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Hilarious! Hackers Hijack CBS To Claim Obama Involvement in Boston Bombings

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The mainstream media’s refusal to report on images showing private military operatives on the scene of the Boston bombings carrying heavy backpacks prompted hacking group the Syrian Electronic Army to take matters into their own hands by hijacking CBS 60 Minutes’ Twitter account and sending out tweets exposing unanswered questions behind this week’s attacks.

“The attack occurred while a “48 Hours” special about the Boston Marathon bombings was airing on the same network,” reports Boston.com.

The tweets sent out by the group mainly focused on the Obama administration’s support for Al-Qaeda militants in Syria, but also brought attention to an issue which has been subject to a corporate media blackout since it first emerged – the presence of numerous identically dressed men who were caught on camera immediately before and after the Boston bombings wearing black backpacks and behaving as if they were engaged in some kind of security exercise.

“The actual Boston bombers caught on camera, professionals under US regime protection,” one of the tweets stated. “The US government is hiding the real culprit of the Boston bombing,” added another.


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I think it's hilarious that a CBS account was hacked.

Some of the tweeted information is factual and what the public should really know. I also think it's retarded how the hacker or hackers think that the guy in the picture had a backpack that blew up. Pure misinformation, why am I not surprised Misinfowars is supporting it.

Yah know,

they showed the video of the brothers walking around the corner with the back packs. They show clips of the older brother standing around. These clips are from videos of film taken. Why don't we see the whole footage of these vids? Seems to me if the older brother was standing near the fence by the street with the back pack on there should be pics of him walking away with out one. Let see the rest of the film they are not showing. This is unreal.

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Craft International Facebook page

What's suspicious about Craft Facebook page is they updated images of the Waco fire but NOT their involvement at Boston. Also, random people are writing messages about "Oh you stupid conspiracy theorists" but Craft is ignoring the controversy! Lots of people commenting about the proof and the craft Admin is just pretending like it doesn't exist. Hilarious lol.

lol i just checked it

the profile picture says it all.

"Despite what your momma told you... violence does solve problems"
with the picture of a skull

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.

I wouldnt go as far as to

I wouldnt go as far as to accuse anyone of something without proof, suspicion, ok, but suspicion is not proof, im not blind to think that its an impossibility, but its still a suspicion for now

one thing, if the people want their government to explain, on anything, then they have a right to that explanation, rightly so, if decisions are being made that would affect them, it shouldnt be this difficult in a free country

Making the accusation is not the problem.

I would not go so far as to execute anyone for a crime until there has been a trial and judgement made. THEY DID. They do it over and over.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

but doesnt mean we should do

but doesnt mean we should do it too, what are we fighting for then

they acuse, and people will see it as fact regardless, because of who they are and not the proof that may or may not be presented

we accuse, we should see it as a possibility, with a consensus to prove a *recognized by default, by all* suspicion, is suspicion now a qualifier of guilt, yes i know, if we play it that way, well probably be waiting forever to get lucky and a drunk senator acidently ustreaming one of obamas secret evil teleconferences going into extreme detail on something called operation:boston,
(im not belittling conspiracy theorists, i think the joke an exageration?, yes, a real world equivalent but not so dramatic?, yes a possibility....not because i have proof, but because you never say never, especially when you consider the kind of influence a government has in this thing we called earth.

Whistle blowers are the one thing amongst many that must be protected, defended, as they are in the unique position to unoquivicoly prove their case, even then, only if they take the initiative to prove their claims, this kind of evidence is not only harder to refute to the average person, but how would that look to them, seing persons from government accusing this not so inocent government any more

Heres a question for kokesh to ask?
Are governments innocent or guilty? Just like that

im getting the sense of

im getting the sense of miscommunication here, or is that just me

so far, i dont think ive disagreed with anything youve said, but it feels like were fighting like an old couple

weird thing is.....shhh...i think i like it :D

in honesty, im enjoying the debate, hope ive not offended you, i encourage you to, fire one accross the bowl, so to speak, if you have a mind to, but in all honesty, i suspect wed agree more then not.....mind you, thats a "suspicion"

I stand accused...

Not offended, and I agree we are splitting hairs.
It is a new brand of "anxiety" for me. After Sandy Hook, I was STUNNED how many people saw through it within days. This time, so many saw through it in real time... We are on the verge of a HUGE awakening and I am over-zealous in my efforts to make it HURRY UP, I am sure!

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Hum...I guess the MSM and the Administration can now

start blowing off the TRUTH as some hacker who is spreading disinfo. I can hear them now. "You can't believe what you read online. The only information you can trust is the information the government officially puts out"