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Something very interesting regarding the 7/11 robbery

So I'm not sure about the exact details, but from what I've understood about this crazy night in Boston was that the media is now issuing a statement saying the alleged bombers DID NOT in fact hold up the 7/11 in Cambridge. They are retracting that statement. So if this is the case, then the 7/11 surveillance photo which they are now saying is NOT the suspect(s) must show an incredibly popular sweatshirt.

See here:

and here:

is this odd to anyone?

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Original photo posted by Boston police commissioner


Friday, April 19, 5:44 a.m. EDT: Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis tweeted an image of what he said was "the latest picture of the suspect" in the Boston Marathon bombing around 5:40 a.m. Friday morning. It appears to be an image of suspect #2. Police told ABC News earlier that the image was taken by a security camera during a hold-up of a 7-11 in Cambridge.

was @ 7-11

but didnt rob it

So they doctored a photo showing him at 711 "convenient store"

Then retracted the fake story.

But too late. The fake photo is out.

Stupid Question...

Does anyone have a picture of either Tsaernev brother at the Boston Marathon that wasn't from the series released by the FBI?

If so I'd love to see them.

Regarding 711 and Cars ...

... I am 100% positive of this:

(1) I saw a press conference by a cop (don't know if he was Chief or another officer, but he looked like Boston PD and he was giving a press conference) and he said clearly that they did NOT rob the 711, and it seemed like he was saying they were in it or near it at or around the time it was robbed by someone else, and

(2) I saw an interview with a mechanic or auto repair shop owner who works on cars of a lot of the foreign students who live in the area, and he said that younger brother came in to pick up the car that his GIRLFRIEND owned, and that it was a MERCEDES; he also said the guy was acting very nervous and wanted the car out ASAP and didn't want to wait for work to be done on it (he knows the younger brother, has talked with him many times before and he was acting strange to the point he thought the kid was on drugs); also, he said that there are a lot of foreign students in the area with wealthy parents/governments (he mentioned Turkey and one other country that I forget as examples to illustrate his point) and he said they drive cars like Range Rovers and Porsches.

Now, this part, I am not 100% sure of --
I have not heard or read anything about what cars, if any, the brothers owned. I remember at one time there was a media announcement to be on the lookout for a green Honda and they included a MA license number. I have also heard/read that the green Honda was the car hijacked and that it wasn't. I have heard/read that the hijacked car was (a) a green Honda, (b) a Mercedes, and (c) an SUV. I also heard/read that a cop owned it and was the person hijacked.

I would also like to point out that in some areas of the country, any 711 that has gas pumps has branded pumps (Exxon, Chevron, Shell, etc.) so that it is "dual" 711 and the branded gas station combined into one. In other parts of the country, 711's with gas are branded 711.

What is the case in Boston? Was the 711 that was robbed also a branded gas station? A Shell? Was the gas station where the car jacked guy (not killed, by killers???) also a Shell? Also a 711?

Anyway, cops DEFINITELY said they did not rob the 711, and auto repair guy DEFINITELY said younger brother picked up girlfriend's Mercedes.

I wonder ... if the guys' friends were all driving cool cars, then offering them nice cars might be one way to get on their good side. So, it would interesting to know if they owned cars and what kind, because they don't seem to be from wealthy families at all.

he thought the kid was on drugs...

First James Holmes, now Tsaernev. What are these med students gettin a hold of I wonder?

wow...too late they already

wow...too late they already have them painted as the scum of the earth....we should all take propaganda 101

Naked guy was in a green Honda?

Submitted by wirebaugh on Mon, 04/22/2013 - 07:27. Permalink

I thought the naked man was just an unlucky person who happened to be driving a green Honda civic whom they made take his clothes off before they approached due to fear of bomb vest. Now his pic is plastered all over the webs. http://www.dailypaul.com/282902/tamerlan-tsarnaev-and-the-na...
What the hell is going on?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I have some more questions

I have some more questions about the whole naked guy thing here: http://www.dailypaul.com/283046/can-naked-guy-really-be-the-...

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

maybe someone can clarify for

maybe someone can clarify for me...are they saying that the 7/11 photo is NOT the bomber? cause the shirt is the same. or are they saying that the photo of them is correct, but they just didn't rob the 7/11. From my understanding, they didn't rob the store, and it's not even the right 7/11 that was robbed, so how would they have examined footage of that 7/11 in just 6 hours to find them if that store was never even robbed and no one reported them at that particular store? Someone who knows the info better can probably explain.

I believe the surveillance

I believe the surveillance still of him with his sweatshirt hoodie on is from inside the Shell station (notice yellow stickers on door in background from your link and match to photo #3 here http://www.heavy.com/news/2013/04/dzhokhar-tsarnaev-boston-m... )

Apparently this is also where they left the carjacked black Mercedes SUV owner as well.

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From what I understand

The 7-11 was robbed, but not by them. But they were there either when or before it happened, and that is why they have the photo.

But who knows. There has been a lot of rumor and misinformation, and I have not combed through every news article.

He's the man.

I have some questions about

I have some questions about this naked guy narrative as well: http://www.dailypaul.com/283046/can-naked-guy-really-be-the-...

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

I agree, as with all the

I agree, as with all the other important details, this part of the story is very confusing. The way I understand it so far is that this is an image of him connected with using the carjacked persons ATM card.

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The other thing I'm not clear on

Was the Mercedes his (the older brother's) or was it carjacked. I read the older one owned a Mercedes.

On the radio that day they were talking about a Honda SUV that got carjacked also and that they were both driving separately for a while.

He's the man.

School mate called FBI Friday morning and reported Dzhokar

driving a green Honda Civic when he left school. He said he normally drove a nice BMW and thought it noteworthy and called FBI. This was on CNN Erin Burnett's show tonight. A mechanic said Dzhokar came by the shop and wanted to know if his car was ready. I guess the BMW was in the shop.

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A nice BMW?

And the elder brother had a Mercedes?

Wait - I heard it was the Mercedes that was in the shop. At any rate - who is financing them? A washed up, unemployed boxer with a Mercedes? And 19 year old student driving a BMW?

He's the man.

Nice car for a kid whose only job was lifeguarding one summer

and lives or comes from a not so nice neighborhood. The school friend said that is why he called the FBI to alert them to what he was driving because it was totally different from his nice BMW.
Tamerlan's car could have come from his wife's family/her car. They showed her parent's home in Rhode Island and it looked like a nice upper middle classyish home.

what I heard about the Mercedes

is that they carjacked a Mercedes and then let the guy go at the shell station. But I also heard his (the older one) girlfriend has a Mercedes that was in the shop, and he went to the shop earlier in the week to get it. It was unclear whether he got it from the shop then or not. The work was not completed on it.