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Infowars internet traffic on Alexa.com is now 317

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I'm sure

CISPA will put a stop to it's rise in popularity...

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Temporarily maybe. I'd

Temporarily maybe. I'd especially like to see GCN adopt the Digital Radio Mondiale standard, a very capable digital system for transmitting data along with audio or even video over medium wave, shortwave, and VHF bands. Then, losing the InterNet would just be merely an inconvenience, not a disaster.

We have a long way to go

Cnn and Fox are both well under 50 in the US.

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    Infowars should team up with

    Infowars should team up with Drudge et al and buy a cable news channel.

    They have de-facto cable

    They have de-facto cable channel, it is called nightly news but it is only streaming over internet. I support this idea of them having additional broadcasting channel, to reach broader audiences. What is needed is an inependent chanel, that would broadcast the best of AJ, glen beck, mike adams and others.

    Engage in Secure Exchange

    Who Cares, you ask.

    I personally think it's a good sign that more people are looking to the alternative news sites, including infowars.com

    If nothing else it's a positive amongst the very dreary news as of late.

    Some might care because the

    Some might care because the rating is one expression of the increased popularity of anti-establishment ideas. Although infowars is often over reactive and inaccurate in my opinion, I am happy that more people are seeking alternative news--news which holds suspicion of government up as its highest order of business.

    Number 317 out of millions and millions of websites? That is very impressive. Good for them.

    +1 for me and fishyculture...

    (if I may, fishy?)...we like some of the stuff, not the pitch man, and not the provoking to wrath or stupid fruitless bullhorning stunts of guys in limousines or taking over local rallies!