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Boston suspect sedated, now Mayor says may "never" be able to talk

Wouldn't do to have him to wake up and blurt "it was supposed to be a drill." Bets he never wakes up? And why wouldn't this information be coming from a doctor? Rather than a political hack?


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Just heard he' s awake

But can't talk. He's being questioned and writing his answers.

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Titus Andronicus: The Agency of Lavinia

Lavinia is a character in the morbid Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus (obv. set in Roman times) who is raped, and to prevent her from notifying authorities of her assailants, they cut off her tongue and hands.

She was given a broomstick to write the assailants' names in sand.

Heck, that wasn't even real; Stephen Hawking talks mostly with eye movements.

There is always a way for someone to talk.

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