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Tsarnaev Uncle Says "Newly Converted to Islam" Man Brainwashed Tamerlan - CNN Interview

The uncle says he was alarmed when he heard Tamerlan getting more religiously extreme. The uncle called a family friend who lived in the Tsarnaev's neighborhood and the neighbor told them Tamerlan had started listening to a "newly converted to Islam" man of Armenian descent in the neighborhood who was taking his brain and brainwashing Tamerlan to extremist views.
Who or what does this "Newly Converted to Islam" guy sound like to you?


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Uncle should never embararrass his family on TV.

Who needs enemies?

Seems like they've embarrased themselves...

Don't ya think?

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Can't stand that Uncle---no wonder there was a "break"

in the family---what a traitor to his own flesh & blood. He should have shut the h--ll up, if he cared one twit about those boys!

People think we can't see through them. We seek the truth, and most of the time it's staring us right in the face...

Is the US government

Is the US government still covertly supporting militants in Chechnya against Russia? Is that why the older brother was allowed to stay in the country? Chechnyan Islamic militants are part of the opposition forces fighting Assad in Syria, this is no secret it has been widely reported.

i guess the Uncle has made up his mind

the uncle thinks the boys carried out the attack...he's pushing a narrative of some sort.

was there a back room deal or something?

The Good Uncle

This man seems to me like he would be a good uncle to any kid nowadays. It's sad that he's going through all this, with people now hounding him for comments about his nephews, his family, religion, etc.
I wish he had called Russia Today (RT) and given an interview with that news organization instead of CNN.
It sickens me the way CNN ask questions during interviews.
If you have a choice between CNN and another (preferrably foreign) news organization...GO WITH THE OTHER GUYS, OK.
RT was about the only organization that gave Dr. Paul a voice during the campaign.

I'm ashamed of my country even more so since the bombings

They follow him around, interview him, know his family & then ask Americans to help ID him & his little brother. Sickening, corrupt, evil government. I'm ashamed of my country. Going into people's homes at gunpoint and forcing them to come out with their hands in the air, tanks rolling down suburb streets. Martial Law . I fear my government more than I fear being mugged walking down a street in a crime ridden neighborhood.

The Interviewer

Fucked up royally at 20:58. He should asked more about the "disease" he was speaking about. I know it might be known to some but it would've been far more reaching and powerful if the man's interpretation of what radical religious thinking, with communist tinges, does to a person, a nation.

I really like this guy.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

How DISLOYAL can you get!

Bet his brother hates him for not even giving the brothers ONE SHRED of faith. In my book, he's an a---hole. He should have just stayed out of this! He could have just talked within the family, but no, he just couldn't resist being a BIG mouth in the Media!

I can't begin to imagine MY brother doing this to me PUBLICLY!!

Their uncle certainly thinks

Their uncle certainly thinks the boys were guilty. If so, time will tell. I'm more convinced than ever that this tragedy was either a sting operation that went awry or a cover to frame these two kids for some nefarious agenda. The FBI certainly would have been in a position to monitor and radicalize (brainwash) these kids in order to frame them later as a cover for another operation. Without absolute and independently verifiable proof that these kids executed this bombing without assistance, then more parties are involved which might very well include elements of our own government.

After the first war in Iraq, news made headlines about either the Bush or Clinton administration granting residency in the USA (Oklahoma) to THOUSANDS of Iraqi Revolutionary Guards. Just a few years later, the 1995 bombing of the Murrah building occurred in Oklahoma City. Were the Revolutionary Guards connected to the bombing or was the bombing just the work of a lone patsy known as McVeigh? Why would the federal government import and resettle known terrorists to the USA?

Indeed, the alleged Armenian convert was likely working covertly for the FBI.

My guess: This guy


To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

My guess

is that that "new convert" was a highly paid FBI informant.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie


A 'gubnint man' fo sho.