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To all those spouting defamatory nonsense about Boston Bombing victim Jeff Bauman:

Here is a photo of Mr. Bauman standing in the crowd, 8 minutes before the first explosion.

If he is supposedly an actor without legs as some of you are claiming, then how is it that he is standing?

(Click for full size)

This poor guy just survived a horrific event, and will be marred by it for the rest of his life.


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The people you're addressing...

...aren't worth your time in responding to them. Anyone who would attack a victim is not worth responding to.

To the OP

You sound like Andersen Cooper.

Emotions aside, there is a chance this was stage. My observation is that it is staged. Do you have a decent computer to view the photos with?

Easy to find out, invite this guy to an event and see if he really has legs or not. I don't trust ANYTHING that is said on the "news", the level of deception they are capable of is sometimes beyond imagination.

Stop, look at the evidence and think....all emotion aside. There is absolutely no way that his injuries were real.

Step by step with photos...

on how it could have been done.

Are you just a "believer"....or do you THINK?


OMG! I just lost my legs!

look, I had my legs before breakfast....


And now....ouch!!


Here is me sliding on my tummy...missing my legs.....


It would look a lot better with some Hollywood. Could easily do it in shorts, just slide fake sawed off legs on instead of pants. lol

I could easily go out in public pretending to be an amputee....in fact....for half a mil...where do I sign up? And if anyone said I was faking.....how rude of them...

Am just sayin.....don't rule it out...no matter what you see on TV.

c'mon folks. Stop getting intoxicated from the emotionally

charged chemical dump known as being awake. You are going to spin your roller coaster off the tracks. Being awake and not thinking rationally about your new perspectives will only lead you to insanity. Such as finding things that aren't there. Get your bearings folks. Pursue what's real. Be careful of the disinfo.

As the author of this post says, leave both of these men be. They've been through and will go through more then enough. You owe them an apology, if you ask me.

As you can see by the down

As you can see by the down votes on your comment and other people's comments that just keep coming, there's a few people here on the DP whose roller coaster spun them off the tracks long ago.


I am amazed at how some people get sooooo distraught if someone doesn't buy into what they hold as true. I blindly believed the bs from the MSM for a long time. I am not willing to blindly follow some guy who posted something on a Youtube video or started a blog yesterday. The whole notion that NO terrorism or evil occurrences happen outside of government involvement is just as dangerously fallacious as saying that government agencies are NEVER involved and that every thing the cops say is true.

Some of these guys have their whole self worth wrapped about being the one to break you the TRUE story. It has nothing to do with helping others. It has every thing to do with pride and being right.

Funny that they called you and others trolls for disagreeing with them, but now are themselves banned, BECAUSE THEY WERE TROLLS!!

at least some of the victims are crisis actors

wait a minute... I'm pretty sure at least some of the victims are crisis actor!!

read the comments in this article -


read this article about crisis actors at the Boston Marathon


I completely forgot about what happened to me a bunch of years ago. I was working in my brother's shop. I was making screw holes in a small metal thingy with ...I don't know what they call it... but it was heavy industrial machinery. You pull down a lever and the turning screw bit penetrates the metal and makes a screw hole.

I wasn't paying attention and the screw bit went into my thumb right at the nail. I ran to the bathroom, turned on the water and tried to stem the flow of blood.

But, then I started to fall (it was kinda of slow motion). I knew something wasn't right because I could not focus my eyes. I was falling but i was powerless to stop myself from falling, I just went limp - good thing my brother was there to catch me. Actually he lost his balance too, but he stopped me from falling onto the concrete floor. I fainted, then revived a few moments later.

It was just a small hole, not very deep, at the top portion of my thumb near the nail.

The author of the article about Crisis Actors is right... Jeff should have passed out cold from shock and tremendous loss of blood.

This is not inflammatory comments... I have nothing against Jeff personally. Just want to know the TRUTH!

If it is the femoral artery, you will bleed out extremely fast.

If it is the femoral artery, you will bleed out extremely fast. Probably faster than it will take you to get to a hospital. Being the main artery in the leg that comes directly from the aorta, it contains an immense amount of pressure, which means, LOTS of blood.



The leg was torn to shreds by an explosion. The arteries to the leg, not the thigh,(posterior tibial, anterior tibial not the deep and superficial femoral)) could have been shredded. The femoral artery could be intact. The heat could have cauterized the smaller vessels, too. If you were not there, you cannot second guess it. When the BP drops far enough, the blood flow would decrease as well, even from a lacerated artery. Being an ex-surgeon, who saw trauma up close and personal, I can assure you, too many assumptions are being made in these comments. Blood coming from an aortic graft, during surgery, is "candy apple" red! It is much darker in the veins (regular blood draw), after it has been de-oxygenated.

In his case, the ignorance, seen here, is astounding! It would be like me trying to describe how a fusion reactor; or an Atlas rocket is working! I would never attempt to do so.

just investigating.we are actually educating ourselves.

that's what normal humans do.

Ever seen what happens when someone's legs are blown off?

There isn't always as much blood as you think there is:

Regardless, lots of blood can be seen around Mr. Bauman at the scene.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

What's the logo at 1.14? No military Insignia I know.

Not worth watching, nothing conclusive except these men are wasting their lives.

Free includes debt-free!

always heartbreaking seeing one suffering.


this kinda of looks realistic

see how the guy can't move - not very lively - he's all limp and kind of unconscious.

So in light of this, how do we explain Jeff's lively behavior?

If you think all traumatic injuries are the same...

and that everyone reacts identically to traumatic injuries, then you are mistaken.

Also, the bomb victim in the video I just posted is not unconscious and is moving, making it difficult for those treating him.

Which you would know if you bothered watching the whole 30 minute video, which I know you haven't because only 3 minutes elapsed between me posting it and you replying to it.

Furthermore, I wouldn't describe being propped up in a wheelchair as being "lively".

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

you're right i didn't watch the whole thing

oops! sorry about that.

i usually do a lot of chanting and listen to lectures about this or that...

In the last few days, I've seen enough blood and hurting to last me a lifetime.

Besides, I got distracted watching the governor of Nevada make a speech about how the Boston Bombings are a government manufactured terror operation.

A story from someone who knows him...

Unless you think these Boston radio hosts whom have been on the air in Boston for 20 years are in on it too...then he sounds pretty real.

Liberty in our lifetime www.freestateproject.org
The NH Liberty Alliance www.nhla.org
The 'Live Free or Die Report' www.nhforliberty.com

All hearsay. It may be true.

All they want to do is to parade gruesome images before the public in order to create the emotional overload that crowds out logic and common sense. What justifies such manipulation?

Jeff could stop all the conjecture by getting x-Rays and exams done by an independent lab.

Of course, he is under no legal or moral obligation to do so.

Free includes debt-free!

Bite Me

Lieutenant Dan really lost his legs too for the filming of forest gump.

Freakin' reality TV.

takes 2-6 minutes to bleed out from leg artery's


He was treated sooner than 2-6 minutes?

So what's your point?

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

That probably explains why

That probably explains why the guy in the cowboy hat is holding his artery closed for him.

If you were a friend of his, I'd believe YOU

but you are not. However, I agree that this person is real, more than likely. The crowd photo is not a good one. That could be anybody.

Let his brother post a before photo of THAT DAY by the flags or an obvious location. Then, you would get people to believe you.

But, this just isn't enough. Sorry.

Moreover, I don't think we need to focus on this, unless something else comes up that is irrefutable evidence of foul play. We know certain things. There was a DRILL. This is irrefutable. The CST agents were there. This is irrefutable. The FBI has lied about numerous things from the "drill" to the "asking the public who these guys are" when they full well knew who they were, all IRREFUTABLE. ETC. ETC. ETC.


wild speculation is good enough to "prove" he is an actor?

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

The cover up, when proved, is not as elaborately staged as some

Believe rather it is a carefully orchestrated coercion of terror conducted by the FBI at the behest of the Saudi, israeli, and american Feds. IMO, there is no reason to believe actors were hired to be victims when in the sandy hook case the actors may have been hired to be witnesses to add to the storyline

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I don't agree with your

I don't agree with your theory. Well at least I haven't seen enough evidence to believe it. Anyway thank you for at least basing it in reality.

Thousands of people run the Boston marathon. The bombs were real. People running got hit by shrapnel, including a man running next a woman I know from the running store I used to work at.

HMMM DP not really so free thinking in compairison

the youtube video , here,

you can tell he has plenty of blood from his lip color, his make up artist only had a few seconds to touch him up before she got on the first stretcher to safety (it was part of the deal)


people are risking their lives and credibility, and families to weigh in on this one

thumbs up on this video are 156
thumbs down 6

we are saturated with trolls, the same ones insisting that a plane hit the Pentagon. Be brave enough to listen to the experts, please. Now is the time. Peace