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CSPAN Callers - Possible False Flag in Boston Bombing

People call into CSPAN concerned that a possible false flag attack was perpetrated at the Boston Marathon.

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commenters were great.

i dont really agree with the white cap guy leaving the scene with his backpack, i think he was carrying a backpack of a lighter color, IIRC and not black.
but need to check.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

The last 1:40


The last 1.40 is proven disino!!


Take another bump

and try again

Hell Yah!

MSM bombarded with the truth. Hahahaha



FOX is really pushing anti Constitution (LIBERTY) propoganda it sickens me. I call for total banning of FOX,msnbc,and cnn Gov. addvertizement channels.

FOX is pushing snitch-society psychology...

....rat out your co-worker, family member, WORRY about your neighbor if they're a "religious fanatic"..."radicalized" is the buzzword...listen for it ALL week on talk radio/news commentary shows...

We've been "radicalized" about our Constitutionally GUARANTEED liberties, free speech, 4th Amendment, 2nd Amendment, out founding revolution, young Earth creationism, God-given rights, Chuck Baldwin's understanding of Romans 13 etc.

SteveMT's picture

Refreshing to hear caller after caller say "No Way!"

With a bunch more awake people, the government has got a lot more explaining to do. Thanks.

The people who called C-SPAN about false flag

are probably some of the crazy assholes who post in here.

Cpsan part of the video was great

The rest was bad

To the downvoters- do your homework

The guy at the end of the video has been debunked thoroughly.



it's a cropped photo

here's the full pic. they're in the back by the van. after the blast, with the backpacks.

You are talking about

two different photos.


what other photo is there?

Post links to the photos

that you are referencing.

that's the only one

i've seen with the two men standing with backpacks in that particular position. i've seen the info wars page. i thought the picture that emphasizes the white square on the backpack was before the bombing and the picture of the guy with the backpack on a cell phone was after the bombing. that makes me think it wasn't him. the one i can't explain is where he's running without the backpack. i'm not saying he wasn't in on it. i have no idea about that. but, how is he the guilty one when he's clearly standing with the backpack after the blast?

It feels like more people are waking up

But it's tough to say. Look at the reactions in sports stadiums. Seems like plenty of people still buy the official story.