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Gluten: No Grain, No Pain

Nutritionist Micki Rose lifts the lid on why stopping wheat, rye and barley may not be enough to avoid gluten

If you’re diagnosed coeliac but still feel unwell, failed a coeliac test but know gluten affects you, or simply suspect that certain grains, and not just the obvious ones, don’t suit you, listen up.

There is gluten in ALL grains, not just wheat, rye and barley and avoiding just these ‘traditional’ gluten grains may not be enough. A lot of people are as yet undiagnosed coeliacs – only about 10-15% are currently diagnosed according to Coeliac UK – but some experts reckon many more could have Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity [NCGS]. You can even have both.

It is well-known that many coeliacs following the traditional gluten-free diet don’t get completely well (1). Estimates vary but some studies have shown that gut lesions heal in only a few people, which would suggest that something is still damaging the tissue or at least preventing healing. That could, of course, be not complying fully with the diet or hidden traditional gluten, as Coeliac UK suggested when I asked them, but for some at least, I am willing to bet it is the continued ingestion of so-called ‘safe’ gluten grains.

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