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DailyPaul is not InfoWars

(insert maddening scream here)

The DailyPaul was founded to HELP Ron Paul. Period.

Since the end of the election I have witnessed my favorite website, one I come to first when I wake.. and last one I check before bed. I have had the pleasure to make front page a ton of times and enjoyed every minute here. Until the end of the last election I enjoyed every single day here. Not so much anymore.

I am not an Alex Jones fan. Period. After dealing with his insane bullshit, multiplied by his supporters that dominate this site and divided by their paranoia and flat out nonsense..

What is the DailyPaul anymore?

I can tell you from nearly 6 years of being here that this site is NOT the Alex Jones channel.

While I RESPECT the point of view of the conspiracy theorists.. and even watch about half the videos and read about half the posts.. it keeps drawing me back to the above question.

It is my personal belief the DP was created to be a jumping pad for information for activists. It was created to support the ideology that Ron Paul inspired. I may have started a few flame threads but my heart lays exposed to this community.

I want us to win. Period.

Long live the DailyPaul. I hope the moderates still here understand this message. Those that want to win do not sacrifice principle.. but don't yell fire every time someone lights a cigarette.. or joint.

This community was built on faith from all walks of life. Faith in Freedom and Liberty.

It is my sincere hope that the DailyPaul remains the best activist, news and gate keeper site on the internet. I believe in our movement but I am sick of those that continue to link all of us with the most vocal few. Continue to push 'theory' and scream at people that disagree or push back. I promise on everything holy, standing on a stack of bibles that we will be in the dustbin of history if this keeps up. We need to UNITE people.

This is not to knock anybody here. If our efforts are to land victory.. then lets calm down the language and rhetoric. You do not win minds and hearts by being an asshole. Conspiracy is like Religion. You can't prove much.. no matter how many signs you have.

So my friends.. How do we win?

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Yes, it is troubling to see

Yes, it is troubling to see all these crackpot conspiracies posted here. I hardly come to this site any more for that reason.

Honestly, with the advent of

Honestly, with the advent of CISPA Michael should probably just call it a day with the Daily Paul. It has served its purpose with the political aspirations of Ron Paul. Most members of the DP should have gravitated to local endeavors by now anyway, e.g. a LPAM station, local political office, etc. Infowars is rapidly becoming a large media company and source for alternative news on a national scale. Infowars' presence on the Genesis Communication Network (radio ... hopefully DRM in the future) offers a good and flexible platform for remaining informed beyond the mainstream news on broadcast TV and the InterNet. I'll bet Michael is beginning to lament freewheeling thinkers using real-time, full duplex communication. Spontaneity comes with a price. Get the DP on digital radio, Michael, where you and a small group can easily control the content and still have a voice without spam or moderation. The latter effort will require a bit more work on the producer of the content, though. As radio continues to become less popular in developed nations, costs are declining and opportunities increasing for innovators. You'll find ME there, anyway. ;)


Doctor Paul is not president because of conspiracy. 9/11 WAS an inside job....It is the world we live in. Daily Paul is not as popular as Alex Jones but it is ten times better and some of us like liberty minded people to weigh in on the conspiracies and whatever else we have being set at our tables. I just like to hear what Pauliticians think...even if you just think it is a wacko conspiracy, it is more likely to be seen as wacko if it comes from a Paulitician than the present MSM liberal/RINO media sites. It has to do with credibility.....don't think you will find it elsewhere...stick around and keep us on track when you think we are straying.

I First Discovered Dr Paul

...through AJ's INFOWARS.
Please read my more lengthy reply below.
"On the Spice-Rack of Life".
......have a good day.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Good point. A lot of people wouldn't know about Ron Paul...

...had it not been for Jones giving him a voice, when others wouldn't give him the time of day...and when they did, it was with mockery and ridiule.

What we're all doing is

What we're all doing is beating around the bush. What is Daily Paul? How do we best use this miraculous website to achieve our goals?

You can't get there from here or anywhere else unless you can visualize and know what the end product is somewhat supposed look like.

In the new country that will have to be rebuilt from the ashes, you will need to use your imagination to view what it should be like. How our society should behave and held accountable for our actions. How the laws of our land should be applied, and those laws should be held to the highest standards in a fair manner. A fair amount of compassion and tolerance should be applied along the way. No one is perfect.

Now what does this re-established country look like to you? Elected representatives not getting filthy rich on taxpayer money and corruption? Corporations making it on their own with minimal regulations? Law enforcement servants respecting the common civilians rights on a daily basis, and when violated, being justly prosecuted?

I'll tell you what it's not supposed to be. Mainstream media TV news's vision of everybody in America beating up on everybody else.

How can we get there from here if we don't even know what it's supposed to look like? What I feel from many posters on DP is you don't even know what it's supposed to look like. Some people here twisting in the wind and unknowingly perpetuating the turmoil because you don't know any better. Some people here who can't tell the difference between someone who is trying to be helpful, someone who is trying to be hurtful, or the ones who are the worst, the ones who are just indifferent. Some of us here are good at just one subject, and some are good at many subjects. Most people here have something worthwhile to contribute without a bunch of useless snarky comments that most useless blogs devolve into like Huffington Post.

Something I really want to see on DP is your vision of what a Fixed USA is supposed to look like in your topics and comments. I do enjoy your topics teaching me something I don't already know about, on every subject. No subject is Taboo, unless the owner moderation says otherwise.

Hey, that's more than two sentences. My two cents.

After 10 Years....

After 10 years of studying the nature of reality - and after seeing a few of your choice phrases:

"You can't get there from here."
"How can we get there if we don't know what it's supposed to look like."
"You will need to use imagination to view what it should look like."

I know an Abraham Hicks Listener when I hear one.


That's what I want to see more of on this site - and all sites:
People who understand that you don't fight AGAINST 1 thing in order to GAIN something else.

What you fight against - you perpetuate.

Someone else said:

"Resist Ye NOT evil."
"Turn the other cheek."

Same message of: If you want the trouble to go away, ignore it. Spend your time focusing on what you WANT, not what you DON'T WANT. The people in positions of authority want to keep their job. The people who are calling for what they WANT rather than what they want to STOP have a greater influence.

MLK was famous for DREAMING about what he wanted.
It's my contention that once he started FIGHTING AGAINST what he DID NOT WANT - he saw more of THAT in his personal life.
Rosa Parks didn't fight AGAINST anything - she sat where she WANTED, and accepted no less.

I hope this site INSPIRES people more than it INFORMS, if that information resembles ANYTHING the MSM pushes: Gloomy, Pessimistic, Fear-Mongering.

We're gonna have a Crash! We're gonna hit the Ceiling! We're gonna run off the Cliff! We're gonna ... blah blah blah.

Sounds like the information on THIS site, right?

We're gonna lose our Freedom! We're gonna lose the Nation! They want to take our Safety! They want to take our Sovereignty!

People are THRIVING.
People are following their PASSIONS.

That's what I want this site to be about.....
...but it's not my site.

Beautifully said.

Beautifully said.

Attn: Infowars is NOT Dailypaul!

I really hate to break the rule here of talking about Infowars on Dailypaul (read the fine print of the Daily Paul Club Agreement and you will find it is a violation under rule 13 paragraph 6) but I can't resist mentioning that I found a mirror of this topic in the comments at Infowars! A righteously outraged Infowarrior named "Anonymous" was venting their frustration about comments about Ron Paul on Infowars!

I now understand why this is such a threat to the stated principles of the Daily Paul (Rule 13 of course) and Infowars respectively. The Liberty movement has too much FREE THINK going on and not enough boundaries and orderly processed centralized discussion like you would find on serious news sites like Townhall and real news tv like CNN. All you Liberty people are embarrassing yourselves by practicing what you preach but welcoming discussion of whatever interests Ron Paul people (group think is VERY important whenever we discuss important social political current events stuff)

There is nothing I hate more than free people talking about things I don't want to talk about. I just want to control what everyone on Daily Paul says so that we can ALL be more like Ron Paul and not be so stupid and fall for this conspiracy fear mongering.

It greatly saddens me to have to mention the fact that even out GREAT LEADER RON PAUL has fallen for some of the Alex Jones DELUSIONS such as FALSE FLAG operations which are documented admitted historical facts.

Some Liberty people will never understand that freedom isn't free, DUH

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

Replying to one's own comment only underlies its importance


"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

How to win...

Well if you travel in republican circles I have this crazy Zulu warrior battle plan formation (bulls horns and all that) that involves the Blue Republicans as the left horn, the American Liberty Association as the right horn, and the Republican Liberty Caucus as the main host that the left and right arrive at and wonder how they got there:)

If you don't travel in republican circles and you happen to be a libertarian party member? Well first of all, you really need to tell your party leadership to listen to 1. Michael Pickens 2. Alex Snitker, Danielle Alexandre and Francisco Rodriguez and pick up a copy of their book "The Neighborhood Project" 3. "Mr. Blue Republican" Robin Koerner ... implementing their ideas alone would shake things up and turn that party into a competitor, I have little doubt! That won't be enough though - you should also help FreeandEqual.org, because trying to lawsuit your way into the debates has a history of deadends...and so -

Free and Equal Elections Foundation hosted the 2012 “3rd Party” Presidential debates that were moderated by Larry King and Thom Hartmann and viewed by an estimated 20 million people. We even bigger plans moving forward.

5 Point Plan To End The Commission on Presidential Debates in 2016

1. Free and Equal - http://freeandequal.org/?v=1 - is hosting events that will keep the Free and Equal name out there in the public via earned media (local and national) and will both build awareness and serve as a platform to help build interest in our 2016 debates. As we make our case in as many states as possible between now and 2016, not only will be making more people aware of Free and Equal Elections Foundation, the CPD and our flawed electoral system and helping them craft local solutions, we’ll be building our organization of F&E state caucus leaders. We plan on asking these state leaders to go to their local MSM TV and radio networks in 2016 to ask that they also broadcast our debates. (Our next big event is this coming June 22nd with Jesse Ventura, Ben Swann, Josh Tolley, Larry Pratt, Elizabeth Imus-Zero, Amber Lyon and more at the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas)

2. In the summer of 2012 a handful of Gary Johnson supporters were able to get through to 2 companies and 1 organization (Phillips, BBH New York and the YWCA) that had been sponsors of the CPD’s debates and educate them about their debates being closed. We were late on the ball in trying to bring them on as sponsors of our debates in 2012, but we plan on really promoting this approach to our supporters in 2016 in starving the CPD of their sponsorship dollars, and doing all we can to welcome these companies and orgs on as sponsors of our debates. If we can get just one of these companies to sponsor us, it will create an opportunity for a huge national news story.

3. Hosting our debates in LA and NYC. We got lucky with Ora.tv helping us bring Larry King in to moderate our Chicago debate, we weren’t so lucky in DC. While Thom Hartmann is well known, he’s not nearly as big as the names who were interested in moderating our 2nd debate had we been in LA or NYC. Larry King generated incredible amounts of press for us, and we plan on bringing in more names the entire country knows and cameras can’t help but follow to moderate our debates in 2016.

4. Two tiers of sponsors. Our second tier sponsors will expand on the 57 media and organization sponsors we had for our 2012 debates. These sponsors paid nothing, but reported on the debates and helped us spread word of them. Our first tier sponsors will be the real game changer for us in 2016 – organizations and companies that will sponsor us financially. We’re looking to raise at least 20 million dollars, enabling us to then take that money to the major networks to run promotional ads and getting at least one of them to air our debates on top of the networks that carried them in 2012. (Al Jazeera, RT America, CSPAN, Link TV, Free Speech TV all carried our 2012 debates)

5. At least 8 to 10 debates. We’ll start our 2016 debates late spring/early summer, and space them out so that the last one takes place right before the CPD’s debates start. Last year viewers could vote online for their favorites and we plan on expanding that to voting via text message, and one candidate going home after every debate until 2 are left at the last debate. The plan is to create demand for the candidates to be included in the CPD’s debates. If they don’t allow them to debate, the American people will become very aware of the fraud, and we’ll continue hosting debates with our two remaining candidates on the same nights the CPD’s debates are held and at the same time as well as a debate between their VP’s. We’ll ignore them just as they’ve ignored us. We also plan for reality TV shows that showcase each of the candidates before the first debate airs.

And this isn’t part of Free and Equal’s plan (I’m affiliated with both projects though) but it’s very needed - A Liberty TV Network - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7fITwuzPoM - This is a real game changer and of paramount importance if we are going to challenge the status quo and stand our ground when the pushback comes from the MSM - and it will come -


Viva la revolution!


In Liberty, Zak Carter

Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/ - http://www.bluerepublican.org/ - http://krisannehall.com/ - http://lionsofliberty.com/

We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!

Cyril's picture

No offense, but I think the Daily Paul is very much so InfoWars.

No offense, but I think the Daily Paul is very much so InfoWars.

It's just AJ's place fights on another battlefield. But that's the same war:

the war to grab, subject our minds. It's information war times. The Daily Paul is very much committed to not surrender on it, no? The motto is: "restoring Constitutional government", which I read: "let's not forget or abandon the Constitution, shall we?" Fighting against the planned destruction of the foundations memory.

AJ's motto is more like: "the globalists are out to get us". Fighting against what "they" intend to put in place once the USA, that is, the Constitution, is completely gone.

Hence: two war fronts. AJ's very complementary to the Daily Paul's, and it's nice to have a bit of overlap once in a while, IMO. Helps spread the curiosity.

I find neither motto much debatable: they're both oh so very ... uncontroversial. Evidence, in the case of what AJ's is up against:


So, what did I miss?

Granted, no problem: the styles are different... and, huh, so what?

Dear wife doesn't surprise me with always the same yummy meal.

Some variety is always welcome. Same kitchen, though - liberty and peace. And same folks loving alike.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

On the Spice-Rack of Life...

...Variety is next to oregano.

( it's a metaphor I always use that's apropo here)

As far as I'm concerned AJ belongs here ;
As much as:
Gary Johnson
David Icke
The Libertarian Party
Republican Liberty Activists
Yeah, they all take a knock from time-to-time..
......some more than others,(deservedly so) and some less (public opinion?)
PATRIOTS come in a "Garden Variety", for sure.....
Some are Christians...some Agnostics...Atheists, Jews, Muslims.
IT'S A BIG TENT....If we "build bridges", not incite riot,and divisiveness.....Yes it is a BIG tent...and still growing, Thank God!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

We go through

Periods where lots of judge Napolitano and Stossel vids are posted here, doesn't mean we are Fox either. I'm tired of people complaining about Alex Jones! Get over it. The DP is a bag of mixed nuts, but we all love liberty

They are both truther sites

Ron Paul is a truther - get used to it.

Actually, he's not

And right there is why some "truthers" lose credibility: making (ironically enough) false statements to support an argument does nothing but hurt one's case.

There's a difference between wanting a new investigation (which he wanted), and saying it was a government cover up and/or false flag (which to my knowledge, he has never said).

Whether it actually *is* a coverup/false flag...I'm honest enough to say I don't know what the truth is, but I know when I'm being lied to.

A signature used to be here!

Definetly agreeable. Although

Definetly agreeable. Although I learned about Ron Paul from Alex Jones

Thank You!

I was just thinking the same thing.

SteveMT's picture

Do both of you see the irony in what you say?

Without Alex Jones neither of you might not be here. Alternatively, your coming would at least have been delayed until you found Ron Paul by another means, which were few and far between. Alex Jones has been unquestionably the biggest supporter of Ron Paul on the radio for years. I wonder how many others are here because of Alex Jones. He is not the perfect messenger, but neither is Ron Paul. Both of them want the same thing. However, they are trying to get us there by two very different ways.

I disagree

Ron Paul is the perfect messenger...it just seems to take way too long for people to have ears for truth....because Truth is treason in an empire of lies. Lack of truth is destruction...maybe that is why Ales can be considered a ranting lunatic sounding loud mouth at times.

Many here think it is Infowars.


I mostly like the subject.

I like Alex Jones’ information. I don’t care for the show when he hosts it. …I love the guy—but his abrasive method of presentation no doubt renders some episodes useless.

I tend to pay attention to the data rather than personality. But Jones does turn people off.

He jumps the gun a little too often.

I just think The Daily Paul is a good way for like-minded patriots to learn from each other.

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Well said!

Well said!

You could make an argument...

That Alex Jones promoted Ron Paul more than any other person in America for the last five years. I guess that is why Ron Paul is a frequent guest on The Alex Jones Show.

Thanks P. Nicholson

for talking sense.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

SteveMT's picture

"The DP was founded to HELP Ron Paul." AJ helped RP also.

Consider this:

"The Alex Jones Show and Jones' website Infowars.com have turned into a virtual get out the vote organization for Paul's campaign. Jones has repeatedly urged followers to donate, volunteer and vote for Paul. Jones' attention isn't a one-way street: Paul has appeared on Jones' radio program at least thirteen times since the beginning of 2010 and said he relies on shows like Jones' to "get the truth out.""


You are wise enough to know what I am writing about. You have been here long enough...

Im really tired. I have to go back to the Hospital in the morning.. miss a day of work.. again.

But I still showed up here to hopefully gain support for the message we all believe in.

And I appreciate your comment. ;)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Well said, and we have a reputation to uphold

I agree with your statement, we are not Infowars. And like you, I come here night and day as my "launch pad" for freedom. And if I inspire people in my daily discussions, and want to invite others to the movement, I want to invite them here, to the DP, to my home.

So please people; don't shit where you eat. How many other platforms do you see out there THAT CAN TOUCH the DP?

We have something to lose. The integrity of the site is important. So no matter what overall opinions or beliefs you have, YOU DON'T HAVE TO INTEGRATE EVERY SINGLE ONE HERE. Save some for unhealthy snacks, this is a beautiful family dinner table. RESERVED FOR FREEDOM!

Thank You for Conforming

...to the "approved-appearance-model".
Yes, we mustn't:
"shit where we eat"
express opinions contrary to the "thought police guidelines"

there are people here who run this place down more than any AJ Fans could ever do...some pretend to be AJ Fans...Libertarians, etc.

But I'm not paranoid...just aware....and not so focused on "externals" such as "how we look"......Are "WE" in FRANCE?

Have a nice day.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Yes and the GOP also had a

Yes and the GOP also had a reputation to uphold' So they Shunned the wacky Dr. Paul and his supporters. Sure can't have those nut jobs in the GOP! That being said I tend to agree that more than enough Infowars material makes it onto the DP. In fact a few times I have had to look at my address bar to make sure of which site I was on!