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Controlled Explosion WAS The Bombing?


Enter the address on Google Earth, and test it yourself: 673 Boylston Street, Boston, MA. The exact address of The Boston Public Library, and right across the street the CONTROLLED explosion took place...just like announced.

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Why havent they identifyed the type of explosives

The best we get is a speculation from a member of the FBI, the same FBI that has to be suspect. So is it an implication that they want to blame Home grown PATRIOT, Black Powder, also further restrict access to ammunition reloading? I have come to believe about the opposite of what is reported by these three letter agencies.


Quote from the above link @ US News web page.

"Paul Fennewald, a 23-year veteran of the FBI as a bomb technician.

The white smoke that emanated from the blasts indicate this was likely a smokeless or black powder, he says, not a military-type explosive such as C-4 or plastic explosives, which give off black smoke."


RobHino, can you please post the tweets

that occurred before the one in question? That is, if you are able to access them.

Apologies in advance if this does turn out to be a misleading video.

Please stop knowingly or unknowingly spreading dis-info...

There is a problem with the timestamp.

I investigated this for myself, and just tried to replicate it for you, but the Boston Globe Twitter feed doesn't allow me scroll back to the beginning of April 15th, as the Boston Marathon was happening.

Here is the Tweet in question:


Now, if the Twitter feed allowed me to scroll down to that post, which I did do when this first started circulating, all you had to do was continue to scroll down and look at the post preceding this one.

It was clear the bomb had already exploded. There were several Tweets before this one, also with the wrong time stamp, which were giving updates from the scene.

You could even scroll down to the normal Tweets before the bomb went off...then there was a Tweet that announced there had been an explosion...then later on, this Tweet appeared.

It helps to do minimal research before we help in spreading the dis-info.

Just remember, the internet is our tool to share information. The main tactic by those in control is to flood the internet with dis-info so as to hide the real info that is available. Let's try to be a little more thorough with our independent investigations. I'm not saying to not be skeptical, nor am I saying not to ask question...I'm just saying we can't jump to conclusions and make assumptions using faulty information, and that we have to recognize that there are people out there trying to get us to share bad information.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Couldn't find it either.

Couldn't find it either.

See my response above...


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


ahh, i hadnt realised the

ahh, i hadnt realised the controlled detonation was in regard to the twitter thing, thankyou for sharing that piece of information, saved me the trouble

hope im not being a pain for asking, but do you know of the apparent announcement from the loudspeaker, cant remember what was said, a general announcement explaining the security presence, or something like that, do you know off-hand, if thats been proven or disproving.....dont have to answer, ill eventually get round to looking, need to read exactly what happened, or whats been presented

ok, i like where this is

ok, i like where this is going.
Thanks for the address

do you or anyone happen to know offhand, any links to do with the controlled explosion

edit: never mind, their staring right at me up there "amongst similar posts"




Unfortunately, the video bases everything off of an incorrect time-reading. This tweet was posted long after the explosions; while authorities were 'fearing secondary devices.'

They then stated there would be 'controlled explosions' out of fear for secondary devices.

Having seen this tweet at the time it was posted; I can confirm it was posted nearly an hour after the explosions occurred. The time was 12:53 pacific. The explosions were around 11:45-55 pacific.

While I think there is a lot of disinformation currently that needs to be sorted out; this video does not help. The entire idea of this video can be shot down in seconds; by a few minutes of research even. I'm sure the tweets are still available to the public to check the time stamps.

I'm not trying to express insult or negative attitude towards the video's creator; I simply wanted to provide clarification before anyone is made out as "stupid" for a small mistake - in this case overlooking the time-stamps. I do appreciate the efforts of those trying to sort out the whole mess - I just want to make sure we stick to hard facts and get down to the firm truth.


the explosions happened at around 2:50PM eastern time. It is possible The creator of this video (not me), or whoever took a screen capture of that tweet from the Boston Globe accessed the twitter page from the Midwest (mountain time). This explains the time of 12:53 in the tweet, and the tweet was posted one minute before the first blast happened.

I do agree that there are minor things that could have been explained in the video better in addition to the above mentioned. For example, the video creator referenced an article about the controlled explosions you mention in your comment that were meant to destroy any unexploded devices (which apparently never happened). I believe he may have only referenced this article to get the exact address he uses to examine the area on Google Earth. Mentioning this in the video could have cleared up some confusion.

Thanks for the reply. We can

Thanks for the reply. We can work out the time-zone issue of the tweet pretty easily. And this tweet was actually posted over an hour after the initial explosion. (And there were numerous tweets on their page about the explosion before it.)

To begin - The man who created this video was using Pacific Standard Time - giving the time of 12:53PST.

Next, if you go to the twitter - and select ALL tweets (this will let you scroll back further than April 15th, for those wondering how to do that) you will see that they tweeted on the initial explosions at 1:57central (just a few minutes after the explosions occurred.) The tweet this video is touting as proof was submitted at 2:53central (an hour after the explosion).

You can check the twitter now; it is just as it was when I watched the live updates. And there are an hour's worth of tweets between (and about) the initial explosion, up until this tweet from the video.

As I've said, there's plenty to sort out about these events, but this video is focusing on inaccurate 'evidence' that is thoroughly disproven. As I said, I watched when this tweet was initially posted; and it was long after the initial explosion. (That's the only reason I was following their tweets in the first place; because they reported an explosion an hour prior to the tweet in question.)

*I'm including the tweets just to confirm this - but you should also check them yourselves.

The Boston Globe ‏@BostonGlobe 15 Apr
BREAKING: A witness reports hearing two loud booms near the Boston Marathon finish line. - 1:57pm CST

The Boston Globe ‏@BostonGlobe 15 Apr
BREAKING NEWS: Police will have controlled explosion on 600 block on Boylston Street - 2:53pm CST

The Boston Globe ‏@BostonGlobe 15 Apr
Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities. - 2:53pm CST


I'll have to review the video

I'll have to review the video more to ensure my bearings are correct.

Thanks for posting your observations.