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The Dissident Round Up Is Still Inevitable

To my great surprise, the Boston Marathon bombing hasn't been pinned on some anti-government, born and bred whitey. But that doesn't mean the country isn't still on the march towards comic book police state totalitarianism.

That bipedal lizard Lindsey Graham has been waiting for something just like this. He seems to want to make an example of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who happens to be an American citizen. Graham doesn't want Tsarnaev to get his Miranda rights and be allowed to remain silent. This is an "enemy combatant" on Graham's global battlefield which most decidedly includes the "homeland".

Of course Obama has already set the stage for actually killing Americans without due process with NDAA 2011. In the end monsters like Obama and Graham are just fulfilling their role in history. If it weren't these particular sociopaths, it would be some other inhuman politicians declaring a permanent state of war as the empire chugs along.