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The Police Officer Impeachment Act (Petition)

How many times have we heard the story? A law enforcement officer commits a barbarous act, beating and even killing a person who did not deserve to die. The officer responsible goes essentially unpunished. The community is outraged over the incident, but because there is no system of recourse there is nothing the public can do. The officer remains on the job and the potential for yet another victim of a needless act of violence persists.

And how many times have police officers violated our rights? Searches without warrants, confiscation of cameras recording police officers while they lie to you and tell you it’s against the law to record them,confiscation of legally carried guns, and more. Police officers are often documented as bullies, harassing law-abiding citizens because they’ve personally decided they don’t like what you’re doing and because they know they can act however they want and with impunity.

Help us move this initiative forward and sign the petition!

If you agree that we the people must be able to fire out of control police officers then sign the petition below to change the law so that we can!

Together we will demand our state legislators come up with a system that will allow the citizens of any state, county, city, etc. to rid the police force of out of control and ultra-violent police officers who are all too often protected by a “thin blue line” and a “police brotherhood” that operates in the best interests of the police force rather than of the communities they serve.

Sign the petition here: http://libertycrier.com/front-page/the-police-officer-impeac...

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