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Can "Naked Guy " really be the older brother - leads to be examined

I believe we need to slow down everyone. There are some real issues with this developing narrative of the naked guy.
Here are the main issues that need to be reconciled in my opinion.

After spending the entire night listening to real time radio traffic of the chase and search we must clarify these gaping holes in the story of the naked guy being the older brother. There are enough inconsistencies in this entire situation that we should eliminate what we can as plausible.

Allegedly per the Infowars.com phone interview found here (http://www.dailypaul.com/283027/exclusive-the-aunt-of-allege...) the aunt claims the "naked guy" is her nephew.

The problem faced is that we have a potential eye witness in the form of the woman caller here; (http://www.dailypaul.com/282852/eyewitness-to-shootout-that-...) that claims to have seen the police run over and shoot and kill the nephew. This also directly contradicts the police story of the younger brother running over the older in his get-away.

Secondly, the timeline of the apprehension of the naked guy does not match with the reported death at the SUV chase.

I am sure there is a recording of the BPD radio traffic, there should also be witnesses to the filming of the naked guy detention.

Between the woman from the radio's eyewitness account, the BPD police radio traffic timeline, the locations of the suv shootout and the location of the naked guy apprehension and the time differences we should be able to determine if this can be correct or not. All of those leads must be followed completely to find this truth.

To me at face value and based on my direct observations from listening all night to the police radio until they cut the web feed in the morning and confirming what I was hearing with other DP members on the liberty chat while simultaneously watching what multiple media outlets were pushing, I do not believe the naked guy can be the same guy strictly based on the timeline. The older brother was already reported as dead and at the hospital before naked guy was detained.

However, we can not know this until the information I suggested above is confirmed or disproved. All else seem to be just conjecture at this time including impassioned testimony by all mentioned above.

I look forward to your thoughtful and reasoned observations.

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My 2 cents

I just commented on this: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3050744

I believe the woman eyewitness who said she saw a cop car run over someone and then riddle them with bullets. It could be that guy laying in the street. It could be anyone.

My other comment: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3050744