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Why Conservatives Accept High Taxes, the Federal Reserve System, and Fiat Money Gary North

Recently, I wrote an article in which I argued that there are three political foundations of modern warfare: high graduated tax rates, a central bank, and the abolition of the gold coin standard. I called it “The Triumvirate of Modern Warfare.”

From the day that Ron Paul was sworn in as a Congressman in 1976, his critics inside Congress were consistent. They opposed his position on foreign relations and defense. He opposed the expansion of the American Empire. He wanted a strictly defensive system of military expenditures. He did not approve of the constant meddling of the American government in the domestic policies of other nations. So, he was criticized by conservatives inside Congress as being soft on Communism, or being naïve about the necessity of an aggressive foreign-policy, or by being anti-defense.

These same conservatives regarded themselves as hard-core opponents of the modern welfare state. But the modern welfare state is also supported by the three pillars of the modern warfare state, namely, high marginal tax rates, the central bank, and the abolition of the gold coin standard. The structure of all modern governments favors the expansion of the warfare state and the welfare state.


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