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"Meet Ron Paul" - Book Report by Adie and Daddy (ages 7 and 42)

My seven year old daughter and I just finished Mathew Blankenship's biography Meet Ron Paul. Firstly: hats off and bravo to Mat! A superb effort and it is a wonderful addition to the RP rEVOLution and the liberty movement in general.

My daughter finished it in a day of on and off reading. She was excited to read it because we talk about the Doctor quite often and there is a picture of him and I intermingled with our framed family photos. As a second grader, she's only read a few other books such as the Frog and Toad series and Junie B. Jones.

She enjoyed the parts that were easiest to understand such as him delivering babies. She prompted a conversation with her mother on war after reading about that in the book. Unfortunately my wife began answering with the wrong typical answers ("sometimes one group of people don't like another") instead of fingering the government and just calling it plain evil. I quickly stepped in!

She read the chapter on the TSA while in flight (she brought the book to read on the plane) and we had a good conversation about that.

The topics of central banking, commodity money, government spending and others went over her head and/or didn't catch her interest. This said, I know fully articulate adults with advanced degrees and high fallutin jobs who don't get these topics either.

My one nit pick with the book is that the author suggests that Dr. Paul joined the military enthusiastically with the typical lines of protecting the country, doing his duty, etc. As I remember him saying many times, he was threatened with being drafted for the front lines and then volunteered to be a flight surgeon to avoid infantry. I'll have to reverse this sentiment, especially when I have my son read it when he's old enough.

All in all, a great job and a delightful project. I hope he sells millions. I'd love to see it in schools and libraries across the country and world.


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What a great customer review!

Thanks so much for the kind words. I apologize for the late response, I just saw the post today. Hope all is well!

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