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DailyPaul is not InfoWars

(insert maddening scream here)

The DailyPaul was founded to HELP Ron Paul. Period.

Since the end of the election I have witnessed my favorite website, one I come to first when I wake.. and last one I check before bed. I have had the pleasure to make front page a ton of times and enjoyed every minute here. Until the end of the last election I enjoyed every single day here. Not so much anymore.

I am not an Alex Jones fan. Period. After dealing with his insane bullshit, multiplied by his supporters that dominate this site and divided by their paranoia and flat out nonsense..

What is the DailyPaul anymore?

I can tell you from nearly 6 years of being here that this site is NOT the Alex Jones channel.

While I RESPECT the point of view of the conspiracy theorists.. and even watch about half the videos and read about half the posts.. it keeps drawing me back to the above question.

It is my personal belief the DP was created to be a jumping pad for information for activists. It was created to support the ideology that Ron Paul inspired. I may have started a few flame threads but my heart lays exposed to this community.

I want us to win. Period.

Long live the DailyPaul. I hope the moderates still here understand this message. Those that want to win do not sacrifice principle.. but don't yell fire every time someone lights a cigarette.. or joint.

This community was built on faith from all walks of life. Faith in Freedom and Liberty.

It is my sincere hope that the DailyPaul remains the best activist, news and gate keeper site on the internet. I believe in our movement but I am sick of those that continue to link all of us with the most vocal few. Continue to push 'theory' and scream at people that disagree or push back. I promise on everything holy, standing on a stack of bibles that we will be in the dustbin of history if this keeps up. We need to UNITE people.

This is not to knock anybody here. If our efforts are to land victory.. then lets calm down the language and rhetoric. You do not win minds and hearts by being an asshole. Conspiracy is like Religion. You can't prove much.. no matter how many signs you have.

So my friends.. How do we win?

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Are we talking about a

Are we talking about a specific case scenario? I was not aware of one. The topic is rather broad.

The burden of proof is generally on the government, to prove that what they say happened happened, since they generally control the evidence, and the media. What I see most frequently is that people will provide evidence that debunks the government theory. This is by far the most common "conspiracy theory" I see and it is generally spot on, the government is clearly hiding evidence, itself a crime.

However, in the process, many people are going to go beyond just disproving, and post alternative theories. Some of them will be crazy.

But say for example someone explains their thought process and posts some photos and/or videos as evidence to support their claims. They fulfilled their "burden of proof," maybe not good enough for a court of law, but insofar as the purposes of a discussion forum. If you want to appear credible, you can't just call them crazy and group everyone who says anything contrary to what the government says into the same group. You have to specifically say why the theory you're attacking is not sound.

In many cases you will be right, I've seen some crazy accusations. But even if it's totally bogus, if they've gone to any effort to explain their theory, and you want to talk bad about it, the burden shifts to you when you are in a discussion forum.

Then you won't

mind debunking this for me if its a conspiracy because I hear a missile and got a bunch of shit for making a post about it yesterday.


Anyone debunk this for me please? Still haven't gotten one answer on my question. So I got some down votes without anyone debunking this. Great job guys way to trash my comments without proving a point.

This is exactly the crap people are talking about.

You didn't hear anything. Where you there in Texas? Were you one of responders? NO. PEOPLE SAT HOME ON THEIR COMPUTERS AND FOUND AN IRRELEVANT VIDEO ABOUT A MISSILE AND SAID THIS IS A CONSPIRACY.


Anything can be manipulated into a conspiracy with this childish approach.

MWR80 I'M MAKING THE ACCUSATION THAT YOU ARE COINTELPRO. Cointelpro was documented and no one here can debunk that you aren't cointelpro. Therefore it is true!!! EVERYONE RUN AROUND IN CIRCLES EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY

This is exactly the crap I am talking about.

You never argue with the actual points that are made. Rather you label them a conspiracy theorist, insist that since they don't have any proof the government-backed theory must be right (ignoring the total lack of proof there).

Things need to be investigated and talked about when they happen. This was true during the election too. If you're noticing more talk of possible conspiracies now it's more likely because of the major uptick in disasters and/or conspiracies of late.

In most cases, the media will not allow all of the information out, which only fuels the fire for trying to find out what really happened. This is the world we live in. Wake up.

People are always going to discuss current events, and some people are always going to draw crazy conclusions and you could just debunk those fairly easily by pointing out WHY they are crazy, but instead you just lump them together with THEORIES, full stop. Then someone has some valid evidence or questions, and you dismiss it just as you did with the crazy theory.

Quit combatting against the abstract idea of a "conspiracy theory". They do happen, that is a fact, if you deny it, you're actually a crazy person. If you see a theory that you think is nuts, disprove it. If it's so nuts, it really won't be that difficult. Then no one will take it seriously. But if you just go around to everyone who posts any kind of theory whatsoever that does not line up 100% with what the government says, then no one's going to take you seriously.

I think it's funny that...

I think it's funny that so many "Ron Paul supporters" are suddenly championing internet censorship. I understand that you don't have free speech on private property, but what exactly do all your people complaining about the false flag talk want to see done? Do you want the mods to start banning users who post about false flags? Are we supposed to forget that Ron Paul himself has spoken about the government engaging in false flags? Since so many people keep complaining about the direction of this forum, I think the onus is on them to tell us exactly what they'd like to see done when someone starts posting about conspiracies...

define censorship

Censorship is the state determining what can and can't be said.

It is not censorship, nor a 1st amendment issue, to say "stop posting stupid dreck that you read on infowars' at the daily paul site. Nor is advocating that position advocating censorship. For people who purport to love the Constitution, some understanding of it is necessary.

And while Ron Paul supports SOME well proven theories that one can fairly call conspiracies, he is also very silent on a whole lot of others. For example, I have heard him talk of the NAFTA highway, but he has never come out supporting the 9-11 truther movement. In fact, during an interview he scolded a newsman for suggesting that "Bush knew" in advance. I'd be willing to bet there are a few "Bush knew" proponents here. When Ron Paul supported something there was empirical evidence of it, not wacked out speculation which may or may not be true.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Who is championing censorship?

I am a full blown Daily Paul addict and I have NEVER seen anyone champion internet censorship. I have never seen anyone call for Infowars to be shut down. NEVER.

Ron Paul talks about false flags decades after they occur, after deliberate and careful studying and reading. He isn't writing sensational conspiracy theory articles before the government and/or media even concocts a damn story. I wish you guys would stop dragging his name down as justification for every ridiculous theory that is promoted.

I put my money where my mouth is. I've been a paying subscriber here for quite sometime, and I only rarely try to use my limited influence to delete what I feel is an inappropriate thread. I usually criticize the stupid things I see here directly. I am challenging you guys to keep yourselves in check.

Even as you reply to my

Even as you reply to my point, you prove it. Not a single mention of what the topic is about! More of EXACTLY what I was talking about -- meaningless drivel that has absolutely no evidence or sound theory in it whatsoever. NO ONE thinks you have proved any points. NO ONE. You are the ONLY person who is fooled.


Are you gonna debunk my video or are you cool with being narrow minded prick?


Way to puss out. You're the one who started with the personal accusations.


Soooo... What would you like to see done? You're a paid subscriber, are there any actions you'd like to see taken other than us keeping ourselves in check... and what exactly do you mean by "you guys" keeping "yourselves in check"? It sounds like you're trying to lump me in with "those guys", and by "those guys", you're referring to conspiracy nut jobs.

So by keeping "ourselves" "in check", what exactly are you expecting, not talking about false flags? Not speaking our minds? Am I supposed to NOT tell you how I feel about what's going on in the world? Since you seem rather fond of control, rather than complaining about what you see on here that you don't like, how about you tell us what action you'd like to see taken.


Try watching the video and stop being an ass. Someone please explain the noise that is very easy to hear in this video and then I can drop it and never bring it up again.

Sour Grapes?

I also found Ron Paul on the AJ show, years before his 2008 run. RP was not a household name in those days. Whether RP was inspired to run by AJ or not. RP's popularity was greatly accelerated and supported by the Infowars platform. So try as you will to dissect AJ out of these discussions. RP himself will tell you the impact Infowars listeners had on his campaign, fundraising and message during the 2008 elections, while the mainstream media were dubbing in background laughter while RP spoke in the debates. I believe your exclusions are mis-directed at AJ and do not reflect the real enemies of the RP's message. RP's mere talking points greatly threaten much of the gov't machine and their lap dogs, the mainstream media.

I just weary of people who choose to keep their head...

...in the sand. Let me get personal.

Take my father for example. He's 63, and is fairly open-minded. But he drinks daily from the fountain of MSM and has the attitude that false flags are conspiracy theories and he has the propensity to deem anything the government says as gospel. Typical idol worship that we're all witnesses of.

I give my Dad not just AJ articles to read, but things from the DP, from The New American, etc., but he can't accept ONE KEY fact boiled down to this: there IS a devil, and he does inspire men to conspire against Liberty and goodness everywhere. Satan has inspired men to combine at the highest levels of banking and government, and DOES in fact have a New World Order in place.

What wearies me is people who like to criticize the likes of Alex Jones, but want to keep their damn heads in the sand, like my Dad.

Where is the love of truth? Where is intellectual honesty? Where is patriotism? Break free of the matrix, my friends!

Stop worrying about what your ignorant friends may think about you if you state the obvious, like WTC 7 was obviously taken down by explosives, like JFK's assassination was a massive government coverup at the highest levels, and a piss-poor coverup at that, with so many holes that there's more air than cheese in Swiss cheese.

I don't know if P. Nicholson's head is in the sand, but I say this, why do people want to criticize a brave patriot like Alex Jones when he is simply doing his best to fight tyranny and corruption. If he's doing the best job of anybody in the media, then WHY WOULDN'T/SHOULDN'T he be likely to be quoted here? Duh!

Aren't we supposed to be fighting tyranny here?

And NO!!!!!!!! This site was not founded to help Ron Paul. He would ABSOLUTELY tell you don't do that. He has ALWAYS said that it's not about him, or any individual. It's about the message. And what is the message? It's about Liberty, and to understand Liberty, you MUST understand its enemies. Well who knows the enemies of Liberty more than Alex Jones, who's made a lifetime study of them. And "believe me", as Ron Paul says, RP ALSO knows the enemies. He's been a "Bircher" for years, if not in membership, then in knowledge and understanding.

So therefore, to press forward in our fight for Freedom, we welcome Alex Jones' contributions, as well as anybody else's. Ron Paul keeps up the fight. So should we. After Ron Paul leaves this earth, and whether or not Rand keeps his integrity in fighting for truth, I hope this site will continue to fight the good fight.

Thank you for reading,

The Underdog

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

good on that

I'm wich you Underdog !

I enjoy some of the conspiracy type threads

But they are drowning out everything else.

Would be nice to have a dedicated Sandy Hook and Boston bombings thread, keep it all in one place.

As for your question Nicholson, "How do we win?"

By eliminating the greatest enemies to Liberty from the senate and congress, starting with enemy number 1, Lindsay Graham.

Liberty will not succeed while Graham is still in the senate. He needs to be punted.

If you are going to downvote

At least explain why you are doin it.

Hey P nice to see you, I think there's a few factors

1. We're between elections with no clear goals/leadership. The agenda is wide open.

2. A lot of "serious" GOP activists are either taking a break or busy serving in their elected positions.

3. I'm still recovering from last elections and I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. This movement is a ton of fun but it's destroying me financially. I can't imagine I'm alone in that. "activist attrition".

4. We are flypaper for loons. I might be classified a loon but this has been going on for some time, right back into Aaron Russo days. There's this class of people that come in, hang up their hat and immediately begin attempting to set the agenda. These people are usually fantastically ego driven and they tend to manifest frustration that we're not all doing it their way. But there's just not that many other places for these people to try to fit into. The between-cycle thing kinda reveals these people whereas they are kind of lost in the momentum during cycles.

5. A large part of the movement is going off grid and offline. In fact we're a factory for this type of thing. It was once said that the difference between an activist and an anarchist is two election cycles and a huge amount of us came in expecting to make a real and immediate impact. These are now thoroughly disillusioned by the system. But these are often the people with the highest energy levels and the most productive work habits. This kind of leaves us with learners. Nothing wrong with that but answering the same questions over and over gets boring. Why can't they just google this stuff? What I realize now is that some people learn from other people, it works for them.

6. We might be seeing more of this as we mainstreamize. We used to be 100% people who were radically ahead of the curve. Our composition will increasingly reflect the mainstream. Hope this doesn't sound too harsh but it's not exactly making us smarter on average.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

I love how people are saying

I love how people are saying Ron Paul owes his popularity partly to Alex Jones.

Yeah right...

The guy who ran for president thrice...twice in the last 5 years...participated in countless primary debates...and stood out in his views in all of them...

Only guy saying wars are not just bad but unacceptable except in self defence.

The only guy talking about a different monetary policy.

The guy who introduced most people to the term 'blowback' (yes guys he is not a trooffer)

If anything Alex Jones is the biggest mistake Ron Paul made which led to him becoming unelectable in the eyes of so many.

There's some INFO for you warriors.

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i agree

but it sure seems to be the AJ channel or an off shoot
one way to help solve that is NOT comment or vote up
them posts,but instead look to the ones posts who do not
post infowars
i have had posts here go right to the back,with maybe 3 people
seeing them
i stay away from posts by AJ unless theres a comment i want to add
to another poster (yes i know this drives the traffic up) at times i can't be helped

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Couldn't a lot of what Dr.

Couldn't a lot of what Dr. Paul talks about be considered a "conspiracy theory"? For example, the biggest conspiracy against the American people to him is the threat of the Federal Reserve and the systematic devaluation of the dollar. The whole story of how the Fed was created in dark rooms somewhere on Jekyll Island in 1910 by colluding bankers and politicians is about as conspiratorial as it gets, isn't it?
Like it or not, that's a conspiracy that opens the floodgates of inquiry into so many other events in American history. Dr. Paul and others helped me and many others challenge what we had been taught in public school. Dr. Paul opened my eyes about things I would have never questioned because he had questions of his own once upon a time that didn't necessary jive with the collective consensus either.
American history, to me, is rife with conspiracies but for some reason, some people seem to think that they have the special ability to determine which conspiracies should be talked about and which should not be. We all know the term conspiracy is thrown around too flippantly thus attaching a stigma to the term and anyone who is labeled as a conspiracy theorist. It's simply a matter of asking questions, questions that may seem like they come from no where but questions that shouldn't be trivialized by calling the one who asked it a conspiracy theorist or nut or whatever other derogatory name one might use.

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I could not upvote this post

I could not upvote this post enough.....

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

The problem lies with reliance on labels

Some "conspiracy theorists" are simply people who exercise critical thought, while others like to make wild assumptions based on belief rather than evidence, and they tend to make the critical thinkers look kooky.

I feel that some AJ followers are inadvertently taking a page from the MSM as well, by constantly attempting to smear those who criticize/question Alex Jones as sheep/trolls/agents, just like how the MSM smears those who question them or the government as being crazy/dangerous/conspriacy theorists. People aren't always as different as we like to believe ourselves to be.

A signature used to be here!

Both Ron and Rand Paul are being scheduled for Alex Jones show

According to AJ, Both Ron and Rand Paul are being scheduled for the Alex Jones show possibly next week or soon thereafter. This site doesn't have to be Infowars, but if Dr. Paul frequents the AJ show and talks about all the same "conspiracies" as AJ does, then I say it's legit for the Daily Paul.

With that said, I tend to somewhat agree that this is supposed to be more a Daily Paul, but the election period is over and the good Dr took some time off. He is starting to make his move, and so hopefully we will see more post and information on that. Also, for those who like Rand, he should get a lot more attention on the Daily Paul as he makes his 2016 move.

But for now, it's kind of an activist site, and I'm good with it. I just don't want to lose sight of the original intent. With that said, if I don't get my "conspiracy" stuff here, then I'll just go to....activist post, natural news etc.... Besides, I kinda like it here.


So what? If Rand Paul is interviewed by Time magazine, does that mean we should link to everything Time magazine reports on? I remember seeing Ron Paul interviewed by a college student in a dorm room in 2007. I move that we post every single blog post that young man makes on the front page. After all, Ron Paul talked to him!

Sarcasm aside, your argument is totally flawed. Alex Jones tries to bait people into talking about absurd topics, and his guests either make the mistake of following him down the idiot hole or pushing the conversation in more mainstream directions. Saying that they talk about "conspiracies" doesn't mean that random articles from "reporters" associated with Jones belong on a Ron Paul site. It doesn't mean we should turn off potential allies to the liberty movement by having a Ron Paul site post front page articles about unproven "false flags" and chemtrails.

Look, Ron and Rand's decisions to go on Alex Jones' shows are misguided in the opinion of most neutral observers. The fact that they haven't severed the connection yet doesn't mean we ought to play up the fact that they still treat Jones as something of media personality.


I posted this before on the Daily Paul and figured it would work for a response. And Dr. Paul never gets "baited" by Alex or anyone else for that matter.


I'd like to try and put to rest (or at least change some minds) the idea that many "conspiracy" DP'ers are nuts, are ruining the Liberty the movement, and that "stuff" doesn't belong on the Daily Paul

There are many you tube videos that will show Dr. Paul himself talking about the mega banks, bilderbergs, trilateral commission, FEMA camps, election fraud, media/corporation/governmemt in bed together etc..

If you fwd this video to 15:12 http://youtu.be/YXlWiTPn7pQ , Ron Paul himself explains who is in control and who doesn't want to see him elected. He mentions bankers, big corporations, big media, military industrial complex, election fraud, special interest etc..

So, if this site is dedicated to Ron Paul, and Dr. Paul himself talks about such things as mega banks in control etc, then those topics are almost mandatory to explore on this site. Even if Alex Jones and others annoy you, if their topics are in line with what Dr. Paul is saying, then as far as i'm concerned, it's legit on this site.

At least that's my opinion.

Try this if the above link did not work.


Alex Jones

is a sensasionalist on his best day, the msm and AJ are polar opposites, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. After seeing Jones interupt a rally against the anti-gun nuts, I personally see him as little more than an attention whore.
The msm I don't even know where to begin, the fact that most American people eat this shit hook line and sinker makes me sick to my heart.

I have seen preaching about unity on here, and rants calling for activism, but in reality most of it is rhetorical drivel spewed so some internet cowboy can feel like they are a part of something (no offense to those of you who actually hit the street like me, and faced ridicule from D's and R's during the primaries and election), at this point I am completely sick of all the tough talk. Is this the sixties again? Are we the new asshole hippies? God I hope not, I hope when the time comes (I think it came a while ago) that the gov. needs to be reeled in the American people find their backbone, and throw off the jellyfish costumes they have been wearing for the last few decades. God Bless America, and her true patriots!

Mike G.

"It is my personal belief the DP was created to be a jumping...

pad for information for activists."

I don't understand why you cherry pick what Alex does. This is exactly why Alex Jones started Infowars: "information for activists."

"What's the beef, Sir?"


If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.