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Rand Paul Urges Reid, McConnell to Stall Rubio's Immigration Reform After Boston

Daily Caller: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Monday that immigration reform should not go forward until the national security weaknesses exposed by the Boston Marathon bombing are addressed.

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senator urged that the bombing — and the fact that the two alleged bombers were immigrants to the United States — be taken into account as the Senate begins the process of considering the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill.

“As our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those affected by the tragedy in Boston, I urge you to incorporate the following national security concerns into the comprehensive immigration reform debate,” Paul wrote. “Before Congress moves forward, some important national security questions must be addressed.”

Paul continues:

I believe that any real comprehensive immigration reform must implement strong national security protections. The facts emerging in the Boston Marathon bombing have exposed a weakness in our current system. If we don’t use this debate as an opportunity to fix flaws in our current system, flaws made even more evident last week, then we will not be doing our jobs.

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Rubio's immigration Bill

is about ramming through a National ID card requirement and E Verify. Rubio is a Tyrant !

Ron Swanson

The most anyone should have to wait I say would be 6 months

That should be plenty of time to see where someone is coming from and if they have "terrorist" connections. After that they need to be left alone and allowed to contribute to society as they see fit.

i agree. if illegal can come in terrorist can come in.

Apply for permanent residence or citizenship like every country in the world.i think this is a common sense.

if you legalized drugs Mexican cartels would be farming fruits and vegetables.


Damn, helluva comment. Thanks IP

This part concerns me

"...make sure the federal government does everything it can to prevent immigrants with malicious intent from using our immigration system to gain entry into the United States in order to commit future acts of terror."

Really, I like the old rule of letting everyone in except for the diseased and the insane. I mean, the FBI is going to let in (and give guns to) anyone that they wish, so what's the point of having anything that stops people from coming in?

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

A true conservative should always be skeptical

Of new legislation, and never in a rush to pass it.

Good on Rand!

"Some shit happened, let's slow things down and have another look"

Damn smart politician that guy. Talk about the opposite of knee-jerk.

Hes being smart again. On one

Hes being smart again. On one hand, he is stalling the debate so they cant ram it through. On the other, they would be insane to oppose him because of the position he is taking. haha

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I'm not so sure

I think it's maybe a bad move. These guys were citizens. Naturalized. That means they were here MANY years before they got their citizenship and they were children when they arrived in America. Their circumstances don't seem to go along with what the reform bill is about. I think this move could lose lots of votes if they are trying to win the hearts and minds of Hispanic voters.

You're right about the ramming it in part and it would be good to wait, but I think it will hurt him in the long run.

I really don't think

that wanting to have a fully informed debate, with all the facts is detrimental.

I guess I'm not alone

Debbie's picture

Agreed, and I don't think Rand is just talking about the two

"suspects" - there is more to it than that.