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DailyPaul is not InfoWars

(insert maddening scream here)

The DailyPaul was founded to HELP Ron Paul. Period.

Since the end of the election I have witnessed my favorite website, one I come to first when I wake.. and last one I check before bed. I have had the pleasure to make front page a ton of times and enjoyed every minute here. Until the end of the last election I enjoyed every single day here. Not so much anymore.

I am not an Alex Jones fan. Period. After dealing with his insane bullshit, multiplied by his supporters that dominate this site and divided by their paranoia and flat out nonsense..

What is the DailyPaul anymore?

I can tell you from nearly 6 years of being here that this site is NOT the Alex Jones channel.

While I RESPECT the point of view of the conspiracy theorists.. and even watch about half the videos and read about half the posts.. it keeps drawing me back to the above question.

It is my personal belief the DP was created to be a jumping pad for information for activists. It was created to support the ideology that Ron Paul inspired. I may have started a few flame threads but my heart lays exposed to this community.

I want us to win. Period.

Long live the DailyPaul. I hope the moderates still here understand this message. Those that want to win do not sacrifice principle.. but don't yell fire every time someone lights a cigarette.. or joint.

This community was built on faith from all walks of life. Faith in Freedom and Liberty.

It is my sincere hope that the DailyPaul remains the best activist, news and gate keeper site on the internet. I believe in our movement but I am sick of those that continue to link all of us with the most vocal few. Continue to push 'theory' and scream at people that disagree or push back. I promise on everything holy, standing on a stack of bibles that we will be in the dustbin of history if this keeps up. We need to UNITE people.

This is not to knock anybody here. If our efforts are to land victory.. then lets calm down the language and rhetoric. You do not win minds and hearts by being an asshole. Conspiracy is like Religion. You can't prove much.. no matter how many signs you have.

So my friends.. How do we win?

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Daily Paul was for Ron Paul and current government affairs.

the current affair is currently the Boston Bomber and infowars is investigating. we are here to listen. this news will eventually die out and shift towards other current affairs.


Don't hate, OP. Alex Jones and Infowars was INSTRUMENTAL is spreading Ron Paul's popularity. End of story.

If you don't like the Infowars influence on Ron Paul, then go ahead and remove like 50% of Ron Paul's supporters and fame from his current reputation, and past election efforts.

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End of story?

Oh, OK. So I guess that's the end of that topic.

Wait a second...

Your cackling aside, it's far more complicated than that. Ever heard of a "ceiling." It's what most political observers understood when it came to Ron Paul. It's the limit on his upward potential. It's those who would never vote for him. It's those who were so uncomfortable with his views that they would actively oppose him.

And one of the biggest reasons why that ceiling was lowered? The reputation of Paul (and his supporters) as fringe. That's the real Alex Jones legacy. Sure, a few folks got introduced to Ron Paul by Alex Jones. People get introduced to candidates a lot of ways. But millions more got permanently turned off by Paul's association to perceived wackjobs.

We fail to appreciate the threat of a low ceiling at our own peril. And by we I mean the folks who care about winning elections. I don't think too many AJ zealots really care about that. They'd sacrifice a Paul presidency (Ron or Rand) if it meant more people got to hear that chest-thumping loudmouth blather on about the NWO.

Ok bro

When you start doing more for spreading the message of liberty than Alex Jones, then I'll consider your whining.

All you whiny Infowars-haters are pathetic in your Nazi-style desire to shut out any and all things Alex Jones.

Jones can be a maniacal opportunist who turns government corruption into a media circus, but that doesn't change the fact that a HUGE number of Ron Paul supporters are also fans of Infowars.

Plain and simple. Besides, you're one of the biggest conspiracy theorists out there: you believe a handful of private bankers have initiated a cartel of the money supply, and have used that to bailout foreign banks to the tune of trillions of dollars...with the majority of the public having NO clue about this. That's about as crazy as anything Alex Jones ever said...yet it's true.

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I'm not your "bro," buddy...

I do more to spread the message of liberty than Alex Jones.

Even when I do NOTHING, I do more. Why? Because Alex Jones is a net liability to the liberty movement. I could stay in bed all day and still be a better spokesman.

Way to violate Godwin's law with your Nazi reference. Clearly I'm Hitler.

You're embarrassing yourself.

I've been a part of DP for over 5 years

and, I campaigned actively for Ron Paul,too. At the time of the first election I didn't know much about 9/11, and it just wasn't on the front-burner of things.

However, through a Dentist friend (a RP activist), I heard about Infowars. I heard about the question marks around 9/11, but my husband & I disregarded them.....at first.

She was never pushy at all. But, in time, my husband, who is an engineer for Big Oil, began to think about it after the 2007 primaries. The more he got into it, and the more he read, the more he started doing his own calculations about that infamous day. He is now one of the engineers for the ae911truth.org.

This was all because of our non-assuming friend who never pushed Infowars, yet was a big RP fan. So, before you go castigating aspersions at that website, I suggest you realize now, more than ever before, that his website is drawing traffic from ALL OVER THE WEB, not just a select little group of people.

So, I suggest you stop being negative and join in the fight for truth and how we can overcome this evil we see within our government. Either that, or skip over the comments about Infowars, skip the website. For me, I am open-minded, and I don't believe or buy anything or everything on any website, including DP. THAT, my friend, is what freedom of expression is about!


That is all DP is about. Ron Paul was about truth-seeking and supporting our US Constitution. He was videoed saying that 9/11 needed an independent investigation, too. Is that a conspiracy theory? Or, is it about getting to the bottom of what happened?

You banter about the "label" of conspiracy theorists, and you do DP no good. WE are about discovering the truth about literaly "everything", man.

It just so happened that Alex Jones broke those photos. I have personally listened to his shows occassionally, and I've read many of his articles. In case you didn't know it, DR. RON PAUL has been a guest many times on his show!

Many of their articles have links embedded in them which refer the reader to other articles, and some of his articles are actually articles that were from the Huffington Post, the NY Times, etc. Then, they also have links to other supporting articles of interest.

I can't imagine why you would hate Alex Jones. He is a citizen like the rest of us. Yes, he's a colorful character, and yes, he blows his temper sometimes, but that is no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater. He is just another source of information for truth-seekers.

And, weren't we burnt enough by our corrupt government, when it came to Ron Paul's election? The MEDIA is corrupt. The RINOS are corrupt. They blew our election of him, and wouldn't you agree there is an underlying regime that is so powerful they can control Big Media AND the politicians?

We fight the FEDERAL RESERVE----Dr. Paul wanted a full audit---why---to get to the bottom of what is really going on! Is he to be called a "conspiracy theorist", too, because he wants the TRUTH?


He gives us believable information with info to lead to it to make it believable and even if its not true, spread it because it supports our agenda. Nobody said you couldn't lie to spread the agenda of liberty.

I tried posting this in a longer format...

...but it appears people don't care to read such a long-winded response, so I'll sum it up here.

The base of Ron Paul's support is the youth. The youth have, as a result of the philosophy of the Good Doctor, become "conspiracy theorists". Some of us have even become *gasp* anarchists. These ideological and historical discussions are ones that NEED to be hashed out for the future of Liberty, whether the old crowd likes it or not.

How do we win? Certainly not by alienating the base. You're essentially telling a large group of freedom advocates to "shut up" for the sake of maintaining a sterling reputation on the political scene, which is utterly despicable.

We're here to stay, deal with it. If not here, then on every other segment of the Internet. The old guard Goldwater crowd has to deal with us sooner or later.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

The old guard Goldwater crowd?

Do you mean me and all the other seniors on this site who supported Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul long before you even knew their names? That old guard? I was never a Regan Republican. I was a Goldwater Republican before I could even vote. Ron Paul has taken that "old guard" conservatism a step further in the right (no pun intended) direction. Please be careful about alienating even more seniors again on this site with that false accusation.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Excuse me

but I don't believe I ever insinuated that Goldwater supporters were anything akin to Reaganites or Neocons. I'm simply trying to say that the 40+ crowd of classical American Libertarians now count among their ranks a large group of young anarchocapitalists and "conspiracy theorists" who share many of the societal criticisms offered by Libertarians, but whose prescriptions for the problem and analysis of historical incidents are very different. These are the facts.

I find it insanely disconcerting that a thread like this has been started, not only because the "InfoWars" crowd is in agreement with the vast majority of the ideals of Dr. Paul, but that one's tolerance is so low for contrasting viewpoints, they would stoop so low as to advocate alienating them from this wonderful site. These are the people who want to live in a free and open society, yet they have so little tolerance for free speech on a damn website? Unsettling, to say the least.

As for your patronizing demeanor about my age, spare me the sentiment. My objection to minarchism and American Libertarianism was laid out in a purely substantive manner, completely agnostic to agism or ad hominem. Your response, however, was a sophist's way of calling me a whippersnapper. Completely uncalled for.

You should know better at your age.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

Excuse me.

"We're here to stay, deal with it. If not here, then on every other segment of the Internet. The old guard Goldwater crowd has to deal with us sooner or later."

Your words. Not mine. We've been through that generation war on DP more times than I care to remember. It's divisive. We have more to lose than to gain by going that route. Can we just call a truce on that war?

I have no problem with InfoWars and I don't believe everything I read, either. Alienating the AJ crowd isn't even an option for me. Hell, I want us to think about reaching out to the Black Christian and Black Muslim Churches in furtherance of our common cause. It's the divisiveness to which I objected, not to your overall comment.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


Truce all around. Thanks for clearing that up.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

all the infowars / alex jones talk 24-7 has got me..

outta here. been a ron paul fan since i first heard of him due to peter schiff.

now with all these people talking about 397636392 conspiracies on the Boston Marathon bombing.. i am done. Hes not running for anything anymore, i like Rand Paul but it was and SHOULD be (it isnt) about Ron Paul.

I am not needed here anymore. you infowar junkies can keep it.

Sad to see you go, but it's the reality we face

The fact that you're voted down instead of pleaded with to stay shows that most folks who think like you (and me) have left...long ago.

Even AJ listeners who are more reasonable have peaced out. I seem to remember a talented cartoonist who contributed here for quite a while. I disagreed with him on conspiracies but he knew how to package the liberty message and where to separate liberty activism and conspiracy investigation. Even he can't stand these brownshirts in the Alex Jones Kool Aid camp.

Why would we plead for a

Why would we plead for a person to stay when they don't even bring anything to the debate besides name calling? It sounds like he's already made up his mind and doesn't want to participate in the discussions others want to have, so why would we plead for him to stay? Obviously, no one here is trying to push anyone else out the door, but if it's got to be anyone leaving, I'm not too upset that it's the one trivializing the debate and calling others "infowars junkies".

It's safe to speculate that...

...s/he's been saddled with "shill," "disinfo troll," "plant," "paid operative," and a bunch of other idiotic labels by the "infowars junkies."

It's easy to look at that post in a vacuum and say, "good riddance." But life doesn't happen in a vacuum. I read that post as someone who tried hanging around and got beat down by the bury brigade every time they tried to make a positive impact.


AJ is a conspiracy theorist?

Get a load of this video he made. He's got to be about 20 years old in this video. Will mods upload this?


You know what? Go f*ck yourself!

While I RESPECT the point of view of the conspiracy theorists

If you think for yourself you're labeled a "conspiracy theorist" which by definition is not a bad thing however socially speaking has now become an insult.

People like this OP are either knowingly or unknowingly working to dumb people down by saying it's somehow not acceptable for you to think for yourself.

This quote above is completely contradictory since he feels the need to LABEL people with this - now derogatory term. Doesn't sound like respect to me.

It doesn't attempt to label a large swath of people

It merely calls for DP participants specifically (and, I'd argue, liberty movement activists generally) to FOCUS. Don't mix messages. Don't make interest in Alex Jones-style conspiracies a central part of our appeal to new voters just as we would make worship of the Dallas Cowboys a central plank in our platform.

There's nothing WRONG with being a conspiracy theorist, just as there's nothing WRONG with being a Cowboys fan (well, maybe there is; joking). But if some idiot showed up at a Ron Paul sign wave in New York with a huge "Cowboys ROCK!" sign, I think New York-area Paul supporters would (RIGHTLY SO) tell him he's hurting the cause, turning off potential newcomers, and unnecessarily mixing messages.

A lot of AJ listeners have responded positively to this thread. That's encouraging. Then, there are folks like you who I would gladly throw under the bus. You lack the temperament or strategic mindset to be an effective activist for us. If you decide that you care about achieving concrete victories in the fight for liberty, I hope you'll rejoin the mainstream wing of this movement. Until then, you're nothing but an Alex Jones sleeper agent hurting our chances.

You aren't needed. You are...the weakest link. Goodbye.


Yes, Bill Parcel's unforgivable sin was going to the dark side to coach the Dallas Cowboys ;)


Agreed that it doesn't sound like respect. It's division...

...under the guise of ~unity~.

We Were the Ed Sullivan Show

We Were the Ed Sullivan Show


Not interested in the liberty version of political correctness.

If I wanted ~sanitized~ nformation, I wouldn't come here.

We are in an information war, and can't rely on gov't and/or mainstream media to tell us what's really going on. That's why I come here...to try to find clues so I can piece together what I can.

There are other forms of activism besides elections, and sharing information is one of them. Until people wake up to what is going on around them, there will be little meaningful motiviation for them to even pursue the political end.

I glean where I can, and while I consider the source, I don't limit my sources as you and several others seem to be calling for here. If I wanted censorship in that regard, I'd tune to mainstream media.

You wouldn't know political strategy/motivation if...

...it bit you in the chemtrail.

Your spin about "sanitized" information and "censorship" is asinine. I go to ESPN.com to check sports scores. I don't whine when they don't update me on FOIA lawsuits about drones. Daily Paul SHOULD (if we're focused on maximizing our chances of succeeding) focus on consensus issues within the liberty movement. You can go elsewhere for your chemtrails update. That's not censorship; that's an outlet understanding its purpose. When ESPN.com starts making me wade through political commentary when I'm trying to get info on the NFL draft, I'll stop going there (and so will many others).

You just don't get it (or don't care). Why have so many people left the DP? Because the site lost focus on consensus issues. That's not about sanitization. There's room for bringing up issues that aren't central on occasion. But the Alex Jones crowd took it too far. Then, when people started applying the brakes and questioning the direction, you made them feel unwelcome. Now, this is not only an unpleasant environment for non-Jonesians, but it's a cancerous environment for new recruits to the liberty movement. Oh, it's great for recruiting people to your conspiracy club. But that's not what everyone in the liberty movement wants. You clearly care more about your conspiracies than tangible success on consensus liberty issues.

Yes, there are other forms of activism besides elections, but your crass assertion that there will be "little meaningful motivation" for folks to "pursue the political end" unless "people wake up" smacks of capital "T" "truth."

This movement does not agree with your vision of reality. We don't buy into your interpretations of 9/11 or the trails that follow airplanes. Some do. But it's disputed. And it's not disputed by 10% with 90% on your side, despite your bury brigade.

We have agreed-upon "political ends" that we could fight for--lower taxes, more personal liberty, more transparency, a better foreign policy, monetary reform--but you are perfectly willing to sacrifice those goals if a few people get to hear your obnoxious sales pitches about the NWO or 9/11.

Hey, why don't you use some

Hey, why don't you use some of that anger and draw us a picture/outline of what can be talked about on DP so that we all know the guidelines? I don't want to stray too far from the "consensus" issues.

Thank you.

If I wanted ~sanitized~ information, I wouldn't come here.

I think people like the op want the Daily Paul to become FOX "news."

Riddle me this

You know how the MSM likes to label those who question the media/government as conspiracy theorists right off the bat? Isn't it funny then, that so many "conspiracy theorists" do the very same thing to those who question Alex Jones, by asserting (with no evidence) that they are MSM viewers and/or paid agents?

Human nature; so predictable, yet so endlessly fascinating.

The problem is the reliance on the label "conspiracy theorist" itself, by both 'sides'. Some "conspiracy theorists" are right on the money, while others buy into the debunked/disinfo-- and those bad apples go on to spoil the bunch (just as planned?)

A signature used to be here!

First, thanks for this post

I agree with you. DP is best when it focuses on the liberty movement and its underlying philosophy.

Second, I think we have to be smarter about our reaction to difficult events, like the Marathon bombing.

Our first reaction was - oh my, it was a false flag . . . because of all these reasons.

A better first reaction would be to focus on the constitution, with regard to the investigation. If you want to question evidence, fine, but it needs to come from --why are you locking down a whole city for one man - what is your evidence. If you are going to do this, you have to show us the evidence to justify it.

Second, we can point out how terrorism is a collectivist concept. Why should killing someone in Boston scare me ? It is because we associate with a group - they are killing americans/christians ( of course they also killed Chinese. ) and they do it in the name of their group - even though almost no one in the group agree with their actions. It is really crazy when you think of it. Keep in mind that certain muslim groups are the worst collectivist scum. A collectivist philosophy is what allows terrorism, and the more collectivist you are, the better terrorism works against you.

Individualism defeats terrorism. Self reliance defeats terrorism.
All the theorizing about false flags, and government manipulation empowers the government. In fact, the AJ supporters are often the biggest collectivist, they just have their own group, that they put in opposition to government, and anyone who questions their doctrine - very much like radical muslims. BTW - that is not all people that like/support AJ, just some.

How do we win? Good question.

And, like most good questions, it has more than one answer, and those answers offer varying degrees of success. Allow me to posit a better question: What will be the most successful tactic in promoting Liberty?

Here's what people here need to begin realizing. I don't claim to speak for all Millennials, late teens/early twenty-somethings, but having great exposure to a lot of people (myself included) whose worldview has been greatly shaped by Dr. Paul, I can tell you this: Ron Paul's message of minarchism and freedom has spurred an ideological firestorm in the base of the youth.

This thirst for truth and liberation has sent young people (and many others, of course) on a grand intellectual journey, and in a stunning display of autodidacticism, they've given themselves a Ph.D-level education of history, economics, and philosophy.

The teachings of the Good Doctor are but a loud reverberation echoing voices of the past. Some have heard them; voices with names like Frederic Bastiat. Lysander Spooner. Murray Rothbard. Now, all of these men are something that Ron Paul is not in public, but certainly is in spirit. They're identified by a term whose negative social connotation is rivaled perhaps only by the nebulous "terrorist".

I speak, of course, of anarchists.

Again, I certainly can't speak for everyone in my generation, (nor would I wish to,) but I can speak for myself and what I've witnessed. For the youth of America, Ron Paul has been a proverbial gateway drug. In questioning every aspect about the efficiency and ethics of the existence of the State, Dr. Paul practically begged the question himself. Do we need a government at all?

Literal DROVES, HERDS of young people who supported Ron Paul's presidential runs have answered this question for themselves with a resounding no. In shaping such a worldview, many have identified that government and corporatism is not only a horrible idea, but is in fact the creation of an elite ruling class; an Anglo-American Empire, of sorts. And as any good student of history would do, many have traced the machinations of this elite class only to discover a horrible secret: The leverage that State monopolies on force inherently grant have facilitated the harboring of the most immoral, greedy, and psychopathic among us to manipulate virtually every major precept of our reality, from birth until death.

These claims are not backed not by the rantings of "conspiracy theorists," but academics like Antony Sutton, Carrol Quigley, and Bertrand Russel. By the writings of globalist planners like Zbignew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger. By leaked and declassified government documents, and secret recordings implicating the conspirators themselves.

In short, the path to anarchism requires a keen knowledge of history not taught in school. The Internet has made such knowledge readily available to a generation hungry for it, and in discovering the ideological evidence for the inherent immorality of the State, this generation has also discovered the factual basis for such an objection.

Objections like the official story of 9/11. Of the OKC bombings. Of the '93 WTC bombings, and countless other false flag events throughout history.

Ron Paul's base is the youth. The youth have, since experiencing the message of Liberty spread by the Good Doctor, become something different from American Libertarians and minarchist Conservatives altogether. They've become anarchists and truth-seekers. And we're here to stay. To say that you're concerned with the Daily Paul becoming InfoWars is to suggest alienation of a massive segment of this site, and thus, of the debate of that all-important question:

How do we win?

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat