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Time For My Sunday-Nightly Double-Feature Picture-Show

(Note: The title of this post is an homage, as in Every film is ultimately an homage to Citizen Kane.)

I caught a double-feature tonight that I can recommend to almost everyone on Daily Paul. Good Morning Vietnam and The Campaign.

Good Morning Vietnam

The Campaign


Wrap it up with the Good Morning soundtrack:
and that's a good night.
Anyone got a suggestion for Sunday Night?

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A Little Girl Questioned a Monkey in a Zoo:

...Why Do You Live Here?
...Isn't it nicer where you came from?

With these words I present the preface to:
"MONTENEGRO"...or "Pigs and Pearls" (1981)
(Caution: This is NOT for children...Susan Anspach is HOT!)


"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

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How 'bout a trilogy tonight?

Indiana Jones. But just the 1st 3. Or really just Temple of Doom. That is the only one that matters. In all of cinematic history this is the worst scene ever. With the heart. And then he pulls it out of his chest. And it's all beating still and bleeding.


tonight was a Less Than Zero and The Fisher King

And Fight Club of course...

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Fight Club again?

I'm watching Season Five of Ancient Aliens tonight. Not the whole thing, just maybe 2 or 3 eps. I know...I know....It's not real. I don't care though, it's pretty, and interesting, and fun, and I love it anyways, it's great fiction.

Are you a fan of 'Newsies'?

Yes you are

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Nothing can break us no one can make us give our rights away

Of course I like Newsies. Ok, if you are choosing Newsies, we need a second one so after Newsies I am going with Stand By Me.


The Fountainhead and Young Frankenstein

When I first started socializing with Sugar and Bud, they had a VIDEOTAPE of these two films, and we joked about it being an almost perfect double feature. First, since they're both in black & white, there is no jarring transition shifting into or out of color. Upon further reflection we determined that they are also both celebrations of the mind.

Also Patricia Neal and Teri Garr, each in their respective primes! (insert expected sexist pig comment here-- excluding "What great knockers!" as I've already claimed it, but I leave Frau Blucher)
What's more, Peter Boyle and Gary Cooper each give, at once, the most wooden AND passionate performances of their careers.

edit, other pairings:

Q & Z(& throw in O for a triple-play)
Paint Your Wagon & Bandits

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

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Ladykillers & Anna Karenina

This one is hilarious Chris, I think you might like it.


1935 Anna Karenina with Greta Garbo. Idk why I chose these two together, it just happened like that.


You thought Anna Karenina was hilarious?


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No! Ladykillers with Tom Hanks

Watch it if ya can, you will love it. I know you will. It includes amazing vocab with a great darkly humorous plot.

OK - right. That does make more sense...

Ladykillers was funny and indeed zany as well. Those crazy guys!

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What About Bob & Funny Farm


Ok, I know this isn't the right trailer for this movie, but I love it. Great movie also.


That Funny Farm recut was awesome...

love those recuts!

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Brazil and...


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Scent of a Woman and Dead Poets Society

Better Off Dead - Christmas


Gremlins Watch Snow White


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


Cinderella Man.

Ron Paul Was Right

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Fountainhead and Scotland PA

OK Chris, love for Ayn Rand and I know your a fan also. The I also know you like words and lit and whatnot, have you seen Scotland PA? It is hilarious and is a retelling of Macbeth. I thought after Fountainhead some humor (while dark humor) would be in order.

The Fountainhead from Agora on Vimeo.


I'll check that out, definitely.

I'll have to try watching Fountainhead again, alone, without distractions.

Seen Strange Brew? It's actually based on Hamlet. LOL.

Going even further back, Ulysses is retold brilliantly in Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

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Tremors and...


Bride of Chucky???

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Akira Kurosawa's Ikiru, then either...

Tavernmaid scene:


Car singing scene from Tommy Boy:


Waterboy or Tommy Boy. All three explore the theme of man rising to a challenge and coming out better at the end of it. A short comedy, or a couple episodes of Scrubs will help round out the longer, more painful, and devastatingly memorable Ikiru - To Live.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

'Network' and 'Thank You For Smoking'

Network was actually a mediocre movie but worth watching for the Peter Finch scenes like this most famous one:


Thank You For Smoking, however, is great through and through:


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you mean your not watching simpsons, family guy and american dad????

what's wrong with you

i love all these shows,,,,, however learning how liberal the simpson writers are,,,, and hearing some of mcFarlane's stance makes me dislike him as well

looking past ideology,,
these shows are awesome,,,,, american dad the best---- roger is the man

i'm addicted to netflix's documentaries,,,,, and house of cards is really good---- the one about a corrupt congressman

also can you beliebve they still haven't got dr pauls FOR LIBERTY
with 17 reviews, most 5 stars

Sorry - don't have a tv.

probably because I've seen the film Naked Lunch:


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Sunday Night

Philip Stuart Hoffman was in the Big Lebowski

Brazil is another good flick:


Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.