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"Hypnotic States Of Americans": Why They Will Get Away With the Boston Bombing Video

Roy Masters Sean Hannity "Hypnotic States Of Americans"

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By: Devvy
"Nature gave man two ends - one to sit on and one to think with. Ever since then, man's success or failure has been dependent on the one he used most." --George R. Kirkpatrick (1867-1937) Lecturer

Let me say up front, the opinions in this column are mine alone and do not reflect the position or opinions of NWVs or Roy Masters. This column isn't about political preferences, although there are a few comparisons I make.

When I first saw the title of Roy Masters book, Hypnotic States of Americans, I wondered if it might have something in it that would reinforce my belief that millions of Americans were actually in some sort of of hypnotic trance during Obama/Soetoro's illegal run for the presidency.

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Let me quote, David Kupelian,

Let me quote, David Kupelian, from Worldnetdaily who not only did a superb job in summing up Coping Strategies, their coverage has helped increase the number of CDs being made available:

"The "Coping Strategies" CD includes two parts: 1) an audio program called "Be Still and Know" – a state-of-the-art mindfulness exercise, which, as the Department of Veterans Affairs states, is recognized as a "benefit to trauma survivors" since it can "increase your ability to cope with difficult emotions, such as anxiety and depression," thus significantly enhancing the ability to handle stress. And 2) additional audio programs on overcoming stress, fear and pain, as well as field manuals, guidelines, DoD reports, articles and resources that are available on the computer data section of the CD.

"While the entire "Coping Strategies" multimedia CD, including "Be Still and Know," is available free to military, veterans and their families, it is also available to civilians for a small charge. The "Be Still and Know" exercise is also available as a download, free for the military, and at a nominal charge for the general public.

"What's more, "Be Still and Know" can be listened to online by anyone at any time – at no charge.

“Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a central bank, and he can rob a country and the world.”