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over-reaction: TONIGHT, in my town...these guys had BB guns...

My wife called me to say 9 squad cars were headed south on York Road...

Me and my posse jumped in the car to see if we
could locate the ruckus...

We caught a glimpse of an unmarked squad car with his lights going, checked the sidestreets, and found the scene...



In the video, from far away; the female officer picks up a handgun from off the ground, and removes the clip...


Residents began chatter on the local mom's FB page, there it was posted these kids got ticketed for discharging the BB gun in a residential neighbohood...wish I had some press credentials, I'd like to hear the 911 call that led to such an overwhelming show of force.

We counted 9 squad cars on the street whose back yard faces this one; 2 at the corner, and the unmarked was in front of the house where the perps were detained.

Citizen journalism at it's best...haha!

UPDATE: the Patch I forward my stuff to confirmed "disorderly conduct" charges.for BB guns....

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ha ha! I am getting it done!

...am I ready for the big time?

Citizen Journalism 101 baby!


Good work.

Thanks for bringing this to people's attention. +1

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i hope were not talking about

i hope were not talking about air powered bb guns, as im quite fond of the air i breath

good article

Make their over reacting look like Barney Fife next time!