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Florida Legislature Passes Flawed but Forceful Anti-drone Bill

The state legislature of Florida has approved a bill protecting citizens’ rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment from being abrogated by a federal government about to launch thousands of drones into the domestic skies. The bill has been sent to the desk of Governor Rick Scott.

The state House unanimously passed the Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act (SB 92) on April 17 by a vote of 117 to 0. In so doing, House members followed in the footsteps of their Senate colleagues who had earlier unanimously passed the measure 39 to 0.

If signed by Governor Scott, the bill would forbid federal agents “from using a drone to gather evidence or other information” on citizens of the Sunshine State.

Should a state citizen be the target of an unlawful search and seizure in violation of this bill, he or she would be authorized “to initiate a civil action in order to prevent or remedy” that violation.


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