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Clear Photos of Two Suspects in Crowd 10-20 min before explosions and they still have their back packs on.

Here is a link to nine clear photos of the two boys taken 10-20 minutes before the blast. Both boys still have their back packs on.

Check out slide 3 and 6. The back packs are clearly visible. Might not be relevant information, but simply posted as information.

Scroll all the way down the page for the slides. View full screen.


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Dzhokar' shoulders sure do look narrow in this pic.

His shoulder width looks about as wide as a girl's. Or is it because it was chopped off when they edited it? It looks like they pasted the picture in there. It was taken at the marathon, but he may not have been standing in that spot and they just slapped it on there.

is it 10 or 20 minutes?


Wonder if the older brother

was giving attention to his phone in photo 5. Perhaps texting someone?

It looks that way.

Could be cell phone texting, which means there will be a record of it at the time 10-20 min prior to blast.