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Adam Kokesh: Why Nothing ever changes; The Politically Active & 'Educated' are Willfully, Blissfully Ignorant!

Watch Exhibit A) of the Disease, the Pandemic of Cognitively Dissonant Statism, in full effect:

"Ignorance is bliss!"


Published on Apr 22, 2013

An Obama supporter is asked to rethink his life, and his subservience in front of the White House on April 21, 2013


** The Dude is um...like, basically like, um...er...like, Gay Marriage is like way more important than not murdering people, and if it makes same-sex marriage possible, I can live with voting for oBUSHma! Wee!

Seriously, if anyone wondered why nothing works politically in the aggregate, please observe the above depicted species #13494910093: Homo Erectus Civilis Morionis Noscere Dissonus Perpetua.

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