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Paul Broun the person keeping Ron Paul's end the Fed mission alive, running for US Senate in Georgia

Interesting to see the jockeying for this open seat in Georgia begin, and with the exception of some differences on foreign policy, Broun has by far the closest voting record and policy stances to Ron Paul than all those running or even considering a run.

The media is trying to connect Broun to some GOP Senate losses in Missouri and Indiana for religious statements he made in church, but Georgia is different, it's Democrats and minority population are evangelical, church and God are big in the Peach State and Broun's statements on when the earth was created really don't mean a hill of beans to most Georgians.

What matters is which candidate on the GOP side emerge as the final 2 in this runoff state. The establishment will be pushing a Romney stooge who was his campaign chair in that state, others will try splitting the vote off Broun with no intention of winning other than to help the establishment candidate.

Broun has the least amount of money, but by far the strongest and largests grass roots organization.

Here is his site


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