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Glenn Beck's Big Story Released, Covered by Alex Jones

Glenn Beck's Big Story On Obama And The Bombing Released!


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If somone paid me in gold, real money still I would never ever

Listen to that shill liar Glen Beck. AJ, well he is an agent for IsUnREAL and the Ratchilds the fog horn that crys wolf over and over just cant stand to hear his foaming at the mouth ranting while he sheilds his overloards. Follow his money and find the truth.



why does anyone with a brain listen to these liars?

Ron Paul is My President

What is going on?

Glenn Beck and Alex Jones refuse to acknowledge The article put up and taken down by someone at the DP. This was the one that originated @ jimstonefreelance.com. It was amazing to see the 3 cops from newtown who were interviewed as heroes during sandy hook. Then later we see Larry, Moe and curly (the same 3) racing to help the boston victims (with black backpacks on their back).

This time don't give us Barabbus!

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Someone may want to share this with Mr. Beck and/or Mr. Limbaugh

Someone may want to share this with Mr. Beck and/or Mr. Limbaugh:


I feel rather dumbfounded I even have to point it out for them, "political experts".

So, if I do it (share) by myself, I may not be able to keep a mild temper.



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

AJ is playing the misdirection game

and playing the tit for tat game with Beck, which helps their ratings, by trying to get out ahead of Beck to refering it to a Saudi cover-up. AJ has stated before 'they are very powerful and run Hollywood'. If you believe that ridiculous statement, I got some beach front property in Arizona to sell you! He completely overlooks the Israeli equation, with AIPAC Blitzer helping Zionist Jane Harmon and Mossad double agent Chertoff sell their Soviet Police state for 'domestic extremists' and he also gives credence to their Pravda-eske Israeli media reporting. What this video by Bro Nathaniel, a converted Jew, who knows how they operate, and provides the facts. http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=812

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Thank you.



Whether or not

Whether or not this guy was actually involved in the Boston bombing, it certainly makes sense why they questioned him. The question is, why be so secretive? (I am being rhetorical.)

So anyways, the latest thing I heard was from an eyewitness to the arrest of suspect #1, taken from a Boston radio show on Friday morning, that said the cops, not the brother, ran over Tamerlan and drug his body down the street.


they want internet censorship

Cispa is about to hit senate. We can't have that pesky old internet turning innocent kids into terrorists"?? If we keep the Net free, we will continue to destroy their lies, they cannot operate without their precious secrecy.

AJ sounds quite plausible

He was backtracking a lot on Friday but he seems to have regained his traction with this piece. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the older brother was protected by intelligence agencies.

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He spent nearly his entire show today on this subject.

The rest of the time was spent on CISPA.

I just turned it on

Did you see the LA Times cartoon? They have a cartoon of AJ as a rat crawling out of the sewer. There's also a poll, "Are Alex Jones' conspiracy theories beyond the pale?"

Results so far are 54% to 46% Yes.


Some great comments, well worth reading.

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That is a stupid looking cartoon. And that guy is a 2x Pulitzer

Prize winner????


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Yup that is pretty sad. Here is nice comment from the LA Times.

From Ari Goldberg at 10:58 AM April 21, 2013

All you Alex Jones critics out there - if you love America you owe it to yourself to check out his facts, rather than assume he's just an extreme conservative talk-show host with a lot of ignorant, fearful listeners. His guests, callers, and supporters include doctors, lawyers, scientists, college professors, engineers, PhD's of all stripes, elected officials, award-winning journalists, historians, police and military officers, and so on. The cumulative weight of all their factual knowledge of the truth is much greater than what any one of you possesses. Please, check out the facts first before you criticize - you can't just dismiss him that easily without dismissing all those experts who agree with him, and you'll need to do your homework first before you can justify that. We constitutionalists want the same things you want, for the most part: peace, freedom, security, prosperity, happiness, and brotherly love. Let's discuss the problems in society with each other rationally and respectfully. Calling people vermin and sewer rats only adds to the climate of hatred and mistrust that is all too rampant in society today.

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That is good.

Thank you!



does Beck have anything correct here?

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