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Fight for your rights

For your consideration: Now that TPTB will be using recent events to further shred our civil liberties, those in the DC area can do something about it.

The ACLU has issued an invitation to go to a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on US Targeted killing program. It is important that we push back now that we are heading to another round of fear-mongering and infringement on liberties. It is tomorrow, Tuesday April 23 at 10 AM.

(The link direct you to a RSVP form so they can have a big enough room.)

UPDATE: If you plan on attending or on listening to the videocast, check the time. I just received an email that the time has been postponed to 4PM.

Update 2: The venue has been changed to the Hart Senate Office Building, room 216.

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Where our rights are inalienable, and they come from our creator (God?), then is is not an error in thought/cause to "fight for our rights"? Perhaps a worthwhile distinction should be made. Those rights granted to us by "the state" might be called "civil rights", which are then thus really privileges having the color of right, while human rights are our inalienable rights, endowed in us by the Creator.
Those who are subject to the civil code (civil servants?) or beneficiaries of government programs, may find it worthwhile to "fight for their civil rights." But if we "realize" we have rights, is it not merely cause to educate and have "them" respect our rights?