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To all those spouting defamatory nonsense about Boston Bombing victim Jeff Bauman:

Here is a photo of Mr. Bauman standing in the crowd, 8 minutes before the first explosion.

If he is supposedly an actor without legs as some of you are claiming, then how is it that he is standing?

(Click for full size)

This poor guy just survived a horrific event, and will be marred by it for the rest of his life.


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great video

and it's even better if you close your eyes and imagine it's Dwight Schrute.


This guy nails it.

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People Please Watch This Guys Video!

Why is everyone attacking him? I have seen more realistic blood and gore in Halloween displays! Nobody gets both legs blown off and sits up in a wheelchair alert and calm. I mean GEEZ!


Your definition of calm is a

Your definition of calm is a lot different than mine.

Thanks Skippy, DP must be important, this one is BIG....

My father is a doctor who worked in an ER for a while, you are right. Many doctors are starting to speak out on this already. Hard to risk 12 yrs of school and bills on a silly public statement though. It took architects and engineers ten years to get the balls to point out controlled demolition on 911, so things are getting better!

I'm not defending the other side but you're argument is

just silly. People with prosthetics for legs can stand and walk. Some of the latest advances allow amputees to even run. (well not latest, this is from 2011.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVJyhDEu-PA


Refer to my earlier comment:

So an actor without legs, walked around all day with prosthetic limbs, impersonating a real verifiable person, and then voluntarily stood in the blast of an explosion?

And then in the immediate aftermath of the explosion somehow was able to hide his prosthetic limbs from everyone else including those with cameras?

Did he also rip up his own clothes and smear blood all over the place, and change into a pair of fake mangled legs?

And he was able to do all this without anyone noticing?

Seek help, please.

Because, you are delusional.

Please enlighten me.

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Delusional?! for sure!

I told my wife, when I first saw the picture of Jeff in the wheelchair, "His bones are showing. The soft tissue of the calf is completely torn away!" I taught medical school gross anatomy lab, before becoming a general surgeon. The actor thing is what is delusional! The femoral artery is not necessarily lacerated, either.

For example,I took care of a patient who had his arm almost cut off in a power takeoff accident. It cut his axillary skin, exposed the axillary artery and vein. Yet, it did not bleed, at all! Turned out, the dislocated shoulder on the other side, was actually more damaged and had no laceration! It was, later, fused, by an orthopedic surgeon! The terrible looking right arm, was fully functional!


The human body is quite resilient.

Thanks for your opinion.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

listen to the speech by the governor of Nevada

he says they were not home made bombs....

i heard a few military types claim the first bomb was a smoke bomb because real bombs don't have that much smoke and they EXPLODE!

if the bomb was outside the buildings, then why didn't the glass windows blow into the shops?

you can plainly see glass shards on the sidewalk... as if the explosion came from inside the building... were the windows deliberately blown out onto the sidewalk for maximum visual effect?

Should not be downvoted

The counter argument is silly, I agree. However, the original argument is just as silly without proof.

This guy went on to run in the Olympics and murder his girlfriend. Not exactly incapable of normal or even evil deeds if you are disabled.


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Silly huh

So let's say it was Lt. Vogt acting like Jeff Bauman. What are they going to do now? Jeff Bauman is supposed to have partially amputated legs, is Vogt giving up his life altogether and going to play the part of Jeff Bauman for the rest of his life? And what is the real Jeff Bauman going to do now then? Are all of Jeff's friends, family and co-workers going to go along with this too? And what about the other 14 people who had limbs amputated, do they all have amputees actors that are going to leave their former lives behind and play new people for the rest of their lives now?

You can't be this stupid.

Why don't you actually try reading my post?
Standing/walking/running at an event doesn't prove he has legs. That's a silly argument, any child can see that. It's also silly to claim he was an actor without any discernible evidence whatsoever.

But you would have known that's what I said if you had bothered to read it instead of going on an emotionally laced straw man tirade like Mark Levin.

You can argue this bullshit till your blue in the face i could care less, but when you start down voting or dismissing plain jane facts because the argument wasn't well formulated, you sound like the msm.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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Your post here is what is an emotionally laced tirade. I'm going to continue to point out the complete stupidity of the "actors" claim and any defense of it whether you like it or not. Nothing about my questioning was a straw man argument, it is the unavoidable problems that anyone who thinks through this story for two seconds can come up with. There's nothing silly about showing a guy standing and walking when people are claiming he has no legs, maybe it doesn't prove beyond a doubt that he has legs, but it isn't a silly response, it's the obvious response. Cry all you'd like if you disagree.

If he were wearing prostheitc legs...

then how on earth would be be able change out of them and hide them in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, without a single soul noticing?

The claim that he is wearing prosthetic limbs is absurd.

Nobody is arguing that prosthesis does not exist.

It logically follows that if prosthetic limbs can not be seen in the aftermath of the explosion , and that it would be impossible for him to inconspicuously hide prosthetic limbs after the explosion, and he can be seen standing before the explosion, that he is not using the aid of prosthetics to stand.

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if it was a LIVE DRILL

we have to assume, he would have known exactly when the smoke bomb would go off....

maybe someone was near him, assigned with the task of taking his limbs... photos of which we don't have ...hmmm YET!

Mybe he changed in the shop behind him,

where the window glass was blown out (not in, but out)? Should have been possible for someone to carry him out there in the middle of the smoke and confusion? No? Impossible? You can see what I mean here @ 2:02 in this somewhat controversial video. I believe Mr. Anderson Cooper himself is pointing this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlxHxKiWUa4


He did say, victims came out from BEHIND THE GLASS WALLS after it was BLOWN OUT.



Immediately following the explosion, he ran into the building, changed out of his prosthetic legs into hyperrealistic looking mutilated false legs, ripped up his clothes, applied make up, then either crawled his way back to the blast zone or was carried, and proceeded to spread blood all over the place, all in a matter of seconds without a single soul noticing him?

Is he the only one who did this, or do you believe everyone in the crowd did this?

I don't see the crowd rushing into any building here: https://vine.co/v/bFdt5uwg6JZ/embed

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Vogt is not Bauman

That is probably just a distraction. Sounds like some wellaware1 stuff.

He understands that...

he is pointing out the absurdity of the claim.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

no, no information allowed!

don't look at the pictures of the crisis actors!!!!

Are you his protector? government protector?

Anyone who can't tell... the reason the trolls have unified on this topic, is that it is HUGE!!!!!!! "Jeff" fingered the patsy boys, remember. one problem.... all the crisis acting led me to some doctors who have different experience with trauma of this nature.


the photo looks shopped or he is standing on a butt boot(don't laugh) it's the new thing for DAs.

Simple. NICK, make an appearance and get tons of fame and glory, we know you are not shy from your youtube videos.

Yeah And How

could anyone get their legs blown off, lie in the street for a while, and then sit up in a wheelchair looking like it's no big deal? What medic would put someone in a freaking WHEELCHAIR instead of on a stretcher that had his LEGS blown off? AND, how come there wasn't anyone paying attention to him instead of the other people who weren't supposedly hurt nearly as bad? They were treating the others and ignoring the one with no legs. Get Real! AND, how come the "medics" didn't have a single drop of blood on their WHITE coats? This was staged DUH!


Nice of you to join the DailyPaul today

You are an idiot or you are being paid to spew total nonsense.

I was blocked for talking about Nick

So I re registered. I'm sure you have several accounts, friend.

Here we are mods.

An admission that he is previously banned.

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Yeah Mods

If you're looking for a flash mob of trolls, you found one. This is the biggest topic I have seen here on the DP. "Jeff" fingered the patsy boys!! There seems to be clear evidence of crisis acting. This thing could blow up huge right now across the world. They can't just destroy pictures and tapes like they used to so hiring these guys is their desperate last ditch. We are winning, and will continue, if we keep the internet, PERIOD.

anyone who looks at the photos and the EMT's narrative

Will have some questions about several of the characters on the scene there