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Gold buying.. Numismatic vs quantity for the $

Of course we all know about collector value. I guess my big question is when "push comes to shove", is that collectability going to matter or do you think it will be about gold content and weight and nothing more?
My dilemma being should I buy gold buy the gram bar (1,5,10) or go for the gold coin? Of course I can get more gold for the money going the gram route but would like to ask the critical-thinking minds of the DP!

Please give your opinion.

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A lot of this goes to strategy

I would suggest that if you are planning to sell/trade them later in the US, US Coins would be a good thing to have (junk quarters & $20 golds are great, people know what they are)

Gold is valuable

Because its beautiful. Whatever coins you buy, make sure they are beautiful, and immediately identifiable as gold.

There's lots of ugly bullion out there.

A one-ounce gold coin should have you saying, "OH YEAAAHHHH!". If it doesn't, find one that does.

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Gold is valuable because it's

Gold is valuable because it's rare. You can make a brass coin that is as beautiful as a gold one, but it will only be worth cents. I buy whatever silver I can, and I couldn't give two craps about how it looks.

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Comes down to how popular or

Comes down to how popular or in demand a certain bar or coin is. Gold Eagles are a gold alloy but are more expensive than the .9999 Gold Buffaloes. It is just that Eagles are in more demand.

Have a mix I guess

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