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Obama Provoking N. Korea - U.S. stirs up hornet’s nest to ensure military presence in region -regards China as dangerous rival


"The Wall Street Journal reported on April 3 that the Pentagon was following a step-by-step plan, dubbed the “playbook,” drawn up months in advance and approved by the Obama administration earlier in the year. The playbook was drawn up by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and “supported strongly” by his successor, Chuck Hagel and is just one aspect of Obama’s so-called “pivot to Asia”: a comprehensive diplomatic, economic and military strategy aimed at ensuring the continued U.S. domination of Asia.

Obama’s chief target is not economically-bankrupt N. Korea, but its ally, China, which Washington regards as a dangerous rival. Driven by the deepening global economic crisis, the U.S. is using its military might to assert hegemony over Asia."

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