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Ideas On How We Can Fight Big Media

How can we fight BIG MEDIA is the question. We have the "Alternative Media", and yes, we know so many are waking up, but how can we reach the mindless rest of the masses? I just talked to a former deputy this morning, and he still has 100% faith in Bill O'Reilly! I informed him of a few other "facts" about the bombing, and he listened, but I really am feeling at a loss as to what to do now.

We can see there is a powerful faction within our government that has and is using the power to control our Law Enforcement. We know that the FBI heads are part of this powerful faction. Did anyone see the movie "Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg? This whole incident reminds me of a totally controlled regime, from the FBI all the way to the White House & above.

I am asking for our next step, because we all saw that Law Enforcement is following their Superior's orders & on up, even if they don't like it, or even if they feel uncomfortable, they still follow orders. They need their jobs. Some are close to retirement. Others don't know how they would find another job. Still, more, others fear the perpetrators of the crimes we are seeing.

I believe there are GOOD COPS. I believe they recorded the older brother, plus the still photo, and uploaded it to the Internet. I also believe it had to have been a GOOD COP who took the photo of the younger brother as he stepped out of the boat, and also the photo AFTER he was captured showing an unconscious teen. How did this happen? There were NO JOURNALISTS allowed at that scene. Internally government-wise, people are struggling and fighting. How can we help these employees? Certainly, not "all" the FBI employees like what is going on, and the same may go for the ones who work at the CST, now that they must realize what really happened & how they are used, too.

What do we do from here? How can we fight this oncoming tidlewave of facism?

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Sorta makes me think of the first "Running Man" film

with those people who hijacked satellite transmissions and thus air time! (Dunno how realistic this is, however.)

Infiltration? Likely won't be effective or would take too long.


What would the Founders do?

my prescription

1) Buy the gift of internet TV for people. For example, Neo TV is $50 and will get you Netflix, Youtube, a browser so you can watch videos on dailypaul, etc. My mother did not want to give up cable. I made her promise to try a 'internet only' diet for one month and she loved it once she knew she where to find good video content.

2) Make videos! Make them very high quality. Take your time and do a good job. Seek out video producers / audio engineers etc. to get them involved in your project and start producing quality informative entertainment for the masses to consume.

3) Spread the best videos you find, and support the content creators who are doing a good job.

4) Relentlessly Fight for internet freedom at every opportunity.

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