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US most obvious false flag attack yet


This week’s terror attack in Boston is not the first incredible failure of intelligence and law enforcement America has suffered. By “incredible,” I mean exactly that, “not to be believed.”

Before the smoke had cleared, the Israel Lobby and DEBKA had identified “domestic terrorists with Mid-East connections” as the guilty parties. This, alone, was taken as a confirmation that a very real conspiracy was involved, this time the most obvious false flag terror attack yet.

Highest sources “weigh in” on Boston bombing

During 9/11, NORAD and the entire United States Air Force “vaporized” just like the FBI, DHS, and Boston PD security did. We’re getting used to it, being lied to and, frankly, being murdered as well.

Within minutes of the Boston attack, America’s intelligence and Special Operations community put their back-channel “round-robin” into motion. This is how America’s top intelligence operatives informally share sensitive information on threats.

Those with the highest access to both human and signals intelligence, those tasked with tracking and killing terrorists came to a very startling conclusion.

“An American agency was involved, out first guess is that it is the FBI.”

Had I asked this question three years ago and I did, I would have been called a “conspiracy theorist,” and, in fact, I was. Now I am told, “Duff, you were right all along, we feel like such idiots.”

America’s Special Operations community has, of late, been under attack. The group, long closely allied with their Israeli counterparts and still maintaining strong friendships with Israeli counterparts, is now skeptical of the souring relationship and Netanyahu’s poor leadership.

Moreover, many of America’s elite warriors have been shocked to find groups they belonged to listed as “terrorist.” Their conservative politics and patriotism is now being characterized as a threat to national security.

The new policy that has brought suspicion upon many of America’s military and intelligence leaders originates from Tel Aviv. None saw this coming, this betrayal.


In 2005, President Bush (43) appointed Michael Chertoff, an Israeli citizen, as director of the Department of Homeland Security. It was Chertoff’s job, while Secretary of DHS, to place all law enforcement, counter-terrorism, and domestic surveillance operations under Israeli control.

This was done by directing all contracts to Israeli companies, all equipment, all training, and full access to all intelligence databases. American companies, even “disabled veteran owned,” were excluded until they took on Israeli partners.

All Americans involved in legislative and policy areas, defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and counter-terrorism efforts were taken to Israel for indoctrination. Tens of thousands made the trip.

Israel was seen as “all knowing.”

Years later, when more Americans learned that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians had been murdered, others spending decades in concentration camps while Israel conspired directly with the nations it claimed were its “blood enemies,” Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE.

Indoctrinated to “look the other way”

Rather than improve skills and learn from very able Israeli experts, those trained by Israelis became, albeit through a form of “brainwashing,” complicit in helping undermine the United States.

Thus, when we learned from the University of Mobile cross-country coach, Ali Stevenson, a participant in the marathon, that police told him they were running a terrorism “drill,” things became clear.

Such drills are overseen by the Department of Homeland Security who subcontracts to Israeli companies. They hire actors to wear backpacks with “simulated” explosives in order to test security.
Several “actors” with backpacks containing “simulated” pressure-cooker bombs were spotted and their photographs published.

The same thing happened in London when, on July 7, 2005, actors hired by an Israeli company to “play” roles as terrorists with “simulated” bombs in backpacks were credited with killing or injuring over 700 commuters.

These are only two of many such “coincidences,” now clearly seen as the result of “infiltration” of America’s security infrastructure by terrorist elements somehow related to Israel.

The results of this are now being seen, bogus “lone gunman” shootings, each more “incredible” than the last and now the Boston Bombing.

Ignoring espionage

When George W. Bush “assumed the presidency,” the FBI had been investigating AIPAC, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, as an espionage organization. Stephen Rosen and Keith Weissman, both Israeli citizens working at AIPAC, had been arrested for espionage along with Lawrence Franklin, an American official.

Secretary of Homeland Security Chertoff and Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered prosecution of Rosen and Weissman to be dropped. Franklin, their co-conspirator went to prison.

AIPAC, along with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) under Abraham Foxman and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) under Morris Dees, were then contracted to “educate” America’s military and law enforcement about terrorist threats.

However, as these organizations are Israeli financed and controlled and, as Netanyahu has stated often, “when America suffers, Israel profits,” any help from this direction is more “disease” than “cure.”

The first Bush nominee had to be withdrawn, NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik, bagman for self-ordained “9/11 hero” Rudy Giuliani, former mayor. Kerik, who, on 9/11, took personal custody of those arrested with weapons and explosives during attempts to destroy the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, was unable to serve.

Kerik is in prison. Those arrested on 9/11, with weapons and explosives disappeared, all except five very famous videographers known as “the dancing Israelis.” That’s OK, they were released too.

The Boston “no-brainer”

Three days after the Boston bombing, the FBI has released one blurry photograph of a possible “suspect.”

The same photograph in crystal clear high definition was released on Facebook and published in Veterans Today days ago. Additionally, the photographs of other suspects, all very clear and identifiable, were published and have been seen by million. Yet the FBI is choosing to release only altered and blurry reproductions of only one suspect.

Why would they do this?

When Israel’s DEBKA Files said one of the suspects were “Middle Eastern,” they were correct it seems. One clearly-identifiable photograph of a suspect in a blue tracksuit does resemble someone who may be from the Middle East.

Maybe he isn’t Israeli, perhaps the FBI should publish his photograph and seek to question why he set off a bomb and who he is and where he is from.

Thus far, they have not seen this as a priority.

Of course, the FBI is trained and advised by Israeli companies. The FBI has a long history of recruiting and training terrorists to attack the United States and then arresting them “just in time.”

How many times has the FBI hired and trained terrorists and failed to arrest them “just in time?” We may never know.

Is this, perhaps, why the military and intelligence agencies suspect the FBI may have actually been involved in the planning and execution of a terror attack against the United States?


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Yeah, how about these apples:

Really people???I am all for

Really people???

I am all for diverse news sourcing but I think we need to take Iranian State news service with at least as much skepticism as we take our own media propaganda machine...

This whole article is innuendo. Is this really what we are going to spend our time on here? Does all this really matter that much? Is it fundamental to our cause?

What if we just focused on the real problem instead of the periphery.
End the central bank, install Ron Paul/Founder's foreign policy, abolish the Patriot act, end computer voting, Get rid of the Presidential debate commission, Attack the 2 party duopoly, restore constitutional government and sound money.

Don't we have enough to do without letting them distract us?

Listening to and posting this junk is mental masturbation.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

I have never seen the US MSM

I have never seen the US MSM lie thru omission so badly as I have seen this past week. A bomb drill was obviously being run. No mention of special Craft like contractor forces on the street. Tamerlan being arrested naked, and what happened then?

The US mainstream media has proven themselves to be the #1 enemy of the American people this past week.

Lies of omission are the worst kind of lies. George Orwell.

When have we heard this before?


Boston bombing will boost U.S. support for Israel, says Netanyahu aide
More Americans identify with Israel after terror attacks, says Ron Dermer, possible next Israeli envoy to Washington, to U.S. Jewish leaders.

Ron Dermer, a diplomatic advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and candidate for the post of Israeli ambassador to Washington, told a closed meeting of U.S. Jewish leaders in New York last week that the Boston marathon bombings would increase American support for Israel - just as that support increased following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Here's the link from

Here's the link from the same article in Veterans' Today:


Don't you just love the caption of one of the images showing the SUV: [sarcasm as nothing is lovely about the outcome]


This is exactly what I

had been concluding, especially when I heard the Israeli Security Force Chief was heading over to help with the investigations. I thought the cover-up was in progress, and they were coming to make sure the Obama regime didn't screw up. Here, check out Bro Nathaniel shows the structure, with CNN Blitzer former AIPAC, ubber Zionist Jane Harmon and Mossad double agent Chertoff selling the script, along with the rest of NKVD aka DHS structure. http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=812
I'm sure we will hear more about the FBI's mind control used on the Tsarnaev brothers as the intel leaks out to Duff and others in the loop.

Watch out for Gordon Duff

I used to read Veterans Today for what I thought may be good intel but over time it became clear that the intel was not reliable.

If you have read enough of Gordon Duff's work you will know that some of his articles are so unintelligible that one may think the article was little more than a cat chasing a mouse across a keyboard that happened to hit the post key. Yes, some of the writings are that bad. Literally, unintelligible gibberish on a page.

Watch out for what you accept as truth from Gordon Duff. If you don't believe me then go back and read all of his past works and tell me what you think.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

You should watch out

for anybody who presents aleged intel, and look to see if the see if the pieces fit the picture, in this case they absolutely do as DHS is loaded with Zionist operatives. However, it's not that Israel controls our agencies, but they are aligned through Zionsit agents to work in concert together for the Rothschild world agenda. This is achieved by the continuous hype of the 50+ yr old Holocause and press the need to make sure it never occurs again.

I agree with your points here

I am just informing you of my experience with his past works as a whole. There have been good writings by him and others at VT and a lot of truth in his works. However, there is huge red flags scattered across his past works as well.

Yes Homeland security is scattered with Israeli operatives who have a dangerous agenda that is the antithesis to the Rule of Law and Liberty. As far as I am concerned I already knew what TPTB had in their plans for DHS BEFORE DHS was even established. I warned many people and no one would listen. My position is that DHS is not a lawful agency and never was and should simply be disbanded. In fact it is the exact same scripted departmental "authorities" and bureaucratic takeover formula the NAZIs performed when they took over Germany. I already knew about the DHS agenda in 1998. Imagine the BS I went through trying to warn people before they even knew anything about any of this. Imagine the BS I went through trying to warn people a big event was going to occur after GWB took office and that the police state would kick into high gear. The criticism I received from 1998 up to and in the couple of years after 9-11 was torturous to see all of this unfold before me when I knew what the plan was and there was absolutely ZERO that could be done to stop it. Last decade was absolute torture for me knowing all of this and seeing the sheeple just walk into the trap. So don't tell me about DHS I KNOW!!!! I also know what their end game agenda is and I know they will not stop their usurpations until a complete takeover of America has been achieved and Liberty lovers are killed or thrown into camps for "re-education". DHS is all of this. That is why they are there. They are the psychopathic tyrants of the Fourth Reich and their plans are total police state control to expand to the point where USA will be brought down in flames just as the NAZI takeover of Germany led to the entire country being leveled and the German people completely destroyed. The DHS agenda and their Israeli operatives are the same. I have known all of this for nearly 15 years.

I am not the only one who has come to the same conclusions I state here regarding VT. I know other truth addicts who came to same conclusion as I about the lack of reliability in the intel value of VT. I am not completely writing VT off as potentially having some value but the totality of the works with its scattered inaccuracies littered through past works sum up to a reservation as to the overall value of his works.

Down vote me if you want but I am only giving my honest assessment here. My only agenda is to find real truth and humbly share my findings with others with a sincere willingness to alter my understanding as more SOLID information comes to light.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

I'm growing tired of this...blame game...so EARLY...

Is Israel attacking the United States to show her who's boss? Or, is the United States government attacking the United States citizens because we go to work, watch tv, attend sporting events, occupy skyscrapers, gamble, drink, smoke, and put our kids in schools and universities, and comply with the high tax rates?

I get it if immoral governments, who do things against the national values and get caught in hypocrisy, don't want their positions of power and place challenged; but WHY they need our express permission to print more money to give to defense contractors killing perceived boogey-men half way across the world is getting ridiculous.

[in a smoke filled room somewhere, politicians said: "time to kill more innocent people so the voters will have our backs!"]... ... Now, a single digit percentage of EVIL law enforcement officials will dupe the other 90% of hired help to violate the rights of every person they encounter with arrogance and in reckless violation of their oath of office and against their human conscience.

There's an FBI trained patsy under my bed, in the cubicle next to me, punching my ticket on the train, selling me a pizza at a Domino's....what the hell??? This is fear-mongering, NOT SOLUTIONS DRIVEN! Jealousy and envy and greed; "look what the defense contractors have, and I don't!"


Our foreign policy and our domestic policies are NOT aligned with most of our values, and founding principles...politicians need to be replaced with Statesmen; on PRINCIPLE, not because EVERYTHING is an "inside job"...asking questions is one thing, getting carried away so much so that we talk like distrustful, hateful, paranoid anarchists is HURTING our reputation.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--



Sometimes I wish I never went

Sometimes I wish I never went down this rabbit hole. Nothing is as it seems.

"We're all mad here."

Cheshire Cat


Holee shiznatz.

Thanks for the post.

What would the Founders do?