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Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Naked Man - Aunt says it was him

Dan Dicks speaks with the suspect's aunt - says 100% sure the "naked man" was her nephew.

Side by side comparison: http://www.picvalley.net/u/2508/1080469692298013356136661130...

Earlier thread about corpse comparison: http://www.dailypaul.com/282611/grisly-post-mortem-photo-of-...


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Totally strange.

After scrutinizing the photos I feel that it is likely the same person. From what I could tell, the body structure, facial shape and hair seem to be remarkably similar. The main issue, for me, is that the body hair from the death photo doesn't show up in the "naked man" photos. But I recognized that due to low lighting and camera distance/quality I can't even make out his mouth or eyes with any detail and the same is true for the officer escorting him. So if I can't see a mouth in those conditions I can't expect to see chest hair with any detail beyond the slight shading which does seem to be visible in two of the photos. Serious questions must be answered. If they are not the same individual then clarification should be a given. This is all so strange and nothing seems to add up. If it's not one thing it's the same thing, these days.




Fortunately the internet has

Fortunately the internet has this fully documented in millions of places all over the planet. They're not going to get away with the coverup this time.

There's 2 concerns of mine on

There's 2 concerns of mine on this. First is the hair which has been mentioned. This could be a lighting trick. Due to the darkness and flashing lights the dark hair could have been white washed by the brighter body. Although there is s dark shadow near the center of his chest that could indicate something. Remember he didnt have hair all over, just a spot near the center of his chest.

The second is why didn't this guy record the audio from their conversations. Sure it would leave the question of who was on the other end, but it would be better than his recount. This is a big one for me to give this story credit.

I thought the naked man was

I thought the naked man was just an unlucky person who happened to be driving a green Honda civic whom they made take his clothes off before they approached due to fear of bomb vest. Now his pic is plastered all over the webs.

Columbus, Ohio

They could have placed a

They could have placed a police officer every 10 feet on the side walks among the crowd near the finish line because of a credible bomb threat, short of postponing the race in order to save lives.

Why wasn't this done in light of what appears to be a coverup of the credible bomb threat drill going on?

Distance, night, lighting...

Plus the video was purposely pixelated to "protect the public from nudity".

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Sooo if it is him then uh

Sooo if it is him then uh we're supposed to believe he somehow got out of FBI custody or maybe was being transferred to another vehicle lmao when he was run over by his brother?
Yeah I'd like to hear some facts of who this guy was and/or how it was the elder brother ended up being run over.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

An eyewitness claims the cops ran him over

I think the Russians have the right idea. We need to have cameras running ALL THE FRIGGIN" TIME. Apparently, unless we can post video of them ACTUALLY murdering people, no one will believe that they actually murder people.

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Rep Peter King asks; "Where

Rep Peter King asks; "Where do they get the Radicalization?"

Can you give me the dictionary definition of that word "Radicalization" Mr King? These Neo-Con creeps just keep grasping at straws.

We really need to vote out that creep.

Please keep bumping this

Please keep bumping this topic all day till we get answers.

Original poster JO4RP, if you feel the comparison image I posted is valid, please embed it in your article, and thanks for your article.

If the naked man isn't Tamerlan...

then who is he? Why hasn't he come forward? Why is there a virtual mainstream media blackout of the "naked man" incident? For the biggest story in the U.S. with 24/7 coverage, you'd think someone might mention that the naked man looks much more like Tamerlan than does the corpse. If the naked man WAS Tamerlan, then how did he go from being in naked custody to being blown up and shot up? The lack of information on this is astounding and very strange. It's one of the most obvious questions out there, yet it is not addressed.

Other than the hair

that seems to be missing from the chest its a perfect match, including the arms which are fairly unique since proportionally they are larger than one would expect from someone of that size.

well the similarities

are well similar, but the hair is kind of a biggie. what did he get brutally killed then magically sprout his hirsute status? not a doctor, but i am fairly certain that is not possible.

Its kind of hard to say

maybe the light and distance from the camera had something to do with not being able to see the hair. I have similar chest hair maybe I will do an experiment and see if that could be possible.

Believe nothing you see or hear on mainstream media TV news

Believe nothing you see or hear on mainstream media TV news channels. They are told by the federal government what to spoon feed you and tell you to think. They feed you total nonsense. Thank the Creator virtually nobody turns to their channels anymore and their audience is dropping dead of old age by the thousands every day.

Got rid of my cable tv today


You need an extremely strong

You need an extremely strong mind to view that s*it.

Most reporters and guests on MSM TV news are total c*nts and c*cksuckers.

I haven't been watching news

for years..I'm not that strong of mind, my tv would have been in pieces long ago..but finally I said fk it to all of their other mind wasting Bullshit.

looks pretty similar to me

He could have shaved his

He could have shaved his chest hours before his getaway to disguise himself. The shoulder muscles look very similar. What are the odds?

yeah he could have,

but then he would have had to magically grow a fair amount of hair postmortem if we are to believe the "faces of death" photo of him.

looking again at the morgue

edited- it could be him, no definitve decision until someone(ie naked guy) comes forward with credible evidence...

Is this the same person? If

Is this the same person? If it is, the FBI and Boston police has a lot of splanin to do.

I made this comparison. Can someone embed this picture for me?


Thanks for the pic - tried to embed but no luck, posted the link

I tend to think it is the same guy, always have since the morgue/hospital pic was leaked.

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Here. His chest hair is the same starting at top near neck

it makes a scoop neckline....ladies will know what I'm talking about.


That is HIM

That is 100% him. Holy shit. Police brutality to the 10th degree.

Normal dudes aren't flexed out like that, a boxer would be. Also, the naked strip makes sense now, since they wanted to rule out any explosives on his person.

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