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To all those spouting defamatory nonsense about Boston Bombing victim Jeff Bauman:

Here is a photo of Mr. Bauman standing in the crowd, 8 minutes before the first explosion.

If he is supposedly an actor without legs as some of you are claiming, then how is it that he is standing?

(Click for full size)

This poor guy just survived a horrific event, and will be marred by it for the rest of his life.


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thanks...and a darn !!!

i wasn't aware there were so many banned and all in one day

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

I guess it was already

I guess it was already addressed in another thread. It was pointed out to me earlier. I thought maybe they were accounts set up by people purposely putting disinformation to ruin our credibility. Seems they were actual member who were actually banned for pushing too much of the fake legs, fake blood scenario. Not that I think everything needs to be moderated but I do understand why Michael Nystrom would want to put the kibosh on that particularly.

Okay you chose these internet

Okay you chose these internet photos for your proof I'll take Alex Jones photos... LOL

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i have chosen nothing

and i do not know what you mean by that
my question was about those banned as i missed why and how many

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Since I don't watch MSM I didn't get them memo proving harm.

I'm a thousand miles away it's hard to tell what is real from here.

If the 'victim' proves in a open court he was harmed and sues for damages.

Then I would consider that matter proven.

Doubting Thomas, that's me.

Free includes debt-free!

We can't do that!

We wouldn't want to have to actually debunk one of our insane conspiracy theories! Don't you know that us "truthers" can never debunk anything once we have started?

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

TPTB don't use actors for

TPTB don't use actors for these events people... they have no problem killing real people...why go thru all that trouble of staging it to that extreme when they can get the best acting of all, real life... like I said, they don't give a fuck, they just kill real people... Most of this is either dis-info or people that just don't understand... in the same line of the people saying that a missile hit the Trade centers... etc. pure disinfo to make you look stupid.

I don't know why you got voted down for speaking the truth.

You are absolutely right. The PTB have no qualms about killing their sheeple to further their control.


As part of my EMT training decades ago, we would mock people up with "moulage" to act as victims for our training drills.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I don't see anywhere the poster

said there's no such thing as doing mock-ups to train EMT's in their skill set.

Defend Liberty!

"TPTB don't use actors for these events people"

Someone was walking around in uniform declaring over a megaphone that it was a drill. If SOME people thought it was a drill, there is a fair chance that SOME people were hired to play their part in this "drill." Whether we have seen video of them, I don't know.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

fishy: your take on this?

poster, 'fist of freedom' lays claim to "EMT-B certification" at:


would very much like to get your EMT training POV on this?

ps, seems every site has its knee jerk protagonists, he is first post, just scroll down
to his follow up (maybe 2 more?) posts..


A more expert opinion for you

The paramedic / RN in the house says that if the artery is severed across perpendicular to the artery, it can vasoconstrict / spasm and that could account for the lack of blood.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I wish I could offer something difinitive.

Here is what I know: I used to assist on a procedure called a "temporal artery biopsy" and the doctor isolates this tiny little artery near your temple, ties it off in two places about 1/2 inch apart, then removes the section in the middle. Well, I was working with a newbie and he cut too close to his tie off, and it slipped off the artery. In the time it took him to realize what happened, grab the hemostats that were right there on the tray, and pinch the artery closed again 3 graceful arcs of nearly purple blood streaked across the OR. This tiny artery, deliberately used because it is so peripheral you really don't need it, it is about the diameter of a spaghetti noodle, and it sent the blood about 4 feet across the room and made the OR look like a "Halloween" set. Now, the blood begins to turn red immediately, but it is more like purple at first.
OK, a femoral artery is about the diameter of a thumb. You cut ONE of them, and everything around you will be drenched in blood before you realize what happened UNLESS someone is there to immediately apply and maintain pressure on the femoral artery at the hip. Without this pressure, you will die in minutes. I won't try to say how many, but before the ambulance arrives. Both arteries going, it would be very, very quick.
But that photo... I can't even tell who is attached to what. It does not look like anyone is applying pressure, but I am not even sure I am looking in the right spot. There is a man with a grey hood / hat, a woman with a red shirt in front of him, and they almost look like they are sitting on a guy on the ground in a 2 tone grey shirt or jacket. Is that the guy who I am supposed to be looking at? If that is the right guy, then I would say somehow he got pressure applied to both femoral arteries before either of them bled - less than a heartbeat. That is remarkable reaction time for a person who just got their legs blown off, faster than a surgeon who knows an arterial bleed is a possible complication in the procedure he is performing. From what I have seen of a temporal artery bleed, none of the people anywhere in those photos have bilateral femoral bleeds going on, there is not enough blood anywhere for that injury.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I'm not saying Jeff Bauman wasn't injured

Clearly, he was. Nor am I saying that this was a staged event. But in response to what you said, IF it were some kind of drill, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that actors who'd lost limbs might be part of it. Perhaps a CNN report in December is what made people think of it. It's something being done to help prepare the military for combat. http://newsroom.blogs.cnn.com/2012/12/05/amputee-actors-trai...

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir



I don't know who set the bombs

I also don't know why they did it.
However, I do know that there are some absolute fucking dumb asses posting stupid shit about a guy faking getting his legs blown off.

News Flash!
Not everyone is an actor working for a tyrannical, maniacal government. These are REAL people who got REALLY hurt. Three even got REALLY killed. Jeff had legs prior to getting the way of the blast front. A good portion of the blood in his lower legs went WITH the lower legs. Considering how close he appears to be to the blast its quite possible that he wounds were cauterized. Its also possible that the sudden loss of blood pressure in your extremities can cause circulatory shutdown in the affected part of the body. I wouldn't bet money on it, but it does happen.
The point is, try to take a moment to breath and reflect. This event was witnesses by literally thousands of people. It was recorded on many video cameras. Many of us know people who were there when it happened.

I've been a member on this site a long time and I've seen some great stuff, gritty and honest and unafraid of the truth. Sadly, I've also seen drivel like the "those people were actors" and "no one actually got hurt" crap. Its embarrassing. We are supposed to be better people. We are supposed to be intelligent, thoughtful adults looking to further liberty. How can so many here turn from that into absolute crackpots?
Its certainly within the realm of reason that the bombing was more than it seemed. Its even within the realm of possibilities that some members of the government knew it had a chance of happening. Hell, I'll even acknowledge that its possible that some members of the government are in some way responsible.
However, let's use a little common sense and a large dose of humility and stop proving the bastards right who accuse of us of being tinfoil-hat-wearing wackos.

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good points

well said

just found this

frame-by-frame stills showing a hooded man helping to affix the prosthetics during the confusion, see photos:


I'm not trying to get some of you stirred up, just don't want any of us to be played for fools.

at least look at the linked photos above before you make it personal.

One could question he angle

One could question he angle of the photos. It's not real clear. Proof can be made out of anything if you put a good narrative on it.

Thank you for the link

This link has been posted several times - check below ... in fact this link started this debate in another article.

That's why this guy posted this article.

Thank you.

there are some great photos in that blog

it shows how the actors got in position, signaled the cameras, then played victims the next minute.


Blurry picture. I have no idea who that person is standing. It proves nothing.

I feel this site is beginning

I feel this site is beginning to do more harm than good with some people on here. I think "Dedicated to restoring a constitutional government to the United States of America" has lost its way for this site. Now it seems like there is more bashing than anything on here. Just saying.

Dis info is a strong tool...

Dis info is a strong tool... any time you get close to truth is when you start hearing about aliens and lizard people and new age BS... this 'actor' stuff is along the same line... it's done to confuse and to hurt credibility...

Sunstein Agents Abound

One of the directives of Cass Sunstein was to infiltrate anti-establishment websites, pose as extremists, and post preposterous comments in order to turn off "mainstream" thinkers. Calling Jeff Baum an "actor" an a member of an impossibly elaborate conspiracy involving green screens and prosthetics is obviously a Sunstein Agent attempt to marginalize a libertarian blog.

So far I've counted 8 on this

So far I've counted 8 on this thread alone. Every single one of them is now a deleted account. See for yourself. I didn't even go through the entire thread. It's so obvious.

Alex Jones is a Sunstein Agent

If this "Jeff Bauman is an actor" absurdity is coming from Alex Jones, then Alex Jones is probably a Sunstein Agent, too.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeff Bauman

I feel absolutely terrible that this happened to him.

Implausibility Destroys Most Elaborate Conspiracy Arguments

To suggest our government could even devise a scheme involving hundreds of co-conspirators, amputee actors, flash powder, fake blood, etc, and even had the competence to coordinate such a scheme is utterly and completely ridiculous.

Our incompetent government can't even coordinate an Easter Egg hunt, let alone a scheme as complex as you suggest. And what would they do it for? What's the risk versus reward?

The risk is being discovered and collapsing the government and everyone of them tried and hanged after a Nuremburg trial and the payoff is... wait for it... wait for it... a whopping two whole days of Martial Law in Boston.

Get real. Our government is run by idiots, not superhuman masterminds.