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Huge Analysis of Boston Bombing Evidence - False Flag Suspected

The US government must be shooting for an Oscar nomination with this stunt. For those of you who are not interested in reading this entire article, here’s a little re-cap of the things we know so far:

- Craft International (private military contractor) was at the bombing site before the bombs blew up.

- Craft founder Chris Kyle was killed just a few months ago by a deranged gunman.

- A bomb drill occurred just prior to the bombs going off.

- Police scanners said a third bomb was found and diffused a mile from the bomb site within an hour of the original blasts.

- A third explosion occurred at the Library, which police claim was from an unrelated fire that just happened to occur at the same time.

- Runners say they were warned a day ahead of time by a random woman on the streets.

- Family and friends are adamant that the brothers were framed for the attacks.

- Dzhokhar will not be allowed to see a lawyer until two days after he recovers (if he recovers at all). Hospital staff has been forbidden from providing the press updates about his condition.

- No images of the SUV have been released. No images of the weapons used have been released. No footage from police dash-cams has been released. The SUV owner has not been publicly interviewed on TV. The SUV owner seems to have disappeared down a black hole.

- Images of Dzhokhar climbing into the boat appear to be fake. The boat story is loaded with inconsistencies about the physical state of Dzhokhar before, during and after the attacks.

- DEBKAfiles claims brothers were double agents working for the Feds.

- Al-Harbi was arrested and deported after creating a diplomatic crisis important enough to involve the heads of the Saudi and US states.

- Crisis actors were used at the bomb site. The bombs were fake, as are all of the reported victims. If anyone were to actually dig into the history of the reported victims, I guarantee they will come up with a ghost.

Read the full article below for the details. The article starts out with me believing the bombings were real, then progresses in time as I begin to uncover the fraud for what it is.

Read the entire article

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I Appologize

After conferencing with a trauma surgeon, I am satisfied that the observed bomb tissue damage is legitimate.

I have removed my comment from the original post, along with the section calling the damage into question.

here is what is scaring me about these conspiracies

Is there more to the story, undoubtedly. Were the brothers maybe handled, very believable. But to say that people maimed were plans is insane. It invalidates any "good" theories.

Yes...this has gone into full

Yes...this has gone into full retard mode.

Dialoge is about indefinite detention, trial without jury

Undermining constitution.

Accepting drones

Accepting CCTV

Accepting matial law

Real ID for immigration because FBI cannot do sufficient job.


terrorism always benefits the powers that be.

Isn't it fairly probable

Isn't it fairly probable (obvious) that the tragedy at the Boston Marathon was a false flag? The Boston tragedy will be used as the 9/11 of immigration. The timing is too obvious. Prior to 9/11/2001, the US Congress was reluctant to pass the fascist crap contained in the Patriot Act. Now, we conveniently have a massive immigration bill facing the US Congress that intends to convert the USA into the equivalent of India's biometric state. Just like 9/11 and the Patriot Act, what do you suspect the result will be of the bombing in Boston?

Although we need to identify and bring ALL of the perpetrators to justice, keep your focus on the immigration bill until it is hopefully defeated. OK? TIA

What will the results be?

What will the results be? Just curious.

finally decent question asking


People suspicious of a false

People suspicious of a false flag don't believe the bombs were fake...
You are purposely trying to take this argument into full retard mode.

The bombs were real. The ones who plotted it were most likely blackwater/feds radicalizing individuals into doing this.

You nailed it

Well said. Real Bombs, False Flag. Obvious to those that see.

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!

I'm not buying FF. but I do

I'm not buying FF. but I do want to know more about this Saudi National. I would also be willing to bet there was prior knowledge and incompetence is the culprit. Someone should have called the run off. Oops.

Those bombs may have been set

Those bombs may have been set off at time of dropoff to kill the patsies that planted them, but the Arab guy didn't die.

Arab guy

you mean the local track runner and coach just there as fans?

Never mind.

Never mind.

no tell me

the Guys falsely accused in the press or the Saudi injured.

I like your imput...

definitely should be considered!

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

My son was on the third

My son was on the third paramedic truck to get to the scene. I have been in EMS for 35 years. I think I am therefore qualified to state the injuries that he took care of and transported off the scene were real. They may have been hired actors, but they were severely injured with clinical findings that can't be faked. I personally know many of the docs that were there and also worked the scene. Some critical thinking here is required. This false flag talk has none, and a lot of photo experts that were no where near the bombs are talking out their arses.

WTF is that supposed to mean?

WTF is that supposed to mean? datasnoop?

It means that people claiming false flag are FOS


Not this time

Not this time

I don't believe you.The

I don't believe you.

The images don't lie.

Prove it.

I have photos to back up my claim.

If you really are an EMS, then you should know what a double amputation should result in. Blood everywhere, severe shock, vomiting, unconsciousness, arterial spurting, etc.. etc.. etc..

I'm glad you have pictures.

I'm glad you have pictures. Yes, I absolutely know and have personally treated amputations. Some can be bloody, some aren't. The ones that aren't are because the arteries have "self sealed" themselves to protect the core. I am not going to get into a internet medicine discussion any farther than this. My experience is big city Advanced life support for 30 years, yours is.....

There isn't much info on it

There isn't much info on it anywhere but from what I have read the likelyhood of a femoral artery self-sealing isn't likely.

Why don't you try to get us some details from your brother regarding the injuries he dealt with?

We get these types of claims often - on Youtube, forums, facebook, etc. and I have never seen anyone actually provide validation for these claims. there are always people running around with "I saw it happen, i have friend, a brother, etc." the vast majority of these cases people are BSing. don't take it personal that we are in doubt.

Not taking it personally.

Not taking it personally. First three trucks on scene, Boston EMS, Boston EMS, Pro EMS Cambridge city coverage truck. Pro transported to Brigham and Womens hospital. My son was on that truck. mlang52 couple of posts below my original, briefly discusses the arterial muscle response to trauma and its effect on the lumen. Him being a surgeon (I doubt a liar), said it best for nonmedical people. There is trauma physiology knowledge available, the best being recent military from middle east experience. This is why all deployed personnell now are carrying tourniquets. The story I read about the guy in the wheelchair without the blood was from the cowboy hat guy using his belt as a tourniquet. One published interview by CNN with Dr. Christina Hernon from UMASS Medical is but one of the docs I personlly know on scene and the only one to interview that I know. Beyond that, I don't know how to prove my bonafides any further.

Arteries magically seal

Arteries magically seal themselves?


Liar liar pants on fire.


By the way, I'm former military, I was trained to deal with injuries like this. My roommate is a registered nurse. He looked at the images and laughed.

Learn some trauma physiology

Learn some trauma physiology then get back to me with your apology

Stop making sense! It's not

Stop making sense! It's not allowed here!


The leg was torn to shreds by an explosion. The arteries to the leg, not the thigh,(posterior tibial, anterior tibial not the deep and superficial femoral)) could have been shredded. The femoral artery could be intact. The heat could have cauterized the smaller vessels, too. With laceration of an artery the muscles of the blood vessel contract and constrict the lumen of the vessel, as well. If you were not there, you cannot second guess it. When the BP drops far enough, the blood flow would decrease, as well, even from a lacerated artery. Being an ex-surgeon, who saw trauma up close and personal, I can assure you, too many assumptions are being made in these comments. Blood coming from an aortic graft, during surgery, is "candy apple" red! It is much darker in the veins (regular blood draw), after it has been de-oxygenated.

In his case, the ignorance, seen here, is astounding! It would be like me trying to describe how a fusion reactor; or an Atlas rocket is working! I would never attempt to do so.

Oh, in my surgical training at Good Samaritan Hospital, in Cincinnati (1981-1984), I assisted in many vascular grafts. I also assisted in the treatment of vascular trauma, as well. Sorry, I think that trumps medic or nurse!

LIAR!!!!The liars are coming


The liars are coming out of the woodwork today.

Are you seriously suggesting that a bomb blast cauterized all of his leg arteries to the point where no bleeding would be occurring, even though there is no evidence of burns on his legs?


You're seriously suggesting that its perfectly feasible for this guy to be wheeled down the street with out a single drop of blood spilling behind him on the concrete after having both his legs blown off?


Good thing you aren't practicing medicine any more.

Besides, it's not just the image of the guy being wheeled down the street with no blood behind him. It's the image of the guy in the grey hood setting up the injuries too! Did you click through to see the play-by-play provided by a real EMT? You can actually see the entire thing being setup, blood being poured, victims changing positions, etc..

Here's what a real traumatic amputation looks like. I see blood!


I am sure my education is public record. Do I have to post pictures all of my multiple degrees?! I was a lab assistant for the gross anatomy lab, the year before I started medical school. I was teaching medical students gross anatomy! After college, I had a graduate school experience, attended medical school, got training and certified in chronic pain management. I was board certified in general surgery and earned a fellowship in the American Academy of Pain Management (2 yrs training)

I may lie, at times. This is not one of them.

And, yes! It is a good thing I no longer practice! I don't have to put up with ignorant people trying to second guess me. I am sure the parents of the little baby I resuscitated back to life, are glad that I did practice medicine in their little town. They had more advanced care, of people, than the "big city regional hospital" gave! The woman, whose grandfather I saved from death by repairing his aorta, gave me a kiss when I returned to my home town, after ceasing practice. My wife and I were out with my cousin at a local gathering place. I need to remember these good times more, because medicine is no longer fun for many doctors.

I am not a doctor

nor do i play one on TV. However, you should do just a LITTLE research before opening your gob:

Oh, and the guy who lost both legs?

Here's a quote: "The image is one of the most visceral of the many taken Monday in Boston, and in it he is accompanied by two responders and cowboy hat-wearing peace activist Carlos Arredondo, who can be seen in the photo literally pinching Bauman's femoral artery closed in an effort to staunch the bleeding."

Come on, stop being quite so dense.