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Know your enemy, The next president of the United States is...

The next president of the United States for 2016 is....Hilary Clinton, well according to betting agencies around the world who were correct in predicting a Romney victory in the Republican race and Obama to win the overall election for 2012.

Winner for 2016 is - Hilary Clinton with 4.5
2nd - Paul Ryan with 9
3rd - Marco Rubio with 11
Tie for 4th,5th - Chris Christie & Jeb Bush (Tie) with 13
6th - Rob Portman with 15
7th - Mitt Romney with 21
Tie for 8,9,10 and 11th position -
Rand Paul, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo & Bobby Jindal with 26

Checked several agencies and they all have the same order and pretty much the same prices.

Looks like a convincing victory for Hildog so now you know where the threats are, the distractions, the wasted votes, an idea of the media story.

Your thoughts please.

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I wouldn't be surprised if

I wouldn't be surprised if Hilary won, but too early for bets. What I can say is these results are definitely hogwash. Not a chance for Ryan. Anybody with the last name Bush would be an idiot to even try running. Chris Christie is done as a national candidate. Who is Rob Portman? No way Romney runs again, he has too much self respect. Biden, LOL. Obama won because he's black, Biden doesn't have that going for him, zero chance. Cuomo is too stupid. Jindal? Meh.

the only way I can see that happening

Is if Obama is impeached for international war crimes by the UN who appoints Hillary as president (and remains as president through disclosures about issues only seehn on youtube for decade.. and don't think it's not programming.. self programming, like self medicating.)

Aint Gonna Happen

Not with the bottom falling out first.