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Huge Analysis of Boston Bombing Evidence - False Flag Suspected

The US government must be shooting for an Oscar nomination with this stunt. For those of you who are not interested in reading this entire article, here’s a little re-cap of the things we know so far:

- Craft International (private military contractor) was at the bombing site before the bombs blew up.

- Craft founder Chris Kyle was killed just a few months ago by a deranged gunman.

- A bomb drill occurred just prior to the bombs going off.

- Police scanners said a third bomb was found and diffused a mile from the bomb site within an hour of the original blasts.

- A third explosion occurred at the Library, which police claim was from an unrelated fire that just happened to occur at the same time.

- Runners say they were warned a day ahead of time by a random woman on the streets.

- Family and friends are adamant that the brothers were framed for the attacks.

- Dzhokhar will not be allowed to see a lawyer until two days after he recovers (if he recovers at all). Hospital staff has been forbidden from providing the press updates about his condition.

- No images of the SUV have been released. No images of the weapons used have been released. No footage from police dash-cams has been released. The SUV owner has not been publicly interviewed on TV. The SUV owner seems to have disappeared down a black hole.

- Images of Dzhokhar climbing into the boat appear to be fake. The boat story is loaded with inconsistencies about the physical state of Dzhokhar before, during and after the attacks.

- DEBKAfiles claims brothers were double agents working for the Feds.

- Al-Harbi was arrested and deported after creating a diplomatic crisis important enough to involve the heads of the Saudi and US states.

- Crisis actors were used at the bomb site. The bombs were fake, as are all of the reported victims. If anyone were to actually dig into the history of the reported victims, I guarantee they will come up with a ghost.

Read the full article below for the details. The article starts out with me believing the bombings were real, then progresses in time as I begin to uncover the fraud for what it is.

Read the entire article

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I never suggested that you

I never suggested that you couldn't survive an explosive amputation. However, I am suggesting that you could not survive an explosive amputation of both legs, then be wheeled down the street without losing a drop of blood behind you.

Further, it's entirely possible for blast damage to mangle your limbs but NOT sever arteries, which would keep you from bleeding out. Doctors would then amputate the limbs surgically afterwards if they were damaged beyond repair.

You are making an ass of

You are making an ass of yourself. You should stop.

Given that I have two eyes

Given that I have two eyes that are both capable of seeing, I don't think I'm the fool here.

You can SEE the whole thing being staged, step by step.


FYI...the army guy who you

FYI...the army guy who you all keep referring to as the crisis actor is missing two legs and an arm.

I don't "keep refering" to

I don't "keep refering" to him.

I agree, it's not him.

I'll remove the image.

Oh the

insanity of people who so want this to be a FF.

Ya maybe they're suspicious

Ya maybe they're suspicious because our government is run by thieves and 9/11 was the biggest FF in recent history. Maybe the government should be held to go above and beyond to PROVE it wasn't a false flag instead of leaving so many holes opened. He has a right to think its a false flag. Thieves have run up a debt that is the greatest in human history on our behalf. They wouldn't EVER think of a FF right? No of course not.

Pretty compelling video

LOOK ! Proof That Craft or Blackwater Agents did the Boston Marathon

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

There is another thread

and the claims in this video have been completely debunked..

You can't debunk self-evident

You can't debunk self-evident photos of the event.

They are clearly there.

If you want to claim the photos are faked, now that is a conspiracy theory that I'd like to hear.


You want self-evident. Here you go.

The younger brother placing his backpack at the second bombing site.

The high resolution photo not shown in that lame video that clearly shows the younger brother leaving the scene without his backpack.

Post bombing photos showing the security contractor with his backpack on after the explosions.

I am sure now you will be the one claiming the photos were doctored.

Doesn't matter. It really

Doesn't matter.

It really doesn't matter because the bombs were fake.

Even if they did plant the bombs, no one was injured.

Look at the rest of the evidence, like the boat cover and the crisis actors.

It doesn't matter because

It doesn't matter because you've already made up your mind.

If you were the Boston

If you were the Boston Marathon bombers, Would you be hanging around the crime scene neighborhood and even partying and smoking pot days later?

I'd be looking to get out of the country as soon as possible, and definitely not staying in the same state.

This whole Hollywood script stinks to high heaven.

You should probably dig

You should probably dig deeper. Much of what you listed there (didn't read the article) has already been explained, disproven or is pure conjecture.

There are questions that need to be answered for sure but there is definitely, despite what so many want to say, not PROOF of a false flag.

I am quite surprised how many are jumping to false flag conclusions and are in many cases simply not using a lot of common sense.