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DailyPaul is not InfoWars

(insert maddening scream here)

The DailyPaul was founded to HELP Ron Paul. Period.

Since the end of the election I have witnessed my favorite website, one I come to first when I wake.. and last one I check before bed. I have had the pleasure to make front page a ton of times and enjoyed every minute here. Until the end of the last election I enjoyed every single day here. Not so much anymore.

I am not an Alex Jones fan. Period. After dealing with his insane bullshit, multiplied by his supporters that dominate this site and divided by their paranoia and flat out nonsense..

What is the DailyPaul anymore?

I can tell you from nearly 6 years of being here that this site is NOT the Alex Jones channel.

While I RESPECT the point of view of the conspiracy theorists.. and even watch about half the videos and read about half the posts.. it keeps drawing me back to the above question.

It is my personal belief the DP was created to be a jumping pad for information for activists. It was created to support the ideology that Ron Paul inspired. I may have started a few flame threads but my heart lays exposed to this community.

I want us to win. Period.

Long live the DailyPaul. I hope the moderates still here understand this message. Those that want to win do not sacrifice principle.. but don't yell fire every time someone lights a cigarette.. or joint.

This community was built on faith from all walks of life. Faith in Freedom and Liberty.

It is my sincere hope that the DailyPaul remains the best activist, news and gate keeper site on the internet. I believe in our movement but I am sick of those that continue to link all of us with the most vocal few. Continue to push 'theory' and scream at people that disagree or push back. I promise on everything holy, standing on a stack of bibles that we will be in the dustbin of history if this keeps up. We need to UNITE people.

This is not to knock anybody here. If our efforts are to land victory.. then lets calm down the language and rhetoric. You do not win minds and hearts by being an asshole. Conspiracy is like Religion. You can't prove much.. no matter how many signs you have.

So my friends.. How do we win?

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democracy=mob rule... a republic is individuality equal rights.

The TRUTH scares the corrupt,Jesus who committed no crime was sentenced to death by( MOB RULE ) because jesus exposed the priests, the bankers and the money changers. not much has changed since then. bankers will crucify the innocent to protect thier power over the debt slaves ...us. The constitution was in hopes of protecting us from the same fate. To the powers that be Truth is like acid in their face. Peace = Prosperity and Freedom, War = Debt and slavery. When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace...jimi hendrix... I believe we will win a non violent revolution of the minds.

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And TMOT...

And TMOT...

and many others... from the People.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Alex Jones In His Own Words...

On the off chance that some here are not as familiar with Alex Jones, or who may not follow his work, here he is, in case you want to hear why he does the work he does. This was posted tonight (April 23rd). Humorously, he admits what he does is a "train wreck," typical of his sometimes self-deprecation, contrasted with the sometimes chest-pounding that he also does. LOL. So -- form your own opinion.


My opinion -- no other single alternative media conduit did more to raise Ron Paul on the presidential wave. Daily Paul would be irrelevant unless folks had a chance to hear about Ron Paul and hear about him in a truthful light (something which was never going to happen in the MSM) and pursue community with others who support Ron Paul and his ideals of liberty and a return to constitutional integrity. We might get sick of Alex sometimes, but he doesn't deserve to be disdained. Dislike him and dismiss him if you want, but he has as much a place on the DP forum as any one of us. IMO, it's small-minded and petty to target him and those who appreciate his work.

I think we win by...

I think we win by presenting the issues in a positive perspective. Portraying what is possible instead of what is wrong. A free, healthy and prosperous society who cannot be shaken by random acts of violence.

Was 9/11 an inside job or what it not, was boston an inside job or was it not. Who knows the truth?

But what is true is that acts of terrorism should not endanger the liberties of all people. Caving in to fear gives victory to the terrorists whoever they are.

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Hey, that IS a winner comment in my book.

Repeatedly like a broken record, the mantra has been "problem, reaction, solution." They create the problem, they anticipate, maximize, and manipulate the reaction, and the solution was already known from the beginning. The Patriot Act was written before 9/11. The plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq were in place before 9/11. You are right.

Nope...not a winner

You have to understand the way mainstream society thinks. They vote. They might be interested in smaller government, lower taxes, better foreign policy, personal freedom...

...and when they stick their toes in the water of the movement and see a bunch toxic seaweed (Building 7 rants, chemtrails, etc.), they think, "Gee, THAT'S why I didn't want to swim in that pool!"

That's what so many of the conspiracy people don't appreciate. It's not about whether we disagree with their ideas. It's not about whether their theories are true or false. It's about the fact that they're just not WINNING ideas, and they're not central to our cause. Maybe, when we get people into the pool and change the environment, we can get more people questioning things the way you want. But we're not there.

Since when did conspiracy become a bad word?

DEFINITION: Conspiracy |kənˈspirəsē| noun: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful:

I have observed some pretty strange uses of the word lately and believe a list of "Key Word Definitions" word be beneficial to increasing our communication effectiveness. That said I submit the following equation to support the probability of conspiracies.

If you accept the 1% elitist theory, then in the US, 1% equates to around 3 million people trying to protect and increase their influence, assets and control. According to Bloomberg the US government spent $3.3 trillion dollars in 2013 trying to protect it's interests. Spread equally that equates to almost $1.1 million per person of protection money.

So yes, I personally believe that there are a lot of conspiracies going on out there.

BTW, I read both None Dare Call It Conspiracy and None Dare Call It Treason, back in 1971 when I was 15. The information is out there if you ware willing to do the research.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

I changed the "Chemtrail"

I changed the "Chemtrail" meme to "Geo-Engineering" because of the derogatory psychological connotation. I started working on that about 18 months ago and now it's really catching on.

Now I'm changing the "Conspiracy Theorist" meme to "DIYCSIers", Do It Yourself Crime Scene Investigators. What's wrong with that?

it isn't a bad word

Conspiracy isn't a bad word, but there are conspiracies and then there are conspiracies. It is one thing to talk about the Bay of Pigs, obviously that was a conspiracy, and another to talk about something which is pure insanity and say it too is a conspiracy. E.g., some Ben Fulford ramblings or perhaps Dallas GoldBug.

The point the OP was making is that this is a pro liberty site, not a repository for every fringe idea that ever comes down the internet pike. I agree.

I frankly am getting sick of wading through the dreck that is used to entertain the kiddies. If you believe that a ping pong ball launched from the pink taco of Britney Spears brought down the WTC on 9-11, and that she did so to please her shape shifting lizard overlords, I frankly don't want to hear about it.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

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Driiiiing driiiiing driiiiing driiiiing ... Educative Alert

Courtesy sharing from fellow Daily Pauler GBAmerica:


WARNING: this content may actually empower the reader with serious insights on as important as little understood matters for the broad American public.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

You know why I like DIYCSI?

You know why I like DIYCSI?

It keeps my brain active, it makes me use my critical thinking skills, and it's fun.

We're not conspiracy

We're not conspiracy theorists. We're Do It Yourself Crime Scene Investigators.(DIYCSI)

So you can't read a lab report w/o trotting over to lab?

Think harder homer.

Free includes debt-free!

You are right. And being at a crime scene is not the same as

analyzing the data from an online database environment with advanced analytical tools. The two, if done cooperatively could compliment each other immensely and help to greatly reduce speculations..

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

You mean advanced tools like Youtube and Photoshop?

Quit twisting around my point. I'm not talking about people who are professional and analyzing data. I'm talking about the people screaming NWO and taking the information released by the mainstream media and twisting it around to fit their conspiracy narrative. I'm talking about the people who are talking about a declassified government program that ended 60 years ago and pretending that it still exists like an undeniable fact.

Using a computer to analyze

Using a computer to analyze data is a very common practice in CSI work. Sometime I feel like Magnum PI, Rockford, and Abby in NCSI.

You might want to get that checked out

Multiple Personality Disorder can be a problem.

You can make up all the acronyms you want. To the movement you're a CANCER, and to the population at large you're a JOKE.

All the OP asked is that we focus on the issues where we agree, and stop trying to make this site and this movement something it's not. You can be a Jones fan, a Cowboys fan, or an Insane Clown Posse fan. But this isn't an ICP forum, a sports chat, or a conspiracy site.

The fallacious rationalizations (e.g., "Ron Paul has gone on AJ's show," "My fringe issue is the only one that matters," "TROOF!") don't make the Alex Jones hijacking any more legitimate. It just proves you're not willing to listen and not interested in the welfare of this movement.

No one is telling you what to be, trying to censor you, or telling you you're wrong. But that's not good enough for you. You have to hijack this movement and smear it with your side interests. If your superhero investigative skills don't show you that your hijacking hurts our movement, then you're an idiot. Either that, or you're an imposter and you don't care about liberty (or don't care about it as much as you care about Alex Jones).

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Strictly speaking, I agree.

Strictly speaking, I agree.

Which doesn't mean one should refrain from doing their homework on the topics they're really concerned with, once in a while.

For example, whoever is really serious about questioning the government's so-called "foreign policies" they will likely know this sort of resource:


Then, I guess it's fair enough to say they do have some "clues" of what they're talking about, even if not the entire picture. Always better than nothing or arguing in the abstract, IMO.

Is it not?


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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The Greatest Conspiracy of All Times :

The Greatest Conspiracy of All Times :

the idea that there can't be any conspiracy against the peoples with big governments managing for the "greater good" of their greater number.

a.k.a. the Fallacy of the Superman Idea :


Question anything you want. Anytime you want. And let people know about it.

Let us not forget how the establishment has treated Ron Paul's firing the alarm FOR FREAKING DECADES. Since 1971. DAMN IT.

Hence, ALSO fix people's ignorance anytime you feel it's important, too. http://youtu.be/dv7H7iiyBsw

Isn't it what Dr. Ron Paul precisely, relentlessly did, slowly but surely? Did he care how "they" would call him for pointing out utmost intriguing or embarrassing things that wouldn't add up?

Like... the very notion of "money" itself ever since August, 15th, 1971?

That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen :



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Amen Brother


Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

I have one more thing to add regarding this topic.

I've noticed that I spend an inordinate amount of time commenting on Infowars sensationalism when I'm on the DP because I am an unrelenting SKEPTIC. About everything. If I go to other media sites such as reddit, or Fox News, or the Huffington Post, or even things my friends post on Facebook, I rarely comment on things I agree with. I concentrate on things that I feel need to be debunked.

If someone posts some Paul Krugman on the Daily Paul you better believe I'm going to give my two Bernankes on the matter. I feel compelled to do the same thing with the Infowars garbage (not ALL it is garbage, just much of it). The way Infowars is formatted is so in your face provocative and sensational it is tough to resist. This is exactly what Krugpot does with Conscience of a Liberal, though he is more sophisticated about it.

When they post Paul Krugman

When they post Paul Krugman are you going to post

"OMG stop posting Paul Krugman he's bad"

or are you going to explain why his reasoning is flawed?

Because on the conspiracy issue, it seems to be the former far, FAR, FAAAAAR more often than not. I have rarely if ever seen an actual honest debunking. It's always just asserting that conspiracy theorists are stupid or something to that effect.

Okay fair enough.

I'm claiming that you are CointelPro.

Debunk me.

Wow. Really?

This is an obvious fallacy. You are the one making an accusation. You must prove your point.

Exactly. The burden of proof is on me.

The burden of proof is on this guy claiming that a missile blew up the fertilizer factory.

Do you see the problem here?

Nope. All I see is you being

Nope. All I see is you being intellectually dishonest.

I see

A problem with you not even watching the video and then trying to degrade me and my comments. I never said a missile hit it either, I asked for some help trying to debunk the video. Way to make stuff up buddy.

So you invade someone else's thread and "ask for help?"

Go to a debunking site if you need "help trying to debunk" it.

This is why you people are so frustrating. You think we're here to play your little game. We're not. We want liberty. We want a sane foreign policy. We want the government out of our bedrooms and our medicine cabinets. And we want to talk about how to fight for that.

When someone raises an objection that your conspiracy theorizing is not relevant or germane to the purpose of the site, you don't get to say "So, debunk me on it." It's not our job to engage in your hobbies.

You people are like the annoying second grader who uses circular logic and then puts their fingers in their ears when people call them on it. So, you got a dose of your own medicine. Go scrounge up all your evidence to prove you're not COINTELPRO. No, it's not fair. It shouldn't be your job to rebut someone else's off-topic claim. But it's EXACTLY what you people do to the regular liberty lovers here.


I posted something I wanted help with, I guess this place isn't the place I thought it was. The video is disturbing and people like you are quick to dismiss it because its not what you're interested in. Last time I checked there were a lot of people interested in stuff like this.

You're no better than me because you don't question things like I'm doing so take your pompous attitude and shove it. Just because I question something that doesn't make sense doesn't mean its a conspiracy.

This is not an off topic claim, I figured someone who is so quick to dismiss this video, would be able to tell me how its a fake or not real. This is the first time I've ever posted something like this, so you saying "you people" is an ignorant statement.