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Eyewitness to Shootout that killed the older brother calls into radio station

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Will she produce an affadavit.

At least as protection, to be released on the event of death.

Free includes debt-free!

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"Linda" (no last name), friend of the radio program.

She did sound genuine though. But she didn't say how she knew it was the police who hit the suspect. Were the perps not driving a dark SUV at the time? Definitely a helpful interview, but not much can be concluded without further questioning.

Undo what Wilson did

Correct me if this is innaccurate but ...

The pictures and eyewitness statements thus far do lead one to believe one of the suspects may very well have dropped a backpack. However based on some other reports it is difficult to believe agents or agencies of government knew or did nothing. There does appear to be at least a link with the FBI. Some of the official statements have been called into question. Now that the suspects have been executed the real story seems akin to the Iraq War. Who know what and when about weapons of mass destruction. I think ultimately it is going to be an issue of prior knowledge or some other act of complicity being covered up. However I think we all know nothing will come of it the same way nothing has come out of any other government cover-ups to prevent government agents or agencies looking bad for any prior knowledge.

There are photos of the

There are photos of the younger brother leaving the Marathon WITH HIS BACKPACK

I did see a low resolution photo

which looked like there was a back pack until someone posted a high resolution photo and it was just his elbow.




I think this whole thing is ...

Nothing but a PsyOp!

I'm not saying that people didn't die or get hurt, but it is absolutely absurd that SO MANY QUESTIONS go unanswered.

They were actors!!!

Millions of eye witnesses watched him hancuffed and naked on CNN in the middle of the night. Here is video of him!! The cops killed him!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC5o-UNplhQ

Boston suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev seen walking to police car naked and handcuffed

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This is cleared up in the interview.

"Linda" states the confrontation was a different location from the naked detainee. If she is accurate, the naked detainee was some other incident.

Undo what Wilson did



Must have happened AFTER they put him into the cop car.

Different guy. this post is

Different guy. this post is incorrect.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

So Let Me Get This Straight

This young girl witnessed a cop murder a kid that was running away? Then they shot the dude on top of that? Is that right? Do you suppose this girl will be scarred for life? Or targeted?


The cops said that the

The cops said that the younger brother ran him over. Her statements directly refute this. She also said he was shot after being run over from what can make out. This is significant in that it direct contradicts public statements from the police.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

The Chief of Watertown Police

The chief of police for Watertown was on CNN today with Wolfblitzer and he said the little brother ran over his older brother with a stolen vehicle while trying to hit police that had apprehended the alive older brother. Mox News the people of the Daily Paul need your help.....

Linda who saw it says; A

Linda who saw it says; A police SUV with its flashing lights hit the older brother that drug the older brothers body 35 feet.

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Listen carefully; that's not what she said.

When she referred to the flashing lights, she was talking about when she first heard the noise and ran to the front of the house. Once she saw the lights, then she knew what was occurring. She never mentioned flashing lights in the context of the vehicle which hit the suspect.

Undo what Wilson did

I agree, Lots of confusion.

Linda's story is closer to the main stream story, this girl blows it out of the water.

I'm sorry, but this Linda sounds phony...

Why would her boyfriend respond the way he did? Are you kidding me?

This sounds really overdramatic just like the Sandy Hook actors piling it on. She doesn't give her last name either to verify this story of hers. What address was she at?

How would she know these boys lived in Turkey, the day of that shooting of the older brother, when that kind of information was not available? In fact, I haven't even seen it yet on the Internet, not saying it's not out there. But, where did she get this information....especially as she was on the radio show the day of the older brother shooting....and states it happened "early this morning". She called into this show later in the morning or afternoon of the same day.

How could she say the shots she heard were from 2 different weapons? This sounds suspicious, especially when at the beginning of her interview she claims she'd "never heard a gunshot before". But, oh, she can tell there were 2 different weapons being shot. Right.

Don't you think the FBI has their own little operatives bolstering their "story" on national radio shows? BEWARE, RADIO PERSONALITIES!

My take

From what I understand she is a regular caller of the show. For those not from Boston, this is an AM sports radio show that runs from 6am-10am. Sounds quite believable to me.

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This call was made right after it

Happened and the girl was obviously shaken after just having witnessed a man shot down and ran over. She says a police SUV, but never describes what it looked like and why she thought it was a police SUV. What is very disturbing is she says that he was shot multiple times after being run down.

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I posted this after listening to the first caller.

I've now finished the whole thing, and personally I think the first caller drops a bombshell, but I personally didn't find anything of interest in the remainder.