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Incredible Stabilized Video of the Boston Marathon Bombing

This is wild.


One concern I had was with the backpack circled in red on the first picture here under the scissor lift.


If you stop the video above at 0:59 you see that this backpack is clearly still there.

The only conspiracy I have found throughout all this is just how much security failed here. We have multiple pictures of bags and backpacks being left untended. You look at this photo alone and not only is the shopping bag there but if you look to the right you see another untended backpack on the curb.


I wonder if Craft has a return policy.

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good stabilized footage..

now view pics from two angles on other side of fencing!

(check out pics posted by 'fist of freedom')
notice key players:
chick in pink ski vest
large guy with longish black hair in brown sweatshirt
guy with cowboy hat & flag
blond chic in black vest, long sleeve red shirt..
there are others,
more important, in center of photos:
victim guy who got leggs blown off (in black & gray long sleeve shirt)
black chick in white shirt & red jacket sitting between his/victims leggs
and guy with gray hoodie, dark jacket and sunglasses kneeling between his/victims leggs

this merits its own thread


"society could go in a thousand directions as to how it would exist and how it would be, but the public mustn't know that. The generations must believe that the one that they're born into is naturally evolved."-Lenin/Alan Watt/cuttingthroughthematrix.com


So all those people in uniform who were right there on the scene

Were they there to "protect" people or to clean up the mess? I mean I know why they were TOLD they were there...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Try this...

Supposedly 200 were injured. Watch the video a couple times focusing solely on looking at the few hundred people behind the flags near where the bomb goes off.

How many do you see?

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Actually they say

Not every wounded

person is going to be put down on the ground. Many were treated for non life threatening shrapnel wounds.

Looks like the biggest enemy is security fencing.

That bomb was awful small compared to the our illustrious government drops on people. The fertilizer plant explosion was much much better.
The people? Sheeple are lead to the slaughter every day so why get all excited about these particular ones.

good spot still hoping

good spot

still hoping someone analyzes the point of explosions, so we have a better reference point we can focus on when viewing, before photos, even better, would be the damn video evidence they supposedly have with the suspected bomber leaving the bag and it exploding...if thats not a lie

Intense video

I don't see how/why people can think that the victims were "paid actors"?! That's way too far fetched.

I am Ron Paul

That's one opinion.

I heard the TV say the same time hundreds of times before.

The WMD in Iraq is not the first lies they've peddled with actors.


Would $5000 cash and promise of immunity sweeten the pot.

Free includes debt-free!

they are not people that

they are not people that think that. they are retarded trolls.

I can

Watch a movie and see people act the same way. But I am really not in favor of actors in this one. Sandy Hook, Yes! there were actors. But this one I see more like it being an attack the Gov knew ahead of time and did nothing to stop it. Because our Gov. loves getting attacked. They get to pass more laws!


Watch all the guys standing around waiting for the clock.

Free includes debt-free!


people waiting for the clock during a marathon. unheard of. proof it was the government.

They were all joyriding around in stormtrooper outfits in SUVs.

Those loafers were soakin' up the overtime.

All the king's horses and all the King's men couldn't catch their man. The Taxpayers did.

All they did in Boston was use a phony baloney excuse to snoop in people's houses and on private property.

Free includes debt-free!

Notice the two guys in BDUs

Notice the two guys in BDUs starting at ~ 1:45 into the video. I'm confident to state that those two guys ARE members of an ANG CST unit. Notice the identical dress. Notice the selfless and helpful attitude in spite of the danger. Now, compare their dress and actions to the dress and actions of other alleged "support" personnel near the finish line.

Words cannot describe. But

Words cannot describe. But look how fast people act to help everyone. Incredible.

fireant's picture

Fast work saved some lives,

for sure.

Undo what Wilson did

Yes sir!!

While in graduate school, awaiting my admission to medical school, I studied my dad's EMT book. I later became a general surgery resident, dealing with trauma, in the ER on an almost, daily basis.

The guys that jumped into action looked like battlefield medics! The advances these people (medics) have made is one of the reasons that more people survive on the battlefield!

The rescuers, definitely saved lives. It is, just, too bad that anyone had to die. I feel heartbroken when looking at the pictures. My wife and the young American woman killed look like sisters! This could have been any of us. It is, all, so sad!


That cooker looks way bigger than what a backpack can hold imo.

Even with two back packs I am not sure all the material could be stuffed in there?

Perhaps the the pics of the guys carrying the backpacks were after the fact?

I am not saying the guys are completely innocent by any stretch but this definitely has to be more looked into imo.


Good points--good video summary

And, the Media is starting to wake up---perhaps they will begin to find their own integrity, somehow, someway. We can only pray for this. Even though I heard that 60 Minutes talked about the bomb-sniffing dogs, I doubt they spun it truthfully, probably not.

The audio in this video has

The audio in this video has been altered. Compare it to the other video shown on the News.

show me a link


And the

reason would be?