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URGENT: Tom Davis vs. Lindsey Graham!



If for some reason you're not familiar with South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis -- the first state senator to endorse Ron Paul for President -- here's some quick material:

Tom Davis' amazing speech at We are the Future rally

A few recent DP articles I've posted about Tom Davis' legislative work




Tom Davis is so principled in liberty. He routinely stands up against keynesian policies in SC -- he's currently trying to deny Boeing from getting tax subsidies in SC. He's dived head first into the Austrian principles of economics; studying at the Mises Institute. If you recall, Davis made a pretty strong hint that he'd be running against Graham in Tampa Bay this past August. At the beginning of the year though, he announced he wasn't going to run against Graham.

Witnessing just the last couple months of Lindsey Graham in action has made me reevaluate Tom Davis' decision, and I call on him to reconsider the South Carolina 2014 Senate seat.

I encourage anybody that would support, donate or campaign for Tom Davis, to contact him and ask him to run against Lindsey Graham. He is our best chance of unseating Graham. Below is a letter I sent to Tom Davis a few days ago:

To my fellow friend in LIBERTY Tom Davis,

You don't know me, but I'm a recent addition to the Carolinas. Ever since your endorsement of Ron Paul in the 2012 primaries, I've been a huge supporter of yours. I became even more excited when you told the LIBERTY movement in Tampa Bay, FL that you needed our help to defeat Lindsey Graham in 2014. After your speech, I was mentally all-in for your 2014 Senate campaign. Back in January I knew you had to be close to announcing your intentions to run against Graham, so I started to promote your message of LIBERTY throughout the LIBERTY spectrum. I posted a couple things on the Daily Paul. One of my articles made it to the front page and received lots of hype, and you eventually posted it on your Facebook page. I began to create a network of people that were interested in actively campaigning for you in South Carolina. But shortly after I started doing this, you announced that you would not run against Graham and you were going to take care of things in South Carolina at the state level.

Obviously I was disappointed, but your decision was not an ill-informed one. Growing the cause of LIBERTY through the state level can be just as effective as trying to grow it through the federal level. You can't go wrong either way using the state or federal legislature to promote LIBERTY. And I don't disagree that if we can get the state to come our way, it will cause the federal level to come our way. And I don't disagree that if we promote LIBERTY through the Federal level, it will no doubt flow down to the state and local levels as leading by example. But given the current circumstances and political atmosphere, I think a Senator that promotes the cause of LIBERTY will be far more influential than a State Senator would be. Please here me out:

Right now, Graham is as vulnerable as he's ever been. Once seen as somebody who could not be defeated, Graham has done some questionable things as a supposedly leading conservative. From supporting Obama's "right" to drone strike American citizens, to allowing a discussion to happen on our 2nd amendment rights (even if he voted against it) when the discussion should have never even happened! And just recently, declaring the United States a battlefield where you're not guaranteed due process! And you know as well as anybody, that the above does not represent South Carolina.

Not only does Graham's recent anti-LIBERTY actions make him vulnerable, but the current direction of the GOP also makes his stance weaker. With Rand Paul continuing to make strong beachheads along the nation's voting base, this is causing many conservative voters to see, learn and adopt the liberty-conservative message. And at a time when LIBERTY is growing across the GOP spectrum, Graham thinks we're "wacko birds". And with Rand Paul announcing just recently he'll be making his rounds through South Carolina in the summer, the promotion of LIBERTY candidates in the Palmetto state just got easier!

Yes, I'm well aware that Graham has built up a war chest of campaign funds. But never underestimate the power of the LIBERTY movement. The reception you've received among us has been pretty big. And the vitriol Graham has received among the LIBERTY movement, makes me strongly guess he's the most hated Republican Senator among the LIBERTY movement. With those two things in mind, I don't think you'll have any problem raising the funds to take on Grahams war machine. Plus don't forget how dedicated we can be. Like I said, I'm mentally all-in for you. Give us the word and I'll do everything I can. I know a lot of South Carolinians who aren't happy that Graham voted to even allow an anti gun rights discussion to take place.

Please really consider what I've just said in this letter. If you don't run, Graham will be re-elected. We need a LIBERTY candidate, and you're the only one in the state with the track record -- which will go a long way in mobilizing LIBERTY support. Also consider the effects of winning South Carolina Senator on the national level. With Rand Paul making his Presidential move, a LIBERTY candidate upsetting the incumbent Lindsey Graham would create shock waves throughout the nation -- and don't forget Justin Amash who's also considering a Senate run in Michigan. This would tell the nation that Liberty has arrived on the shores of America once again, and we'll ride those waves of LIBERTY into the Rand Paul campaign.

I'm fully committed to the idea of LIBERTY. I've studied LIBERTY from our foreign policy to Austrian economics -- the best part of LIBERTY in my opinion. And I'm ready to put that knowledge to work now.




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Here's mine

Dear Tom,
Many of us would be greatly encouraged and moved to support throughout the country should choose to challenge for the US Senate seat currently occupied by Graham.
Thank you for your time and consideration of this very important opportunity to forward the cause of liberty while removing an enemy of it and blatant usurper of our Constitution and founding principles from office. I will listen for statements from you in this regard.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

This would be wonderful!

Any updates on this???

Been waiting for Tom Davis to step in for about a year now.

The time is now, Graham is disgraces this country everyday. He can be counted on to go against liberty whenever the opportunity arises.

It is about time Tom Davis steps up to the plate. Sorry but he appears to be the best we've got based primarily on his vocal stances (I've spent considerable time reviewing his mixed record).

The thing is, Graham is about as statist as you can get and is accelerating.

Sanford first, now Davis!

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
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The Future is Now

The timing is right for Davis to explode. There is a sentiment of disdain for Graham even in the phony talk radio circuit. This is the time to knock Graham out. Davis needs to do this. If we put the effort behind him we can get him out. Davis is on the uptick and needs a national stage. We can elevate him to a high profile candidate quickly. He would be wasting political capital if he doesn't run against Graham.

My thoughts are right there

My thoughts are right there with yours. There wouldn't just be South Carolinians and people of the liberty movement backing Davis' campaign, but you would have anti-Graham people joining in as well. We could stick a fork in Graham.

Video speech of Tom Davis vs.

Lindsay Graham's unprincipled stands

Make him vulnerable to a challenger.

Lindsay Graham was on the wrong side of almost every conservative vote.

His on-the-fence stance on gun control alone is some heavy ammunition against him.

Dinner with Obama, attacks on Rand Paul, pro-drones & pro-Cispa; Lindsay Graham shreds the US Constitution if you even whisper terrorism.

Lindsay Graham needs to be neutralized.

Liberty's public enemy number 1.

Graham summer up pretty well.

Graham summed up pretty well.

I think his principled stand makes him unelectable.

You wrote: "Tom Davis is so principled in liberty. He routinely stands up against keynesian policies in SC -- he's currently trying to deny Boeing from getting tax subsidies in SC."

Would Boeing leave your state for another without the subsidies? I'm guessing the answer might be "maybe", especially since it's not that difficult for a competing state to offer the same or better deal in exchange for the relocation of Boeing and the associated high-paying jobs.

Any suggestion a politician is "anti-jobs" in this economy will stop their campaign quite effectively.

With Graham's sinking

With Graham's sinking popularity, decades worth of Keynesian policies not working, and Davis being a Rand Paul guy; Graham being an anti Rand. South Carolinians are ready.

A couple months ago he said

A couple months ago he said wasn't going to run agains Graham. I really hope he reconsiders. Just contact him and let him know you'll support a 2014 senate camapaign vs. Graham.

Lee Bright should also be considered

but as an SC resident I'm for either/or because I fully support both Tom Davis and Lee Bright to replace Lindsey Graham in the Senate

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Bright hasn't done anything

Bright hasn't done anything either regarding a Senate run. Problem is, the window to start a Senate campaign is closing fast. If there's no challenger by summer, you can pretty much count in Graham for another 6 years. The primaries are in early spring. We must field a candidate now. I would probably vote for Bright, but Davis would have my time and labor because of his involvement with the liberty movement.

Minor Correction!

Tom Davis was perhaps the 1st State Senator to endorse Ron Paul FROM SC. But he wasn't the 1st state senator to endorse Ron Paul.

To my knowledge the first state senator to endorse Ron Paul was when Ron Paul ran in 2008 and received the endorsement from State Senator Mike Doherty from the NJ legislature. (he also endorsed Ron Paul in 2012 and also ran as a delegate candidate for Ron Paul)

Yeah 2012 presidential run is

Yeah 2012 presidential run is what I was talking about.

Even in the 2012 Presidential

Even in the 2012 Presidential run, State Senator Mike Doherty came out with an official endorsement of Ron Paul at an event held at the Capitol building in Trenton, NJ in September 2011. This was well before Davis came out.

Here' the youtube:

Graham’s sinking approval rating

Graham may be more vulnerable than we think. Now is the time to build on this sinking momentum. I've been contacting my family and friends using NumbersUSA's (fighting Gang of 8's amnesty bill) news and petitions to keep them informed.

The latest message from the organization has Graham suffering from his amnesty leadership. All the ads NumbersUSA have been running opposing the Gang of 8’s amnesty plan must be having an effect. Here is what they are saying:


"Since NumbersUSA began running TV and radio ads in February highlighting the amnesty leadership of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), his popularity among South Carolina voters has plummeted, according to a new Winthrop University poll.
Although he retains majority support among Republicans, his approval rating among them fell from 71.6% in February to 57.5% in April.
Graham has shrugged off questions when national journalists ask him about the effectiveness of NumbersUSA's educational campaign about the Senate Amnesty Bill, but the poll numbers suggest that he should take notice.
Graham's approval rating among all registered voters has fallen to 43.9%, according to the university poll. He is up for re-election in 2014. Two Republicans are threatening a challenge in the primary next year: state Sen. Lee Bright and former congressional candidate Richard Cash."

i don't live in S.C. but reading this made me happy

More liberty candidates please. I hope that in the coming months we see more and more liberty candidates stepping up to run for Senate. I know I'd sure as hell be happy to get rid of Bill Nelson and I don't think I'm alone here thinking that lol.

I personally feel that this coming senator(ial?) election is about as critical as it gets. Tipping the scales in favor of republicans (actual republicans and not RINO's) is definitely a must to put an end to any chances of anymore gun legislation. As well as saving us from anymore blunt force trauma (read, Obama) and saving on anti-anxiety medication.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Remember he said he wasn't

Remember he said he wasn't going to run...but maybe we can change his mind! ;)

I sent him a message

Told him he allies. Rand defeated an establishment candidate in 2010 and so did Massie.

Maybe Rand can get Palin to come out along with McConnel to endorse him(probably not the latter lol)

I support him all the way!

And wish he would consider a run for president! I'm giving his office a call today Tom Davis 2014!!

Tom Davis Already Said He Isnt Running

Tom isnt running. Lee Bright may run. Both guys endorsed Ron Paul and are great champions of liberty. Support Lee Bright if you want to see Graham primaried.

That's why I'm trying to

That's why I'm trying to gather enough support where he may reconsider. Lee Bright is solid, but Tom Davis is a 2nd generation Ron Paul statesman; he would have the enthusiastic support to pull off such a victory and campaign funds.

Anyone know if Davis is considering a run?


He was then back in January

He was then back in January he said he was going to stay in SC Senate. Recently, it's been rumored he's been reconsidering. In trying to show that he can beat Graham.



I would support him

Even though I am not in his state. I would send a few hundred dollars.

Hopefully he sees comments

Hopefully he sees comments like this. He's going to have campaign support pouring in from all over the country! Hopefully he reconsiders!

Let's get behind Tom like we

Let's get behind Tom like we did with Ron Paul and give Lindsay the boot...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

See I think he's a little

See I think he's a little nervous that he couldn't compete with Graham's finances this late in the game. But comments like these and your support will show him that this isn't just a state election, but there's a lot of people interested in defeating Graham.