lives' are what we are trying to save, we could do much more with much less resources.

Mother natures kills more than we do.

If killing countries and creating historical differences is our goal, I guess we are doing a good job. America is being steered into being the target of perpetual hate. What a way to lead.

It's so hard to prove who all

It's so hard to prove who all was involved and what their motivations were. Focusing on the simple facts like they shut down Boston is the most productive line of discussion, I think.

Not that the degree to which they shut down parts of the city isn't up for debate. But clarification aside, the level they went to at any rate is what most of us would consider ridiculously overboard. Is this going to happen every time a bomb goes off from now on? Maybe step up the response every time a bomb goes off? More troops, more severe lockdown? Three bombings from now, can you imagine what the response will be?


Good thread, we need more real conversation and debate like this instead of the conspiracy theory shit.