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Unsolved Case "Murder Of Best Friend" Of Marathon Bomber


"Brendan Mess, one of the three people murdered in a Waltham home in 2011, was the “best friend” of one of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers, according to the Boston Globe."

As a local resident of the area, and friend to faculty on the police forces, city and state, not only does the Chief Of Watertown Police story on CNN not match what I was told, but also, I remember vaguely that the unsolved murder in Waltham appeared to be some type of International Mafia Hit.

From my experience, if there's anything I "KNOW", it's that Detectives will "LIE" on official reports to achieve their incentives.

I think there are too many holes, allowing conspiracy theory's to run rampid. I don't want to be one spreading any. I do however think the Cistizens of Boston deserve and are owed a testimony by the 19 year old, in court, in front of a jury. We deserve to hear his motives. At this point, this could be anything from Gang Related, Mafia Related, Terrorist Related, or Government Sponsored (foreign or domestic). It would be criminal to dispose of this kid without due process in an open court. That would wreak the most of all, and be the scariest part of this whole story. We'd be no better then the Puritans of the 1600's with their Witch Trails.