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The Only Solution: Invade the Whole World!

The non-Mirandized suspect in the Boston bombings is being charged with using a “weapon of mass destruction” in the bombings last week which took the lives of three people and injured many others. The “WMD’s” in question in this incident is are the “pressure cooker bombs” used in the bombings. Apparently in today’s lingo, a pressure cooker is considered a “weapon of mass destruction.”

Now there is no doubt, as we have seen in last week’s bombings, that a pressure cooker can indeed be used to cause “destruction”. I’m sure that anyone who was witness to or had family at the Boston marathon incident would certainly agree. The issue comes in with the legal and political use of the term “weapon of mass destruction.”

The entire justification for George Bush’s war on Iraq was Saddam Hussein’s supposed possession of weapons of mass destruction. And despite the unprecedented fiscal, strategic and humanitarian disasters of that war, the WMD issue is still being used by war-mongering pundits to justify future wars. In fact, one Fox News propagandist commentator is even trying to claim that the exact same WMD’s that went “missing” in Iraq are currently in Syria in an attempt to justify a broader U.S. military intervention there.

If we are going to begin classifying things such as pressure cookers – which I have to imagine are available in nearly every country in the world – as “weapons of mass destruction”, then the term looses any semblance of a meaning that it may have. The fact is, almost any object can be used to cause destruction of some kind.

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well i get what your trying to say here

I do find that putting the WMD label on this individual does leave a bitter taste in my mouth and it just doesn't quite feel right. Like it is really being used purely for the sake of putting fuel on the dwindling flames of the "war on terror".

But.. excluding the propaganda and "political" reasons. I can agree on calling it a WMD because of the amount of people who were fatally killed and seriously injured. What sort of a sentence does this carry? I assume it would be life without parole or death penalty (Massachusetts have the death penalty? Probably not right?)

However I do believe that it is not the case and that it is definitely being used to shove propaganda down everyone's throats in a perverse way. Charge the man for every person who was injured or killed.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Ah, invading the whole world,

Ah, invading the whole world, great idea! Oldest trick in the book. No one will ever see it coming!

Oh, wait...