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Listen CLOSELY to the Waterton Police Chief

Here is an interview.....the most DAMMING evidence yet.

First, he said they "made sure he had no device", then later listen closely to his contradiction.

I've been told by those in Law Enforcement that it's hard to lie. It doesn't get any better than this.

Seems even Blitzer is concerned they were shooting at the teen, an UNARMED one! There should be video footage by the police of this....don't tell me there isn't. I know there is.

This audio interview should support the photos of the teen climbing out of the boat, without a device, yet we heard more shots. Hornsby posted the photos at DP, so check those out, too. The teen looks like he's unconscious in the second photo. How can this be if he climbed out of the boat by himself??

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Notice how that pic of him in front of the flag was not released

until his capture? If you glance at it for a second when it comes on TV...like they did last night, it gives the impression he is in a cop car with the cage windows....looking all safe and secure.
CNN made the reporting sound as if he was being taken out in a police car. A 1/8 second footage of him being rolled out on a stretcher and they broke away.

Hornsby...can you get me that link?


Radicalized mainstream media

Radicalized mainstream media keeps throwing out terms like bombs going off, when it's the police flash bangs, they're throwing out pressure cooker bombs, they may have bombs strapped to them, etc. I want to see the police cruiser dash cam videos before I believe anything coming out of the MSM. Listening to them is like hearing the script of the movie 1984.

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device as in "suicide bomb strapped to torso"

(as his brother had) so he wouldn't be killed right there and could be apprehended without further death.

Not gun. They saw him poking his gun out the plastic tarp and fire.

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There was NO GUN as he climbed out

NONE...he was concious. Look at the second photo. There was NO BOMB device.

Look, there was Media hype about a bomb device. Why? To heighten the trigger reflex of the cops. Apparently, ONE cop thought this was worth posting to the Internet...a GOOD COP!

He would be an idiot if he stepped out of the boat with a gun

Unless he really wanted suicide by cop.

He was SURRENDERING...imho

He was getting OUT of the boat, for God's sake. Yes, I thought about a gun being thrown out in an attempt to surrender, but what is the logic behind trying to pick up a gun after throwing it out? It's illogical.

So, yes, we can wait for video footage, IF it's forthcoming, but it is apparent to me he was CONSCIOUS & UNARMED at the time he was surrendering.

Even Wolf Blitzer was concerned about it. The second photo visibly shows there was no bomb device attached to his midriff where they usually are.

Again, I say SHOW ME THE VIDEO EVIDENCE the FBI "claimed" they had of he & his brother dropping off THE backpacks with clear facial identifiable videos both before them dropping the backpacks off & AFTER seconds or a minute before they were ignited.

We see him climbing OUT of the boat. Next thing we see is him going to the hospital & now in "serious" condition? What happened then?

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that was what they were guaranteeing: "no bomb [device]"

And you don't know there was no gun. As is often the case, police tell targets to drop their weapons. Then guarantee they have no further weapons. Did you inspect the whole area, are there no guns nearby? You weren't there. We'll see when there's video.

I don't get what you're trying to claim otherwise.

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jon is a troll

He hates our evidence and wants you to go watch porn.


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