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Super Brochures Creator - Fundraiser starts now...


Please consider a donation! Endorsed by Doug Wead and Ben Swann...

"Erik Petroni risked everything for the Liberty Movement and here is how we can integrate into his event while showing him the Liberty movement has his back. Bottom line, he needs our help. Erik's life changed with one Ron Paul bumper sticker. How many lives can you change?

Erik needs funding on the back-end to avoid losing his government dictated charitable status and here is how our contributions help:
- Put a copy of the Constitution in every runner's bag
- Land a major Liberty figure to speak at his event
- Rent a booth for a Liberty organization
- Put Liberty in the face of everyone who has ever heard of this event"

I'm in...


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This sound so very cool!

Glad it's in Florida too!

Si se puede! http://readyforrand.com/