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Are We Losing Our Senses? Are We Losing Our Language? Are We Losing Our Mind?


I am asking because I have noticed many threads on the Boston bombing, but not a single one yet which would point out what is, IMO, even more mind boggling, more worrisome, than everything I have read or seen thus far... Only coming right ex-aequo with the BIG POLICE demonstration that Boston has suffered for 12 hours, with utmost contempt for the Bill of Rights...

So, let's fix it, eventually. "Better late than never."

In fact, it's courtesy of Pr. Michel Chossudovsky, who provides and points out the relevant refresher quotation:


Nine thousand heavily armed police including SWAT teams were deployed in a manhunt to capture a 19 year old student at U-Mass, after his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the alleged Boston Marathon terror mastermind was shot dead by police allegedly after a car chase and shoot out with police.

Prior to the conduct of a police investigation, the 19 year old student has already been designated as “guilty”. The fundamental legal principle of “innocence until proven guilty” has been scrapped. In the words of President Obama (a graduate of Harvard Law School), the Boston 19 year old student is “guilty” of heinous crimes (without evidence and prior to being charged in a court of law):

“Whatever hateful agenda drove these men [sic] to such heinous acts will not, cannot, prevail. Whatever they thought they could achieve, they’ve already failed... Why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence?


(emphasis mine)

Read on:


Now, how is THAT, above, for something SHOCKING, outrageous, worrisome?

Do we KNOW what THAT means?

Do we REALLY understand what THAT means, what that ACTUALLY implies?

Do words have ANY remnants of MEANING to care about these days?

Is America REALLY failing to notice... THAT?!

Is America ONLY expressing her emotions and speculative rationalization on what has been prepared for her to be confused, or distracted, or misled, or terrorized with?

... in complete disregard of ACTUAL HUMAN REASON?!

... about what the word "Law" is supposed to mean?!

Leading her... to miss paying attention to something which DID happen and is, unarguably, EXTREMELY SERIOUS?

Something which HAS BEEN SPOKEN by the most powerful man on earth, YOUR POTUS.

Something which HAS BLATANTLY DENIED any presumption of innocence, for whichever sad event occurred.

I really had NO IDEA this process of destruction of the Constitution could ever unfold so quick before our eyes.

WHAT do the Supreme Court Judges have to say on the POTUS' words?

HAVE YOU heard from them on this, America?

I care about language. I'm a coder. I care also about the meaning of words in our natural languages.

Except for a handful, your elected officials have abandoned you, the language, and laws, to whatever will serve your government's intents.

I am really sorry AND worried for You, America.


I am only sharing with you the truth I believe in:

these words above, uttered by the POTUS in the heat of the event, are the nail on the coffin.

The nail on the coffin of Justice in this country.

Does ANYONE expect anything, anywhere close to Justice anyhow, anytime, in this country, after those words?

Some words, once uttered by the HIGHEST positions of power, and not your average man doing inconsequential small talk at a bus stop, are ALL TOO MUCH...


I am not here to tell you what to do.

But now I am PRAYING for You, the People, TO WAKE UP to that, included.

For my OWN safety and my family's, as much as yours.

Against tyranny coming to us, which is now as certain as 1 + 1 = 2.

SO :



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Right there with ya.

Not trying to incite, but we need to think about this, rhetorically at least, but probably to a higher degree of actionable seriousness:

The war has been underway for a while now; only *we* haven't fired a single shot, so to speak, while *they* have been mowing us down for quite some time (Civil rights, economic warfare, sending us off to die / get maimed in wars, terrorism / psycho warfare, and literally murdering people / whistle blowers / etc.).

First, can we organize enough people to perform citizens' arrests of certain "leaders" / offenders? We Goddamn know where these motherfuckers are, for Christ's sake! (I have my own personal Shit List, too, of people in "positions of power" I'd like to checkmate.)

Then, when do we resort to heavier measures, if those fail? When do we consider pre-emptive strikes on the "leaders" we know are treasonous and dangerous? Who's gonna do it? The monster must be decapitated. A semi-peaceful coup by top military brass and loyal soldiers, etc. never happened. Have they all given up? Have they been pushed out, politically (or literally) fragged, and if so, will they not do anything as "outsiders"? We cannot rely on *them* anyway; we ALL must act. This *is* war. Do we wait until we're so fucked and enough of us have literally nothing left to lose before changing our mindsets to those of soldiers willing to make the ultimate sacrifice? Our Founders did this, right?

I know July 4th this year has great potential for peaceful (hopefully) occupations of government facilities, but what will *they* do? Agent provocateurs? *Worse*?! They won't let it go down without inciting violence. Serious violence with body counts? Probably. Will it be enough to protest? What do we do about all of the armored stormtroopers who will be locked in phalanxes to sweep us out / off the premises? That is violence. Do we just back off? You know politicians may make some promises, but they won't follow through. How do we *make* them? To arrest = to abduct / physical restraint = violence.

If we all sit around Indian-style, we'll just get pepper-sprayed, right? Clubbed? If we go 2nd Amendment, somebody will fire the new "First Shot / Shot Heard Around the World", right? Then what? It'll likely be an enemy of Freedom who does it, too.

Half the time I feel like positivity is all it will take. The other half of the time I have a gut full of fear and am propelled by anger and a sense of Justice and--it's no virtue--Revenge. Does this make me part of the problem? WTF? But hugs and kisses will not make this all go away....

I stay up nights staring at the ceiling wondering about this stuff. And every day that passes, our Country looks / acts less and less like what it was created to be / become. And *they* prepare. With *our* funny money at their disposal, which they take out of our pockets. The conditions are SOOOO much worse than when this Country was founded. Electronic voting has been compromised. Period. Look it up and deal with it if you don't believe me. (Black box voting, etc.) We hafta convince our local communities to throw out the machines. Most people just aren't considering this as a real necessity, but it is. Surveillance state is here, plus a standing army facing us. Utterly "unfree" / controlled press. All of us relying on the internet which can be shut off (in essence) for *most people* in a jiff. Et cetera.

Sorry to darken things even more here. The *logistics* of turning this all around just make my head spin!

What would the Founders do?

Why are these "cops" not arresting

The Federal Reserve Board for treason?

The TSA thugs who are in Breach of Duty of the 4th amendment?

DHS operatives conspiring to overthrow the US Constitution?

The zombie banks committing insider trading, criminal fraud, and money laundering?

The psycho cops who murder, terrorize, and maim people on the streets of America everyday.

The US Attorneys who are protecting criminal corporate executives of the defense contractor companies who have already been proven to be stealing from the American People.

The thugs who assault the people in the State political processes in order to get their way.

The war criminals in the executive and legislative branches who murder, torture, terrorize, and destroy the healthy environment of entire countries.

Yes WE KNOW the massive crimes that are being committed by men and women who claim to be operating under the Constitution but only act in subversion to it. We KNOW the crimes being committed by those outlaws listed above but what is done by America's "law enforcement" to bring real justice? NOTHING!!!!

The massive "law enforcement" efforts in Boston prove that America has the personnel to bring alleged criminals to justice but the so called "law enforcement" are just tyrannical minions who WANT to subvert our laws and protect the real criminals. They want a police state because that is what they do; terrorize entire cities and violate many of their constitutional prohibitions. The minions have proven that they are brainwashed tool bags who will respond on command by their criminal handlers who tell them who is "guilty" without any solid proof but what about the crimes being committed by their commanders and by TPTB?

To those psychopathic storm troopers out there; Do you have the balls to go after REAL CRIMINALS? Or are you the brainwashed minions of the criminal elite who are using YOU to destroy the rule of law.

When are you going to use that level of presence for going after the REAL CRIMINALS? Do you need an accuser accepting liability for their accusations? Here I am! I am one of We the People accusing all of those listed above criminals overthrowing our government and LEVYING WAR AGAINST US!

To the People of America, STAND UP! Accuse the real criminals of crimes and demand the same response shown in Boston against those criminals listed above. If we don't then the camps and total destruction of the Constitution are our fate.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Bam! Awake!!! Now what?

What does being "awake" mean?

Does that mean the nightmare ends, as if you're waking yourself from a bad dream, and where will I find myself when I wake up? What does being woken up look like, feel like? What does one do different?

Now.. I can see being woken up to God because definately there is a huge life change waking within "The World (lies, corruption, hate, apathy, FEAR, hopelessness, dispare, illness, pestulance)" to "The Christ in the purist of the pure".

Perhaps it's like the tao... Christ is the white and The World is the black? So is your focus on the world or Christ?

We are given two things, life and choice. Do you wake up to Christ, or wake in to a nighmare called the world, and do what?

Cyril's picture

Nobody will be safe any longer in this country

Nobody will be safe any longer in this country under this sort of POTUS' prerogatives.

With Obama or with anyone else. He has also set a precedent.

The events they'll be involved, associated with, or caught into WILL NOT matter.

I repeat:

The events WILL NOT matter.

Now we can see how Obama was truthful even prior to being elected in 2008 and insisted so much on his seeing the Constitution as "a living document" with evolving, malleable interpretation.

Indeed: now he can completely ignore the literal, founders' Constitution and give whatever meaning he sees fit to "the living document".

I bet Hillary Clinton or Lindsey Graham think the same. Or McCain. Etc.

Open the eyes of as many people as you can on this. For the People has recklessly accepted this FATAL idea decades ago.

Ron Paul was right, yet again.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Cyril's picture

The wake up isn't to be taken for granted

Granger, seemingly few have noticed the full extent of what he said, to this day. I urge anyone who cares enough to alert the loud mouths on this, such as Beck or Limbaugh, since their recent claims to be "concerned". Now they have something to bite into, if they're so hungry.

In the tone of the POTUS' statement the technique is known as "appeal to emotion", for the cameras, while his alluding to their being on U.S. soil for long, ungrateful heinous crime, etc.

But what did slip out of his mouth is that now every single of us can be deemed guilty of whatever happens within just hours of when it did.

Your rights are gone.

He is so actually convinced of his powers above the Constitution now that he didn't even bother avoiding to challenge the presumption of innocence. He said exactly what he meant, was thinking of - they're guilty - no investigation, no charge, no trial, no judgement.

It's now entirely, "naturally" gone along with the rest.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Oh I get you and I agree

what you are saying is that the fact these guys were presumed guilty without a trial.

I believe we have been going through a controlled demolition for a long time. Change is inevitable, eh? I was very happy to hear Ron Paul back in 07, and I learned that I was not alone in my thoughts about what was happening to America, and while I NEVER thought I would ever ever ever be a republican.. I joined the party, I got elected to my seat. I am active locally, and if you know a better way to work at restoring the republic than Ron and Rand Paul.. I'm all eyes and ears, heart and soul. SHOW ME!

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I believe our last hope is in the Ron Paul Institute

I believe our last hope is in the Ron Paul Institute and the people.

Partisan politics alone just isn't enough any longer.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I agree--

and I am quite despondent over it. My 'friends' will not listen. Besides spouse (the other half of 1988vote) there is only one family member who understands; all of our friends have completely swallowed the MSM's perspective on everything.

Thank you for writing it out so eloquently--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Apologies to the "up voter"




“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

"See real"

Your mother named you well, even in a foreign language.
Yes, we are losing our language, and with it, our ability to communicate effectively.
There is a very popular thread right now whining about people using the word "proof" here on the DP, but they fail to notice that it is really only heinous when the JUSTICE department declares something to be "proof" and then proceed to execute people without a trial.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Cyril's picture

Fishy, that's it: nothing will surprise me any longer now.

Fishy, that's it: nothing will surprise me any longer now.

Not before long.

Expect more tragic events, confusion, fear, more and more often. Ever more division in the American people. And ever more police. The MSM is going to be ever more busy with that too.

I'm sorry for us all.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

so many unanswered questions.

i believe their were many hurt but i think there is more than meets the eye!

Cyril's picture

Are you, America, willing to accept THAT???!!! ALREADY???!!!

Are you, America, willing to accept


without DEMANDING your POTUS, or the Supreme Court, or Congress, or Senate,


explanation about HIS words???!!!


Rephrased :

Are you, ALREADY, prepared to accept


from that point and on???!!!


If you are... well, now you are REALLY scaring me.

For good.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius