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CISPA Blackout Protest 200+ sites blacked out

As various time zones begin ticking over to April 22, an Anonymous-led Web blackout has begun that will reportedly include over 200 sites suspending regular operations in protest of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) that recently passed the US House of Representatives.

Anonymous and other groups called for the blackout last week using the hashtags #CISPAblackout and #StopCISPA.


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Bump, but

am glad I can still get onto the DP today.

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what major websites are down?


i am surprised

That anonymous isn't trying to attack all these sites that benefit from this legislation...


Freedom Broadcasting Network is down

My site is

My site is down.


Thanks to DP poster for additional content at the end.


as is mine


It sounds to me like big companies are ok with it because it remove liability from them. They don't care about your data as long as they don't get in trouble for it. It is up to us, the people, to care about ourselves. Is there any hope of that?

I call on Senator Rand Paul

I call on Senator Rand Paul to Filibuster this crap.

If he does

I just might end up supporting him. ;0

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would go a long way for sure

would go a long way for sure


Unleash Independence

Unleash Independence is participating - what other sites are?