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What’s The Price Of Silver If There’s None To Be Had?

We already know that an ounce of Silver is not worth the $23 that COMEX says it’s worth. No, buyers-investors-scared fiat rabbits are paying more…30% more for the real, hold in your hand “stuff” that COMEX is so badly underpricing. Let me go back to the beginning, what is an ounce of Gold or Silver worth if and now when an ounce is not available?

The old saying goes, “there’s no rush like a Gold rush“. This saying always speaks to “greed”. The coming Gold rush with its roots in “fear” will be unlike anything before it because in reality it will be an all-out, all-encompassing global bank run!

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The banksters out did themselves this time

keep buying silver make those sissy banksters cry uncle, uncle, uncle Sammy we need another bailout.

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